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My girlfriend’s father is my lover

I was born and raised in a small town. When it was time to apply to the institute, I chose a bigger city. I have always dreamed of becoming a translator of foreign languages. Since I studied well at school, it was not difficult for me to enroll. There I immediately had a girlfriend, with …

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Happiness is where love lives

It was a normal working day. Sergei walked, as always, along his route, tapping the rails. He was a wayfarer. The guy didn’t like his job, but he did everything conscientiously, never messed up, such a character. Suddenly, a train horn sounded in the distance. Sergey habitually wanted to move away from the tracks, when …

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I don’t need your money, I love you

I met Victor at one of the parties. He immediately caught my attention. And not only because he is beautiful and complex like a god. It was simply impossible not to notice him. This joker and merry man instantly became the soul of the company. The girls swarmed around him in droves, coquettishly shrugged their …

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Why is she doing this to me?

I’m not sure that someone likes to «dig» in someone else’s underwear, but I want to share with you a story from my life, which, given the mores of the modern world and our harsh realities, where loyalty, honesty and devotion are an empty phrase, can happen to anyone. While studying at the institute, or …