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A gift to a mistress

My husband and I met on social media about 5 years ago. I fell in love right away. It was impossible not to fall in love with him, he has such an excellent sense of humor that any stand-up comedian would envy. Lyosha is 12 years older than me, he lived with a girl for a long time, but they never officially registered the relationship.

By the time we met, Lyosha had already “worked up” and was ready for family life. He really wanted children: he especially dreamed of a son. After a couple of months of communication, we began to live together in Lesha’s apartment, which he inherited from his grandmother. About a year and a half later we got married and immediately began to think about children. We’ve been trying to have a baby for a whole year, but we haven’t been able to. According to the tests, we were absolutely healthy. My attending physician reassured me that a year is not a term, it happens for married couples.

And at the height of the pandemic, about a year ago, I found out that I was pregnant. It seems like I was expecting a baby so much, but this whole situation with the virus scared me very much. At first, I was even afraid to leave the house, and if I did, I did not take off my gloves and a respirator mask, I wiped all the products from the store that my husband brought with an alcohol solution. Lyosha was somehow calmer, but he began to have serious problems with business, customers delayed payments, many refused his services altogether.

Before pregnancy, the main earner in the family was Lyosha. I earned money by network marketing, distributing household chemicals and cosmetics from a very well-known company to friends and acquaintances. I’ve been doing this for a very long time, so I have a large customer base, but during the pandemic my income also plummeted, many of my friends lost their jobs, they had no time for cosmetics.

There was a period when my husband had no money at all, food, gasoline, utilities and other expenses were paid by me. For myself, I decided that everything is temporary: the virus will soon leave our lives, and our financial situation will be the same again.

When my husband asked me to lend him 10 thousand, of course I did. I’ll explain why I borrowed it. It happened in our family, but we have different wallets. When we started living together, Lyosha earned almost 3-4 times more than me. Therefore, he paid for utilities, large purchases for the house, a joint vacation and the bulk of the products. I mostly paid for home Internet, TV and bought sweets or fruit, the rest of my money I could spend on personal needs. If my husband used to take money from me for some reason, he constantly returned it to me, although I never asked for it and did not remind him, at first it was even wild for me, because my parents have a joint budget.

I asked my husband what he wanted to buy, he said that he needed to repair something in the car, I don’t understand cars, so I didn’t specify. About a month later, I began to wash things and in the pocket of his jacket I found a receipt from a lingerie store, in the amount of about 9.5 thousand rubles.

I immediately realized that there was a “smell” of treason. Firstly, this store does not sell underwear for pregnant women, and I was already 5 months pregnant with a round tummy. Secondly, the date of purchase was exactly on the day when my husband took the money from me. But it was all circumstantial evidence, I wanted to find out the truth after all.

The husband came home from work in the evening and went to the bathroom to wash his hands, leaving the phone in the hallway on the nightstand, screen down. I tried to open it, but the old password that I used to know didn’t fit anymore.

When my husband came out of the bathroom, I asked him:

– Lesh, give me the phone, call the client. She ordered cosmetics from me for 3 thousand without prepayment, and now she does not take the phone from my number. I’ll take it, right?

– Take it, let me unlock your phone.

– Don’t, I know your password.

– I changed it, I received an alert that I need to change my password for data security. Here, take the phone, I unlocked it by fingerprint.

At that very moment, I was ready to throw this phone at him and slap him in the face, but I restrained myself. If I had told him then that I knew everything, I would have heard a lot of excuses in response, maybe I would even have believed him.

Lyosha gave me the phone and followed me, as if he was afraid that I would start “rummaging” in the phone.

I dialed the client’s number, talked to her and gave him back his phone. Under the pretext that I wanted to go to her, I left home and drove around the city by car, I didn’t want to go home at all. I felt so bad, but I tried to calm down, for the sake of my child.

I came home very late, my husband was practically asleep, asked me why I was so long, where I was, I dryly replied that I was talking. I waited until he fell asleep and tried to unlock his phone using his fingerprints. I can say that I did not succeed the first time, I suffered for a long time. When I opened his phone, of course I didn’t find anything there: no messages, no correspondence in messengers, no photos. Most likely, he deleted everything after I returned his phone to him. I couldn’t find the basket in his phone for a long time, I have another phone, and it was hidden somewhere in his Samsung.

A little later, I finally found the basket, there were a lot of photos of work in it, and the very photo I was looking for, a girl in underwear. I forwarded the photo to my phone and deleted the outgoing message on his phone. I was not too lazy, I found the store’s website, which was indicated in the receipt. The set of underwear that this lady was wearing was just from this very store. I printed out a photo of the girl on a black-and-white printer, attached a receipt to it. I packed my things for the first time, put a photo with a receipt and a phone next to my sleeping husband and went to spend the night with my sister.

The next morning my phone was ringing, my husband said that I had misunderstood everything, that the girl was his friend’s girlfriend. A friend asked him to buy her a gift because he was on a business trip. And he just sent the photo to him to show off to his girlfriend. I know all his friends well, so I didn’t believe him.

I couldn’t forgive him even for the sake of my daughter. I moved to live with my parents in another city. I gave birth to a healthy girl on time. After a long trial, Lyosha and I were finally divorced. Now I live for my little princess. The ex-husband is still trying to reconcile, but does not recognize the betrayal.


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