Sad elderly woman in the kitchen

Forgotten mother

Vladimir looked at his mother with a lump in his throat. A frail old woman, neatly dressed, sat motionless in the waiting room, where her adult son left her, saying that he would return soon and they would go home. It was obvious that when she was going to go to the city, she had …

Stepmother woman with gray hair


— The father is all strange. — Why? — I don’t know. I ask what happened, he says nothing, I don’t know, should I transfer or something? That he was alone. — What does he say? — Who? — Well, your father. — Aah. Yes, he waves it off, says don’t. My mother from Spain …

Beautiful house

Happiness house

Meeting the car, Antonina showed the movers where to take cement and paint, as well as other building materials. While it was warm, she decided to renovate her old house a little. And it really required a speedy renovation, because the foundation had already begun to settle, and the roof was leaky last fall, but …