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My husband’s mistress is tired of calls and SMS

My husband has always been another walker, but it was my choice to love him so much. And even after 10 years of marriage, he has not yet worked up. At first, I painfully endured everything, arranged tantrums and scandals. But when he left, I brought him back again and again.

Here comes another lady again. I know my husband, he’ll take a walk and come back. This has happened many times before, and I just ignore his adventures. In defense, I will say that my husband loves and respects me. We don’t have children, and we didn’t want to have any time. We often traveled and lived for ourselves, I turned a blind eye to his affairs.

Now it’s completely different, there’s a new secretary at work. Young and silly, she thinks she’s got my hubby hooked. And the SMS began at night of a loving nature to her husband. Then she began to write to me about unearthly love and about their romance. Further more, she began to call.

This is the first time I’ve come across this.I didn’t say anything to my husband, I don’t want a showdown. But these endless SMS and calls are already boring. I don’t know what to do. This whole situation is annoying.

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