How to decide to leave her husband and go to her lover?

I have been married for a long time and I have two children. We met at school, or rather, when I was still at school. My husband is older than me. He came to our school with his friend to a disco, and that’s how we met. And then he joined the army, I was waiting for him. Then there was the institute, and then we got married.

Our whole family life is like a race with obstacles that I have to overcome all the time. My husband has an explosive temper, he flares up like a match, which is very difficult to extinguish. There are, of course, moments of calm, but they do not last long.

The husband likes everything to be as he said. I have no say in anything. When I want to meet a friend, I will definitely tell my husband about it, and also tell the exact time when I will return home. If I break my promise, then a scandal is inevitable. I have an easy-going and calm character, that’s why I have been able to withstand my spouse for so many years.

There was such a case. I wanted to surprise my husband and didn’t tell him where I went. I wanted to buy groceries and have a romantic candlelit dinner. And then I met a friend and stayed a little longer. And my husband came a little early from work that day. If you only knew what a thrashing he gave me. He screamed so much that I had to completely forget about dinner. And then he didn’t talk to me for a few days.

And so it always is. At any opportunity, he is ready to humiliate me, even with children. And in bed it always happens the way he wants. In this case, none of my wishes are taken into account. On the days when I feel bad, my husband does not accept any excuses if he wants to have sex. That’s how I’ve been living for so many years. No, you don’t think I’m complaining, because I chose my own life partner.

But I managed to have an office romance with a colleague for several years. I work in a large company where there are many male colleagues. He and I are sitting in the same office at adjacent tables. I do not know how it happened, but one evening we stayed late because there was a lot of work. We were sitting, just talking, and then he told me about his life. He has a hysterical wife who gives him scandals from scratch. He has also been married for many years and has grown-up children. With his wife, he constantly has problems, and not only in terms of life. As for the bed, they have a complete failure there. The wife is always dissatisfied with something, constantly makes claims to him.

It turned out that there is a woman in his life who does not allow him to breathe deeply. In their family, the leadership positions belong to his wife, and he has to endure. At first we agreed with him on the basis of the fact that both of us in our families suffer constant reproaches and attacks. But then there was a mutual understanding between us, which grew into something more than just affection.

We found something in each other that we don’t get at home. At first we just talked, walked and enjoyed each other’s company. He is a few years older than me, and therefore I feel like a small and defenseless girl next to him. What happened between us is what is called a spark. I’m just going crazy with his voice, body, hugs and kisses.

We worked together for more than a year, so we met almost all the time at work. And then he moved to another place. The whole problem is that his work is associated with frequent business trips. And recently he was sent to another city for a while to work in a branch. He told me he didn’t know if he would have to stay there. Firstly, he is a wonderful employee who is appreciated. Besides, he still needs to pay the mortgage for the apartment.

Sometimes he calls me, I enjoy his voice. We found ourselves in a very difficult situation because we are both not free. Sometimes I have a desire: to take and go to my beloved. But I stop in time. What if he changes his mind and stays with his wife? And to do with my husband, with whom we have lived for so many years. And the kids, maybe they’ll hate me.


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