Maria was a fast-moving ordinary woman from an intelligent family. Her mother worked as a therapist at the hospital for many years, and her father was a professor at the university and taught modern geology. By virtue of his profession, he often went on business trips and expeditions. I explored various localities, looking for minerals. …

Provincial girl

Payback for sins

I’ve finally been promoted! I’ve been waiting for this for so long. I worked hard and hard. And now — victory! Such things don’t happen very often, so my best friend and roommate Lidka and I decided to celebrate this case in our favorite bar. Said —done! Dressed up, we went to meet entertainment. The …


Married on the third attempt

Olga Petrovna looked attentively at her son-in-law, who was repairing a broken stool. Finally, the son-in-law could not stand the overseer’s gaze, and politely asked: — And why are you looking at me like that? Am I doing everything wrong again? — You fix it, Tolya, fix it, — the woman also answered suspiciously politely. …

My grandmother is an old woman

Another chance

Sitting by the window, Nina Andreevna looked out at the street. Snow fell in large flakes on the ground, enveloping it in a snow-white canvas. The glass felt a little cool. The women’s peers were walking: some alone, some in pairs. Her neighbor, Nadezhda Ivanovna, was sitting on a bench, wrapped in a down shawl, …