Две сестры

After the death of his wife , his father made his daughters concubines

Outwardly, everything was fine in this family. We got married as students, studied in parallel. Two beautiful girls were born – fairy-tale princesses.

The affairs of the young spouses were going up. Work, and then a successful business. Holidays abroad, smiling and happy faces against the background of palm trees and the sea, prestigious cars. Of course, there was hard work day and night. But it was all “behind the scenes” of human positive emotions and success. Of course, there were also envies “behind the back”. But the family was confidently moving forward.

Beauties grew up. Cute little girls have turned into confident girls. And family friends joked about beautiful sons-in-law and royal weddings for a reason. And now the graduation ball at school. Adult life…

But suddenly a terrible misfortune stepped on the threshold of the family. Car crash. Head-on collision. Or a bad road, or maybe a criminal intent? This mystery has not yet been solved. She died in a hospital bed, despite all the attempts of the best doctors. He miraculously got out of the other world. Although few people believed in it anymore.

She was buried while he was still in the hospital. And the scariest thing was to watch two young copies of their most beautiful mother in the world screaming in a waterfall of tears. And in the crowd, someone was also wiping away tears of sympathy, and someone in the shower was rejoicing: “Finally, the damned bourgeois got their way! It serves them right!” But the family’s public life has since ended. Only occasionally did the neighbors see the car. But nothing could be seen behind the tinted glass and the very high fence. The beautiful girls also disappeared from the human field of view. We haven’t seen them either at the university or in the city. Neither they nor Dad answered the phone. “They haven’t recovered from the trouble yet, there’s no need to disturb them.” However, time passed. Years also passed. No news…

But everyone knows who lives in a quiet swamp. One day, the neighbors were shocked by what was happening – minibuses with tinted windows rushed to the chic house, from where soldiers in masks and weapons fell like peas over the fence. And in the evening, everyone was simply shocked by the plot in the criminal chronicle. As a father, once a successful businessman, who did not come to his senses morally and psychologically after the death of his wife, made his daughters hostages and concubines. How he kept them in real slavery… And a large, full-length portrait of his young and beautiful wife. And another shock — a small baby face… My own granddaughter from my own daughter. Another exact copy of the beautiful wife, as everyone remembered her…

And how doctors and psychologists shrugged their hands. “Psychological trauma, what can you do. Neuroses and human deviations of the psyche have not been sufficiently investigated and are still incomprehensible. Even specialists. Even Freud was wrong about something. There is an example of King Oedipus, just the opposite. Someone else’s soul is dark…”

The venerable rank in uniform also blushed and averted his eyes… “It’s good that we still carried out a special operation in time!”

Of course, the investigation and the trial were closed. A fair sentence, however, is not prison, but compulsory treatment. From there, the father did not go out into the wild. Never. What happened to the daughters and granddaughter? They say that they immediately left the once happy family walls.

But wealthy people from another city bought it. Maybe they will heal in a new way? As are the daughters who have already become wives of unsuspecting Germans. And only the granddaughter is the only living witness of this unnatural relationship between father and daughters.

That’s how immeasurable love can turn into terrible violence…


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