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I came home early, and there my wife is cheating on me with two at once…

I have been married for five years, I got married at 25, because I thought I had met that very soul mate. My wife was 22 years old at the time of the wedding, beautiful, statuesque, educated – other guys were staring at her. At first I was even proud of it, but over time such attention began to strain. Two years ago, twins were born – two boys.

Four years ago, together with his wife, they opened a joint business language school. In our small town, the school quickly became a plus, things went uphill. My wife, since she has the appropriate education, was engaged in teaching at school. I was dealing with management issues. At the same time, both were co-founders. Things were going well – my wife combined lessons with raising children and taking care of the house. But suddenly I started receiving negative feedback from students who complained about disrupted classes. When finding out the reasons for this behavior, the wife admitted that she was tired and would like to rest. It was the beginning of the school year and, despite this, they found a teacher to replace his wife. I couldn’t quit my job myself, but I wanted my wife to be around, so I rented her a cottage outside the city, where I could come myself and bring the children.

The wife, apparently, took it as an opportunity to break away. This is the only way to explain what happened next. Four days after the start of her “vacation”, the children began to ask for their mother. Everything turned out unexpectedly – the persuasions of the children, I was released from work early – in general, we went without warning. When I drove up to the cottage, I saw an unfamiliar car and decided that a friend had come to my wife. But when I went into the house, I realized that this was not a friend. There were unmistakable sounds coming from the bedroom. It was terribly unpleasant that the children were with me at that moment. Of course, the boys did not understand anything, but they felt a change in mood. Leaving the children in the hallway, I went into the bedroom and saw my wife in the company of not even one, but two guys!

I was in shock, I felt like the hero of some ridiculous series or the victim of a cruel prank. The wife began to justify that she did not want to cheat. And then it’s like in a fog.

That was the end of our family life. Then during the divorce process, the wife said that she had not worked up, got married too early and had children. The sons were a burden, and family life was boring. It hit my self-esteem, we said a lot of unpleasant things to each other emotionally. It was not possible to divorce normally in this situation – we fought for children and joint property for more than a year. In a fit of anger, I then demanded full custody of the children. My wife didn’t even resist much, and given the size of my income and material wealth, the court left my sons with me. Friends were shocked when the court made such a decision and ordered his wife to pay alimony. In addition, we had a prenuptial agreement, according to which the business, where both were listed as co-founders, passes to me upon divorce. This is logical, given that my wife was engaged exclusively in teaching, management matters were on me. This contract made life easier during the court proceedings. Without him, I would have lost half of the company or would have remained in debt to a cheating wife.

Because my wife humiliated me so much and exchanged our family for some momentary hobbies, I took everything from her – children, a common business, a car that I gave six months before her betrayal. Judging by the stories of mutual friends, the ex–wife went on a spree – she is seen with different guys in clubs in an inappropriate way. She sees the children. The good news is that she looks decent at least at these meetings.

I’m trying to cope with the burden that has fallen on me: taking care of children, solving all everyday problems and work. I didn’t even notice before that you need to spend so much time and money on a child: new clothes, food, trips to the doctors and much more. Perhaps the breakdown of the ex-wife can really be explained by fatigue and the desire to add something new to their monotonous life. But I still can’t forgive her betrayal.


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