The bride from the orphanage

Victoria Evgenievna wearily watched the landscape change outside the taxi windows and thought that now, as soon as she got home, she would immediately take a shower and lie down to rest.

Flights always tired her very much, she was afraid to fly at all, but business affairs required speed, which meant that it was necessary to sacrifice something for the prosperity of the company to which she gave half of her life. As soon as she entered the house, she realized that her son was at home.

– Nikita!!! I’m back!

– Hi, Mom, – a twenty-year-old guy came out and hugged Victoria, but he was clearly confused and looked back in confusion.

“You’re not alone?” – the mother guessed.

— no.

– I see. And how is Olesya doing?

– It’s not Olesya, Mom. I am any other girl, her name is Ulyana.

Victoria sat down in a chair and looked at her son carefully.

“Do you know what you’re talking about?” Olesya is a girl from a good family, excellent prospects are waiting for you with her. And what is Ulyana like? Judging by the fact that I have not met this name in our circles, is she from the poor?

– Yes. And besides, she was born in the village.

– It doesn’t get any easier from hour to hour. Well, why do you need a rustic simpleton? Just sleep with her? Do you know that it makes children? And that such persons as your Juliana are catching suitors like you for this.

– Mom, you don’t know her.

– And I don’t want to know, so I’m going up to my room now and rest, and you’ll take her home or where she lives there. And don’t tell me anything, okay? I’m not going to listen to your nonsense. Nothing good comes out of misalliance. You are a future doctor, you have such horizons in front of you, and what do you want? Hang a yoke around your neck? Anyway, I’ve said it all.

Nikita abruptly turned around and left. Going up to her room, Victoria heard a muffled whisper: Nikita and Ulyana were arguing about something. Victoria smiled and thought:

“You won’t be able to do anything, girl, and you won’t see my son as your ears.

She woke up late in the evening and went downstairs to have a snack and talk to her son again. But he wasn’t there. The woman shrugged her shoulders, well, then, she hangs out at the club. It’s better that way than with your hillbilly.

However, Nikita did not return the next day or later. Her son’s phone was unavailable and Victoria finally realized that not everything was as simple as she thought. In the morning, the woman went to med. the academy where Nikita studied and there called him from a couple.

– Well, what kind of antics are these? – she began.

– Mom, actually I have a lecture and I don’t want to miss it even for the sake of talking to you.

– Oh, really?! Let me disappoint you, you’ll have to talk to me. Why don’t you come home?

– Because I left home. You kicked Ulyana out, and I left with her.

“That’s the thing. Oh, what a thoughtful girl turned out to be,” Victoria got excited. – I didn’t expect it. So where do you live?

– At her house. – With her parents, who are probably drunks???

– Mom, she has no parents. Ulyana is an orphanage, and lives in her house, which she inherited.

Now Victoria was really scared.

– The orphanage! My God, Nikita!!! Don’t you understand anything at all?? How long have you known her?

– It’s been almost a year. We met when she earned money by washing windows in the car.

– Shame! What a shame!

– There is nothing shameful about it. She survived as best she could.

– Yes? Is that what you want? Not to live, but to survive? Good. I’ll provide it for you. As of today, all your accounts are closed. You can both earn extra money by washing windows. Where are you living? In the village? Great!

I’ll leave the car for you. But I’ll tell you a secret: it must be constantly refueled with gasoline! And this is very expensive. Will you take the bus? Come on, let’s go. I’ll see how much you have enough! I repeat, your cards from today are empty!

– Yes, please! And another thing: Ulyana is expecting a child from me, do you understand? And she will give birth! And we also applied to the registry office.

Completely confused, Victoria wanted to say something, but Nikita returned to the audience, closing the door behind him. The woman stood for a while longer, then went to the exit.

For the first time in her life, she didn’t know what to do and was simply destroyed by the news that had fallen on her. Victoria felt incredibly weak and sat down on the first bench she came across. Had all her plans collapsed? They broke about the ambitions of some girl.

