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Daughter lived with a rapist

In fact, I raised Lisa alone. My husband spent more time with friends at the bar than at home. Then he became addicted to slot machines. When he took the joint savings for the games, I filed for divorce.

“You drove Dad away,” my daughter screamed at me. She was thirteen, and puberty was talking about her. She quickly forgot that she had never received attention from her father and that he tried to pay as little alimony as possible. I probably shouldn’t stress that he didn’t send them anyway. And he was almost not interested in Lisa.

As a teenager, Lisa was tough, aggressive towards me. To this day, I am surprised that we both survived in good health.

I don’t like

Surprisingly, on the first attempt, she enrolled in medical school and began working as a nurse at the dentist. There she met Denis. He came as a patient.

I didn’t like it at all. A few years older, already divorced and a handsome young man. Athletic figure, black hair like coal, tied in a ponytail, blue expressive eyes. But there was a chill in those eyes.

When Lisa brought him to meet me, I asked what he was doing. “Everything and nothing,” he replied evasively. “Can you make a living for everyone?”
“Mom, you’re impossible,” Lisa said angrily. “You’re interrogating Dan like a little boy!”

Somehow she’s changed…

A few months later Lisa moved in with Denis. Then they gathered to celebrate my birthday. The daughter looked great, she had new clothes, was somehow made up and combed differently.

But as soon as one of her relatives spoke to her, Denis put his arm around her waist. Then my nephew and cousin Lisa, who returned after a year of study in America, enthusiastically spoke to her.

“Home, we’re going home,” Denis suddenly ordered. And Lisa stood up. Everyone fell silent and stared at them. They quickly said goodbye, but Denis deliberately did not say goodbye to anyone.

This can’t be true!

One Saturday I cooked an unusually delicious strudel, which my daughter loves. We agreed to take him to her in the afternoon. But I arrived earlier, and Lisa and Denis were not at home yet. I didn’t want to come back, so I decided to wait. Then I heard a crash and a chain being pulled out of the side door.

“Are you the mother of the young lady who now lives next door?” the elderly man asked. “Yes,” I nodded.

“You know, I don’t care,” the neighbor opened the door completely, “I’ve lived here all my life. Denis moved here with his ex-wife about three years ago,” he continued. “Very decent and clever. But then screams, knocks and crying were heard more and more often. I even called the police once. There were bruises all over the young lady’s body. “Denis threatened me that if I interfered in their case, I would regret it,” he sighed. “Fortunately, Katka, that’s her name, ran away.”

When he saw my horror in my eyes, he said: “I’m not going to lie to you, it’s probably beating up this new girl, too. Just last night they had a noise — the girl was crying for a long time.”

Is he hitting her?!

I was hot. I was right when I didn’t like the boy! At that moment Lisa and Denis returned to the apartment. She was wearing sunglasses. “Why do you need glasses?” – I thought, because it was dark outside. “She has conjunctivitis,” Denis answered for her. “Show me, I’ll see if you can go to the doctor,” I took off her glasses and saw bruises under her eyes!
“Mom, what are you doing?” Lisa told me. “I’m not a little girl! I fell on a chair in the kitchen. I knew you wouldn’t believe me, so I didn’t say anything! “She slammed the door, and I was left there with a strudel in my hands. “Take it,” I said softly to their neighbor, “at least you’ll make your life sweeter.”

I came home feeling upset. What now? I wrote my daughter a message so that if she feels bad there, she would come home. Denis called me a moment later. It never occurred to me that he was checking her phone. “This was the last time,” he shouted, “when you are interfering with our lives! And I never want to see you here again! “I was thinking of going to the police. But what if Lisa denies everything?

She ended up in psychiatry

The next day he beat her so that she could not move. As I found out later, she allegedly looked defiantly at a colleague while Denis was waiting for her in front of the company where she works. That’s when she realized it wasn’t normal. She gathered the last of her strength, called a taxi and ran away while Denis was in the bathroom.

When she called, she was in tears, she was beaten, bruises everywhere. She had only documents with her. Nothing else. “Mom, I’m not going there anymore,” she sobbed in my arms.

Denis threatened and harassed her for several more months until she had to call the police. Fortunately, he moved out a few weeks ago – allegedly to a divorced woman.

The bruises healed, but the wounds remained in the soul. Dominika went to a psychiatrist and started taking antidepressants. Afraid to start a new relationship.
I just hope that the emotional wounds will heal and she will be the fun girl she used to be.


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