Santa Claus on the street

My dad is Santa Claus!

Is it possible not to love the New Year ? A holiday that everyone is waiting for – childishly, with the hope of a miracle, fabulous changes, naively believing that the New Year will bring a new life: new impressions, new acquaintances, new love. And for you, renewed, a new happiness will come!

Tatiana didn’t like it. Not always, of course. Oh, she also used to enthusiastically repeat the New Year’s greeting-spell: “Happy New Year! With new happiness! “-which makes her shudder right now. Yes, she doesn’t like the New Year, she just hates it! I wouldn’t have celebrated it at all if it wasn’t for my little daughter. But Lena is not to blame that her mother did not have a relationship with Santa Claus.

My gaze once caught on a photograph in a simple frame: she is in a homemade crown next to Santa Claus – smiling, happy! I hid all the photos away from my eyes (and from the desire to tear them into small pieces!), even the wedding portrait, but I did not raise my hand to this. Now I couldn’t even take it off, because this photo is Lena’s favorite. Every time the daughter woke up, she smiled at him and, sweetly burbling, said: “My dad is Grandfather Moloz! And Mommy is cool! “Lenochka was waiting for the New Year and believed that then her dad would have to, and Tanya could not decide to destroy this childhood dream. The daughter is still too young for the cruel truth and disappointments. After much thought, the woman decided to order Santa Claus at the agency. This year, let it be so, and then life will show. The daughter will grow up and be able to understand .

That photo taken on New Year’s Eve – the magical night of the birth of her love. Tanya, then still a student, was celebrating the New Year with her friends in the hostel. Familiar guys invited to the celebration brought Santa Claus – a real one, with a beard, in a red fur coat and a fluffy hat, who entertained everyone with nursery rhymes and jokes, invented contests, competitions and games. Dressed in fancy dress, they went from room to room, dragged the whole company outside to play snowballs, and then arranged a festive disco.

Santa Claus turned out to be an 18-year-old guy named Oleg, very cheerful and attractive. Tanya, the only one from the company, did not have a boyfriend, so it turned out by itself that Oleg became her beau for that night. The girl was delighted with him – apparently, this is love at first sight.

Young people started dating, and in the spring Oleg was taken into the army. Tanya must have been waiting for her beloved for two years, living from letter to letter. Oleg returned – and soon the wedding was played. Tanya was given a dorm room, Oleg got a job at a taxi company. Supposedly everything is fine, live and rejoice! Tanya immediately became pregnant. And the husband, instead of carrying his wife in his arms, began to persuade her to get rid of the child: “We are still very young, we need to live for ourselves.”

However, the woman did not obey. Why would she kill a child? The first, from the man you love. Oleg did not argue, but he did not show the joy of future fatherhood either. He was constantly missing at work, often took night shifts. However, when his daughter was born, he gave her a name – Elena. Tanya did not contradict. The main thing is that Oleg is her beloved Oleg! – he took his daughter in his arms and was happy how she looked like him – he just looked like a child! However, the man appeared at home less and less often, and when he came to spend the night, he was very annoyed that the baby was crying. Well, no peace! Won’t let you rest! He worked so hard in two shifts!

A surprise was waiting for Tanya on New Year’s Eve – Oleg said that he would work on New Year’s Eve, it was his turn. But he didn’t come back either in the morning or in the evening. Unable to find a place from anxiety, the woman called the taxi company and found out that Oleg had not appeared at work for two days. She called all the hospitals, morgues, let her parents know – his and her own, as if she felt trouble.

However, the trouble crept up from a completely different direction. On the morning of January 2, Oleg came for things. From the threshold, he said that he had been in love with another for a long time. He celebrated the New Year with her, because Elena (that’s the name of his beloved woman) believes that with whom you will meet the New Year, you will spend it with him. He has decided everything: they are starting a new life.

Tanya, as if in a trance, watched Oleg collect things. She held her daughter in her arms, unable to move. The only thought was throbbing – “What about me? How will I stay alone with the baby? ». And when Oleg was about to go out the door, she suddenly fell to her knees, hugged his legs and declared that she could not live without him, that she would jump out of the window with the child. He hadn’t expected this.

Confused: “Alyonka is waiting for me at the entrance …”a woman sobbed, a frightened baby screamed – and he retreated: “Okay, I’ll stay. I’ll just tell Lena to go home…”

Tatiana remembered that New Year forever, it couldn’t be worse. Even the next one, when Oleg did go, was not so black and bitter.