But Nikita? She herself brought him up, taught him to be picky in everything. Well, how so??? The phone rang. Victoria looked at the incoming and answered:

– Yes, Olesenka, hello! How are you?

– It’s bad, Victoria Evgenievna. Nikita has completely forgotten me, and I love him so much. There was a sob in the receiver.

– Olesya, my girl, don’t cry. Calm down. Everything will be fine.

– What’s going on? I understand nothing.

– Oh, Olesenka, me too. You see, he got in touch with some Ulyana. She is an orphanage, so she is a cunning adaptable. They are so good at putting pressure on pity. I got mad at him for that and, imagine, he went to her. I do not know what to do, Olesya, for the first time in my life, I do not know.

They talked a little more, and Victoria went to the firm. Work helped her to distract herself from heavy thoughts, but as soon as evening came, everything came back again. Boring, joyless days began to flow. Vika was offended at her son that he had exchanged her for some girl, did not come to her and did not call.

Over the past three months, she cried so many times, tore her heart out so many times that one day she couldn’t stand it and, having found Ulyana’s address, went to her to talk to her and her son on the spot.

The bright sun blinded my eyes. The car rustled softly on the gravel, the road was empty, and Victoria was lost in her own thoughts again. Suddenly, the steering wheel was knocked out of the woman’s hands, the car spun on the road and she lost control, flew to the side of the road and crashed into a tree.

Victoria hit her head and lost consciousness. She came to her senses when she felt someone’s strong hands pulling her out of the car and lowering her to the ground. The woman opened her eyes and saw a man in overalls in front of her. He was sitting right on the grass, and she was lying with her head on his lap.

Victoria tried to get up, but her head was spinning and she began to feel sick, and she gave up these attempts.

– Are you ill? Where does it hurt? Maybe there is a fracture? – the stranger asked sympathetically.

– No, just the head… – Victoria’s voice was very weak. – Do you have a phone? Let’s call an ambulance, I would have already called from mine, but I left him at home.

– Don’t need an ambulance…

– Then let’s do this. – without finishing, the man went to the wrecked car, took out Victoria’s documents and belongings, took them somewhere. Then he returned to her, easily picked her up in his arms and sat her down in his old six.

– I’ll take you to my house, it’s nearby, literally two kilometers away, a village, and from there I’ll call the guys to pick up your car. They work in a car service, and they will fix it themselves. The damage is not very serious.

Victoria was very ill, and she gratefully agreed.

Dmitry, that was the man’s name, very quickly took her to his house, carried her in his arms and laid her on the sofa. All evening he showed so much care and attention that for the first time in her life the woman felt weak and defenseless, like a little girl. And it was so nice and unusual.

Victoria has always considered herself iron. She was given in marriage because of the benefits, and she never found out true love. Her husband, Nikita’s father, walked right and left, did not think at all about business or family, and she had to pull everything herself. In the end, the husband died in an accident when he was driving somewhere with another mistress.

Dmitry interrupted Victoria’s memories. He brought a cup of strong broth and sat next to her until she drank it.

– Dima, did you cook it yourself? It’s very tasty!

– By myself. I live alone.

“Never been married?”

– I was. Only she ran away from me. Now she is married to some businessman, lives in Israel.

– And the children?

– We had no children.

– You don’t really like to talk about yourself, do you?

– I don’t like it. And there is nothing interesting in my life. I work as a garbage truck driver, I live like everyone else. Funny, isn’t it?

–No,” Victoria replied seriously. “My life is ridiculous,” and suddenly, obeying some impulse, she told Dmitry everything about herself, about her husband, about her son.

“That’s what he did,” she said softly, finishing her speech about Nikita.

– Vika, you have to let him go. He is already a man and acts like a man. You should be proud of him.

– And me? What about me?

– With you, too, everything is clear and simple. – Dima took her by the hand, and then pressed her tightly to him, lifted his face and kissed her on the lips. And Victoria dissolved into long-forgotten sensations.

That night Victoria hardly slept, but in the morning she felt just fine. She stood up when an incredible fragrance entered her room. The woman went into the kitchen and saw that Dmitry was frying pancakes.

