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Secretly meeting with my student

Good afternoon! I really love this column, I often read and empathize with the heroes. That’s why I decided to write here in the hope that at least someone will not judge me. Actually, I don’t think I did anything terrible, but our society thinks otherwise. So!

I graduated from university a year ago and got a job at a school. Outwardly, I am quite attractive, so I do not experience problems with the opposite sex. I teach English, which gives even more charm to my profession. I catch the eyes of high school students on me all the time. But this is understandable. At all times, students have looked at young teachers. I myself, while studying at school, was head over heels in love with our physics teacher. Of course, he did not give any reason, but all the girls did not take their eyes off him. We even tried to teach physics so that he would praise.

So many books have been written about the relationship between a student and a teacher, so many films have been made, but still this situation continues to worry everyone.

I got distracted. In general, there is a student in one of the high schools where I teach classes. He’s so modest and ridiculous, and his name is Herma. Imagine not Herman, but Herma. I noticed that in class he doesn’t just look at me like other boys, but devours me with his eyes.I got the impression that I was without clothes.

Outwardly, he is very cute: tall, beautifully built, dimples on his cheeks and a beautiful smile. And the eyes! If you could see his eyes! In general, I also really liked him.

I decided to find his page on social networks and see if there are any photos of him there. I searched for him on the Internet for a long time, and finally found his page. I went to it and disappeared. There were a lot of pictures of him, but only with friends. I didn’t see a single photo with a girl.

Herma was a little older than his classmates, he was already 18. In short, he became an adult. The day I visited his page, it was his birthday. I decided to take advantage of the situation and write to him. But not what to write, just to congratulate on the holiday. He did not expect, was very surprised, answered and went, went. We corresponded almost until morning. From that day on, a spark ran between us.

I didn’t expect anything like this from myself. But then, as if she had gone mad. I offered to meet him. He agreed. Don’t think anything bad, just take a walk in the park. We met. During the walk, we talked about everything. He turned out to be a very developed, well-read young man, with excellent manners and thinking of an adult man. I was pleasantly surprised. He didn’t try to impress me at all, he behaved naturally.

At that very moment, I felt that I wanted him terribly. I want it as an adult man. I barely restrained myself from jumping on him right there. In my defense, I would like to say that I am absolutely not promiscuous. I’ve only had two boyfriends before. I restrained myself.
He offered to walk me home. I live alone, rent a place. We reached the entrance, and I invited him to come to my house to warm up. It was very cold outside, and he still had to get across the city. He was kind of shy, but then he agreed. We were sitting in the kitchen drinking tea and watching TV.

I don’t even remember how everything happened with us. But it was so beautiful. I have never felt so good with any young man as with this sweet boy. I don’t understand why? He told me that I was his first. Can you imagine? I was flattered that I was the first to take a bite.

Since then, we have been spinning. I try not to advertise our connection so that no one will guess. I often leave him after school for extra classes, ostensibly to pull him up or prepare him for the Olympics. We have to lock ourselves in the office, and I really like it. I’m afraid someone might come in, but it’s so exciting. I fell in love with him like a girl.

He’s graduating from school soon, and we plan to announce us to everyone. I know it’s not very good, but please support me.


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