Little girl is sad

My parents don’t understand and don’t like me

For every person, his parents are the closest and dearest person on earth. They love and understand, and also support the child in everything. I was unlucky.

Now I am 14 years old, it would seem that my whole life is ahead – live and rejoice, but no. I wanted me to be an ordinary child, whom his parents consider the most dear little man. I just want to live, chat with friends, go to the movies. I’ve always dreamed of finding a hobby to do in my free time. But I come to realize that they just hate me. It seems that the whole world has turned against me.

I often hear from my classmates that they have a great relationship with their parents.

Unlike them, my parents don’t want to talk to me. It seems to me that they do anything to ruin my life. They want to yell at me all the time, offend me. I just don’t want to live from such injustice. I sometimes lie at night and can’t sleep. And then I think that I don’t want to live. Why did they give birth to me at all? I think about the pain and injustice that happens to me during the day.

There was such a case recently. I came from school with my friend. We worked out a little, and then decided to drink tea. I looked and found nothing to drink tea with. There was no money either. I decided to bake pancakes to treat a friend and make my parents happy. No matter what, I wanted them to be proud of me and praise me at least once. It was nearing the end when Mom came home. As soon as she saw that I was baking pancakes, the stove was dirty, and the products were taken from the refrigerator, such a scream began that my friend was just scared.

My mother screamed at me and motivated it by the fact that she needed food for another. She humiliated me, calling me armless and incompetent. I was so hurt that there are no words. The friend apologized and went home. And I was so offended that I threw away all my cooking. To which my mother did not react in any way.

After that, I didn’t talk to my mother for several days. I’m getting to such an age that it’s time to think about the future. All my classmates have long decided where they will enroll. But not me. My parents never understood me, so I didn’t get any help from them. I’ve been avoiding talking to them completely lately. I’m tired of hearing that I’m armless, worthless and completely unfit for life. They tell me that I’m not going anywhere and I’m not going to achieve anything in my life.

I do not know what I have done to deserve such dislike. All the love and tenderness in our family is given to my sister. Don’t think that jealousy speaks in me. It really is. And she really likes to say nasty things to me or teach me about life. I can’t even stand her. Lately, I lash out at her if I hear criticism from her. And how long can you put up with all this? I do not know how to cope with the furious jealousy and envy that live inside me?

And recently my parents were told by my friend’s mother that I was a bad influence on her. I was so mad that they were talking about me like that. The most annoying thing was that it was true. I am completely alone, no one understands me. There is not a single person on earth who could help me.
I do not feel the love of my parents, I do not know what it feels like? Don’t think that I’m just saying this out of resentment.

They don’t give a damn about me at all. They never listen to me, they don’t share my problems and dreams. I only hear reproaches. I ask them to buy their new phone for me, but no. My sister gets it, although she already has one.
I just can’t imagine how I’m going to live on. I consider myself the loneliest person in the world.


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