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Beautiful girl in a wedding dress with a bouquet of flowers, wedding in nature

I dated two men, and on the wedding day I was left alone

She was walking along the road in her wedding dress. It was raining heavily and in the dark it was almost invisible. Suddenly a car appeared on the road and at the last moment, almost hitting the girl, stopped abruptly. – What are you? Crazy??? What are you doing here??? What if I hit you …

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Homeless man

Marry a homeless man

The store was empty. Saleswoman Natalia, standing behind the counter, glanced out the window. The same picture again! A homeless tramp was digging in huge garbage cans. The woman sighed softly and began to put the goods on the shelf. I turned away not because it was disgusting, I just didn’t want conflicts with the …

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How to decide to leave her husband and go to her lover?

I have been married for a long time and I have two children. We met at school, or rather, when I was still at school. My husband is older than me. He came to our school with his friend to a disco, and that’s how we met. And then he joined the army, I was …

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Beautiful cowboy girl

She cheated on her husband to feel care and love

I love your column and periodically read it. I recently read a story about cheating, so I decided to tell you about mine. Maybe someone will look at female infidelity from the outside, and will not throw stones at each of us. I just want people to understand that betrayal sometimes throws despair. So it …

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Handsome man womanizer

I bet on a girl that I would sleep with her, but I fell in love

Andrey was 8 when his father decided to leave their family. Before leaving, he decided to say goodbye in person. – Son, you’re already big and grown up. Mom and I are too different. I found another person with whom I feel good. – Now you’re not going to live with us? little Andrey asked …

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Good beautiful kind sweet girl

My girlfriend’s father is my lover

I was born and raised in a small town. When it was time to apply to the institute, I chose a bigger city. I have always dreamed of becoming a translator of foreign languages. Since I studied well at school, it was not difficult for me to enroll. There I immediately had a girlfriend, with …

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