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My husband is ashamed of me and calls me stupid

I am thirty years old, my man and I have been married for the seventh year, our daughter is growing up, who this year went to the first grade. Before I met him, I studied at a prestigious metropolitan university. And in order to have money to pay for my studies and accommodation, I got …

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Love Triangle

It was a love story, or rather, almost a love triangle, and I remember this story, and I hide it in a distant secret drawer of my memory. Here is such a casket with beautiful and sad stories of love that did not happen. Or, at that time, what happened?… As always, suddenly started and …

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My husband slept with my own mother

It’s hard for me to believe that this incident happened to me. If I start telling it out loud and don’t go into much detail, it still feels like it was a dream. It’s just easier for me to think that way, because what happened is an out-of-the-ordinary event for me. I have a husband …