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– If there is no child, I will find another one. The one who can become a mother, – my husband told me

My sister is on maternity leave. She has been married for a long time, has two children with her husband. All four of them live only on his salary, so they are in financial difficulties. They also rent an apartment. My sister complained to me every day that they didn’t have money for ordinary things. She asked for a loan from her mother, then from me. No one refused her, because we understood that it was for food for children.

My husband and I had everything in a different way: we lived well and had good salaries. My husband also had wealthy parents who bought us an apartment. My husband was always against my helping my sister, he did not consider it necessary to always give her money.

So I secretly gave him some money to my sister and nephews. My husband and I have been married for 6 years. At first, they did not plan children, because they thought to live for themselves. But now our relationship is just at the limit. We can’t do it with children, and then my husband told me:
– if there is no child, I will find another one. The one who is able to become a mother.

We tried many treatment options and procedures, were in the most expensive doctors, but there was no result. I understood that there was only one option left: to find a woman who would agree to give birth to a child for us. I was afraid to agree to such an experiment with a stranger, so I offered it to my sister in exchange for an apartment.

– What are you saying? I could barely stand two, I’ve had enough already. Again, 9 months to endure this condition …
my sister did not agree to my persuasions and after that we did not return to this topic. Our communication didn’t change, and I kept throwing her some money.

In a private clinic, we found a good woman who agreed to our proposal. We also saved a lot of money, because here we had to pay a much smaller amount than the cost of our apartment. When the woman was 4 months pregnant, I found out that my sister was also expecting a baby. I was amazed. She swore to me that there would be no more children. When she asked me for money again, I refused.

Subsequently, we stopped communicating altogether. As soon as I stopped helping her, the calls to me stopped. I was not up to it, I was preparing for the birth of my baby.

My mother didn’t care about my newborn daughter. But my sister’s son, the only grandson, melted my grandmother’s heart. My sister’s husband had problems with work – during all 9 months, my sister was often in the hospital, and her husband got the bosses with sick leave and failure to fulfill the plan. Who did the penniless sister with many children remember about? That’s right – about his older sister, a fool with a bottomless purse.

I’m sick of it already. I should have thought earlier before giving birth. Why should I provide for their family. If I didn’t have money, I wouldn’t have allowed myself such a luxury: three children. Now my mom is bothering me, wants my husband and I to give my sister a place to live:
– Have a conscience: you have 2 apartments, and your sister has 3 children and rented housing. Share it, huh?

I understand that they have problems, but I now have a daughter whose future I have to take care of. I understand that apart from me and my husband, no one else needs her.
I think about my nephews every night, I feel sorry for the children. I’m thinking about helping my sister. But at the same time, I understand that such a yoke will be around my neck for the rest of my life.

What should I do in this situation?


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