For a whole year they somehow lived. Tanya cried all day long, Oleg began to drink a glass to come home and fall asleep, not to hear his wife’s reproaches, not to see her haggard face. Again, several times I tried to leave the family, but

Tatiana stopped, repeatedly falling to her knees and threatening suicide. During the drunken “showdown” Oleg told his wife that he had never loved her. On the eve of their acquaintance, he quarreled with a girl and promised that he would start dating the first person he met. She became Tanya. So, he liked her – modest, affectionate, friendly. But there was no fire, passion in her – an ordinary poultry.

For two years in the army, it was nice to receive her letters, and mentally he was constantly with another, beloved. And when I came back, I found out that the girl got married, I also decided to get married, immediately, to spite her, let her know! There were no options – Tanya had been waiting for him for two years!

Oddly enough, his parents did not object to his marriage: they had long considered Tanya a daughter-in-law. The wedding was surprisingly fun and Oleg did not leave the feeling of a strange game, a farce that it was all make-believe, not with him, not for life. When the woman said that they were expecting a baby, Oleg was really scared. He is 20 years old! He is not ready to be a father, a faithful husband! He hasn’t walked up yet! That’s how many good girls are around! And what, are they all taboo for him? No, Oleg could not put up with this, and when one of his regular passengers invited him “for coffee”, he left without thinking about the consequences. The girl’s name was Elena, she was in “his style”: tall, slender, rapaciously good, independent and passionate, besides, she lived in a two-room apartment herself – a dream, not a mistress! Oleg spent all his free time with her, trying not to remember his pregnant wife, a gray mouse, who was afraid to step a step without him, fulfilled all his whims, looking with loving eyes.

When his wife was in the hospital, Oleg prayed that the child would be stillborn – this would untie his hands. But a healthy girl was born – as if by order (everyone said that there should be a boy, then somehow Oleg, as if jokingly, said that he only wanted a girl: “If you give birth to a boy, I’ll find another one!”), even named her after his mistress.

Oleg was annoyed by everything at home: the baby was crying, and the room was small, and the woman without a manicure and hairstyle. But still not one decided to leave the family – Elena ordered. However, for a whole year I was torn between my family and my mistress: at home my wife is crying, and Elena is angry, her lips are blowing. I would have run back and forth if Tatiana’s patience hadn’t snapped.

Tanya did not tell anyone for a long time about what was going on between her and her husband. And suddenly Oleg’s mother arrived, looked at her daughter-in-law, who had lost so much weight that she was wearing the wind, and understood everything, although Tanya started and said that Oleg was on duty again. Crying, the woman told her mother-in-law everything: about her mistress, and that Oleg had already made an attempt to leave them several times, and she stopped, even that sometimes she brings sandwiches that her mistress made so that she could learn how to do them, and she does many other things differently from his Elena..

Mother-in-law, a wise woman, advised: “Don’t hold him. If he wants to go, let him go. There will be no life anyway. Maybe he’ll understand. And you won’t be left alone. You are my daughter, Lenochka is my granddaughter. Everything will be fine!”
Tanya believed and calmed down. And when, before the New Year, Oleg once again began to pack things, she packed his suitcase without tears. The man didn’t believe it right away: “I’m coming, do you hear?” – he stopped at the door, waiting. “Go. I’ve had enough of New Year’s surprises,” and closed the door.
I cried, of course, all New Year’s Eve, but without fear and despair.
It was difficult. However, the daughter was growing up, and this gave strength. In addition, parents, father-in-law and mother-in-law helped, even Oleg’s sister, a student, came on weekends to play with her niece and give Tanya a little rest. Oleg did not communicate with anyone.

His parents immediately warned him not to have his mistress’s feet in their house: “You are our son, we love you, but we already have a daughter-in-law, we don’t need another one. So come yourself if you want, but don’t bring that snake.” Offended. Mother’s heart ached, but she kept her word.

A year has passed. Oleg lived with Elena, each time making sure that she was not the love of his life. The passion gradually cooled down, the delicious sandwiches became boring, and the predatory beauty began to irritate. In addition, Elena began to make scandals, demanding that Oleg officially break up with Tatiana and marry her. They even went to choose rings and a wedding dress. It was a bad idea: when Elena came out in a wedding dress, Oleg saw Tatiana instead of her. A little girl with naive blue eyes, who looked at him so tenderly and in love, as this exquisite tigress will never be able to. Because she is not capable of loving so selflessly and sincerely.
Yielding to Elena’s demands, the man went home to get a marriage certificate. He opened the door with his own key (Tanya, she didn’t even change the lock!) And froze on the threshold. The happy eyes of Tanya, a funny girl in a crown, looked at him from the wall, and the whole life flashed before his eyes.

