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A mother abandoned a child for a man. A cautionary tale of maternal betrayal

In the second half of life, a person is often responsible to fate for his actions committed in his youth. Not everyone is happy about it, but what you have created comes back to you. It’s an inevitability! Therefore, when making a choice, it is always important to think about what long-term consequences it can lead to.

Although Ella lived with her mother alone, the girl was always drawn to rich companies. She spent time with those who were higher in social status. They accepted it with a grin, appreciating the “wildness” and sufficient freedom of communication with the opposite sex. That’s what went sideways for her.

A visiting guy “made her happy” with a pregnancy, probably not even remembering her in person. At that time, she was only 18 years old, but she already worked at a local electronics store. Mom was very disappointed by such a vile deception. And because of her illness, she died just before giving birth.

Ella was left all alone. There was a debt for the funeral, so she was forced to sell the apartment. In order not to stay on the street, with the remaining money, Ella bought a small house on the outskirts of the city and left funds for the period of the decree. There they settled with their daughter, who was named after her mother – Ekaterina.

The young mother saved money in every possible way, and studied English through Internet lessons. She understood that when the girl was 3 years old, she would have to go to work. On Katya’s first birthday, Ella decided to invite some old friends. Her best friend came with two young men. She introduced one of them as her fiance. The second was a dark-haired handsome man of high stature. Her face was decorated with sensual eyebrows and a carefully groomed beard and mustache. The clothes were immaculate, and a gold-like watch glittered on his hand. Irina said that this is a programmer from the Emirates, who came to her fiance’s company to gain experience. So that he would not be bored, they took him with them. As for the watch – he didn’t wear fakes, it really was gold.

Omar was older than most of the company, and Ella clearly liked him. He did his best to please her during the evening. With pleasure I took the child in my arms and played with her. At the end of the evening, he suggested going to a cafe the next day. When Ella said she had no one to leave her daughter with, he said he would send the kindest nanny. The young mother agreed.

In a cafe, a violinist came up to their table and played beautiful music. At that moment, a huge bouquet of white roses was brought in. Omar took them and handed them to Ella. Then he pulled out a velvet case and took out a luxurious diamond necklace. Ella was in shock. The young man suggested that they and their daughter move in with him. The firm rented Omar a luxury cottage, because he was not just a “trainee”, but a member of the royal family of the Emirates. Then he outlined the prospects of leaving with him to his parents.

Ella and her daughter moved into the cottage. The owner settled the girl on the second floor, arranging their bedroom on the ground floor. On the first night, Katya cried loudly and called for her mother. The woman wanted to go to the child, but Omar said that her daughter needed to be taught to be independent. With affection, tenderness and kisses, he did not let Ella go upstairs. This went on for almost a week. During the day, Omar played with the girl and laughed, at night – as if he was becoming her enemy.

A month later, the man said that they were flying to the Emirates. But the girl temporarily needs to be left in Russia. Ella cried and begged to take her daughter. Omar softly and tenderly explained to her that first he would introduce the bride to the family, then they would get married and immediately bring Katya. In the end, Ella abandoned her daughter, preferring her fiance. She made the decision to go. The girl was left with her best friend, who had a lot of problems. Her fiance left her, there was nothing to pay for the mortgage, and the bank took the apartment. Ella offered her her house and money to feed her and Katya. Irina had nowhere to live and felt very sorry for the girl, so she agreed.

The first month Ella called regularly, but at one point the calls stopped. To feed the girl, Irina got a job as a maid in a rich house. The owners turned out to be an aged couple. Having been convinced of Irina’s honesty and diligence, and having learned her situation, they were warmly welcomed into the house with Katya. They took up the girl’s studies and treated her as their own granddaughter.

Katya studied well, and her grandparents were happy to pay for her studies in the specialty “international relations”. With a red diploma and connections, the girl was easily arranged in the Foreign Ministry. There she met a young guy and they started dating. It so happened that the minister himself became her future father-in-law.

When the future relatives came to visit, the minister received an unexpected call. In the Emirates, a group of Russian women escaped from slavery and sought asylum in the embassy. The father-in-law wrote down their data and ordered the ambassador to hide them until the documents were received. When Catherine looked over his shoulder, her legs buckled and she rushed out of the room. She told the groom, who followed her, that she saw the name of her biological mother on the list.

A month later, Katya, her husband and foster mother Irina met a group of women at the airport. One of them separated and went to meet them. It was a much older Ella. She recognized Irina and realized that the girl next to her was her abandoned daughter Katya. The woman was amazed. The biological mother tried to tell that her fiance left her a month later and sold her to a brothel. She cried, asked for forgiveness and said that she did not think that everything would happen this way.

Ekaterina gave her the same amount that Ella left Irina when she left, and the documents. It was a donation for a small studio apartment. The daughter and the real mother left, hugging, and Ella forever lost that “baby Katya”, which she once exchanged for a man and a desire for luxury.

The once unprincipled meanness returned to the woman. If it were possible to bring everything back… but life has no subjunctive mood. It is written only immediately and forever.


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