– Dima, you’re just a wizard! He smiled back at her.

The day flew by like an hour, dusk came, and they still could not get enough of each other. And who would have thought that it was with this garbage truck driver that Iron Victoria would lose her head from love and happiness.

Victoria spent the whole weekend at Dmitry’s house, and only on Monday, at work, she remembered that she had not reached her son. However, for her it was no longer important. Dima is right, we need to give Nikita the right to live the way he wants and she will not interfere with this anymore. But a month later Nikita returned by himself.

– Mom, I came, won’t you kick me out? he smiled sadly.

– What’s wrong, son? I defrosted the bills.

– Yes, I saw it, thank you. But it doesn’t matter!

– And where is Ulyana?

“Don’t tell me about her. She tricked me. She’s not pregnant with my baby.

– Son…

Victoria suddenly realized that she was right about Ulyana, she was not happy at all. After all, her son, Nikita, was so upset, it was as if the lights were turned off in his eyes.

– Mom, I’m going to my room.

– Yes, of course, go…

Victoria hugged her son, kissed him as in childhood, and asked what he wanted for dinner.

– I don’t care…

For several days Victoria tried to cope with Nikita’s depression, but suddenly something happened that plunged her into despair. Recently, Vika felt unwell, did not even go to work, and only when morning sickness became constant, she rushed to the pharmacy in fright. Tests showed that she was pregnant.

For Victoria, it was not just a blow, it was a shock. She did not know what to do and in the next meeting with Dima, burning with shame, confessed to him what had happened.

– My dear, Vikulya! – the man picked her up in his arms. – I love you, do you hear, I love you!!!

The next day, happy Vika decided to arrange a family dinner and introduce her son and future husband. She was busy in the kitchen when she heard the doorbell ring. On the threshold stood a beautiful girl in a spacious dress that did not hide her stomach.

– Ulyana? Victoria guessed, and suddenly the girl, bursting into tears, rushed to her and, choking with tears, began to say that she loved Nikita and did not understand why he left.

–Well, well, calm down and tell me everything,” Victoria asked, handing the girl a glass of water.

“I don’t understand anything myself,– Ulyana sighed. – Some Olesya called Nikita and said that I wasn’t pregnant by him. That she knows some guy who was kind of with me. But this is not true, Nikita was my first and only one. I’m ready for any DNA test, at least a hundred times. – The girl started crying again.

– And then I went out to the store and a guy came up to me, started hugging me, knelt down, played a whole scene. I turned to leave and saw Nikita. He stood and looked at us, and then turned around, got into the car and drove away. And this guy laughed and left too. I was waiting for Nikita, I wanted to explain everything, but he never came back. I do not know what to do. It’s not my fault. And I love him so much.

Victoria calmed the girl, took her upstairs and put her to rest in her room. Meanwhile, Nikita came in, and Dmitry almost followed him. Victoria introduced them to each other and said that she had news today.

– But first, we will wait for another guest. In the meantime, let me call someone.

– Hello! Olesya, hello, dear. Tell me, is it thanks to you that Nikita came home?

– Yes, – the girl excitedly told, not suspecting that Nikita hears her. – True, I had to play him a little, but he refused that hillbilly forever.

– I get it. Thank you,” Victoria interrupted the conversation and grabbed her son’s hand, who rushed to the front door.

At this time, Ulyana slowly descended to them and everyone looked at her, and Nikita came up and hugged the girl, who, unable to stand it, burst into tears again.

When all the passions subsided, Victoria raised a toast to a large friendly family and suddenly blushed.

– Mom? Nikita smiled and raised an eyebrow. – Will I have not only a son, but also a brother? She nodded and clung to Dimitri’s shoulder in embarrassment.

– And what about your attitude to misalliance? Has it really changed?

– Yes. And moreover, Dima and I are going to live with him, and we are leaving this house to you.

– And the job?

–Family, son, it’s just family now,” Victoria said and laughed. Now she knew what real happiness was…


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