An unfaithful beloved, already half-forgotten. A distant New Year’s Eve. A cheerful Tanya with changing lights in her blue eyes. One hundred and fourteen of her letters, which gave warmth and peace of mind while serving in the army. Wedding. Little Alyonka is in his arms. And my mother’s eyes are full of pain and anxiety.

What had he done? He didn’t even remember his daughter’s birthday!

Tanya looked from the photo – without judging, without neglecting, without demanding anything – happily! Because he was there. Suddenly Oleg felt he was also happy with her. I just didn ‘t understand that .

Instead of looking for documents, I took a camera. He watched the footage, as if scrolling back through life: here he and his daughter are sledding, here they are eating ice cream in a cafe, but they are celebrating a birthday, he enlarged the faces of his relatives – and his heart sank: how he missed them!

I looked through all the pictures, unconsciously looking for a man next to Tanya – I didn’t find one. I felt a little better. Maybe it can still be returned? I remembered what I had done -and was horrified! No, this cannot be forgiven.

Elena made a scandal when she found out that Oleg had not filed for divorce. And he was glad, packed up and left. Only in the doorway returned: “I’m sorry…”. “You’re not coming back anymore?” the girl realized. “No,” and closed the door behind him. Elena didn’t hold it. Proud. She’s not Tanya.

Oleg settled with his parents. I couldn’t decide to meet Tanya. He was afraid that she would drive him away, say such things, after which he would not be able to return. I went to kindergarten to see my daughter. The teacher knew him, let him in. Children were playing on the playground. Lena was drawing something with a stick in the snow.

Oleg came over and sat down at his daughter’s:

– hello!

– hello! – the little one replied.

– What are you doing?

– I’m writing a letter to Dad.

Oleg’s throat tightened.

– And what do you write?

– For Dad to come for the New Year!

Oleg couldn ‘t stand it:

– I’ve already arrived! I’m your father!

Alyonka looked suspiciously and ran away to the teacher:
– No! My dad is Grandfather Moloz!
The teacher indicated with gestures that it was better for Oleg to leave. He walked without seeing the road, tears blurred his eyes.

I cried, perhaps, for the first time, as long as I can remember. And the worst of all was the realization that he himself was to blame, he himself destroyed his happiness, destroyed the happy future of his family.

Before the New Year, Tanya received a call from Oleg’s mother and invited her to the holiday. At first Tanya hesitated whether it was worth it. But Oleg will definitely not be there, then why sit in the city?
– That’s just I already ordered Santa Claus’s daughter.
– So cancel the order. We have our own grandfather

There will be frost. Get ready, Tanya, Dad has already left for you.

The whole family gathered for the holiday: Oleg’s parents and sister with the groom, Tanya’s parents and brothers, a cousin with children. For the first time in recent years, Tanya felt truly at home. Joking merrily, they decorated the room, set the table. Children ran around the Christmas tree and waited for gifts to appear under it.

The bell rang – and Santa Claus entered the room. No sooner had he uttered “I went all over the world…” than Lena shouted “Daddy! Hi! “I’ve already jumped into his arms. Santa Claus was visibly worried, but continued his performance – with a ribbon around his neck.
“No one warned him,” Tanya worried, but seeing that the actor was not against such a turn of events, she went on to set the table. Half an hour later, when everything was ready, Tanya returned to the room. The children were dancing around the Christmas tree, her

Lena was holding Santa Claus’s hand and laughing happily. Santa Claus was already without gloves, and Tanya noticed an engagement ring on his hand. And the hand itself seemed very familiar. Looking closer, I almost fainted: It’s Oleg! Another deception! How could they lie to her! I barely restrained myself from screaming: I didn’t want to scare the kids. In a few minutes, the anger began to recede, and Tanya was able to calmly look around.

Loving smiling faces, affectionate looks – a real family!

And happy is Alyonka, who waited for Dad.
Oleg approached Tanya and knelt in front of her:
– Tanya, I am very sorry for you. I know that it is impossible to forgive, and I ask you: please try! Today is New Year’s Eve – a time when everything can be changed. I promise to celebrate all subsequent New Year’s holidays with you and Lenochka. You are my Snow Maiden, you are my queen!

A crown appeared in Oleg’s hands from nowhere, and he stood up and put it on Tanya.
– My mother is the queen! And Daddy – Santa Claus – jumped around Alyonka’s parents.

Tanya was crying, hiding her face in the cotton beard of Santa Claus. She forgave her husband long ago. Now she was ready to let him back into her life, if only Lena’s eyes shone with happiness. If only her and his parents were calm and healthy. Just to feel how close his heart is beating. If only he wouldn’t let her out of his arms. Never.


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