Maria was a fast-moving ordinary woman from an intelligent family. Her mother worked as a therapist at the hospital for many years, and her father was a professor at the university and taught modern geology. By virtue of his profession, he often went on business trips and expeditions. I explored various localities, looking for minerals. …

Little boy with a puppy

Proved to parents

Alexey has loved animals since childhood. From the age of seven, he begged his parents to get a dog, but they were categorically against it : — Lesh, well, it’s necessary to take care of her, walk, comb, train! And my dad and I are at work from morning to night, you just started going …

Handsome guy with glasses

Unloved son-in-law

There was a war on the Mikhailovs’ farmstead. Eighteen-year-old Ksenia wanted to get married. – For whom? For this slob? mother screamed. – A drunkard, a lazy man, and you want to drown yourself behind him? The tearful girl was silent. – Come on, Elena, give the child a break, – Uncle Peter, a good-natured …

Little girl is sad

My parents don’t understand and don’t like me

For every person, his parents are the closest and dearest person on earth. They love and understand, and also support the child in everything. I was unlucky. Now I am 14 years old, it would seem that my whole life is ahead – live and rejoice, but no. I wanted me to be an ordinary …