Sweet beautiful tender girl

Prince on a white horse

Since childhood, my mother raised me to be a princess, taught me good manners, took me to English courses, acrobatics. At school, I became seriously interested in sports ballroom dancing. Dancing was a part of me. Even when I felt bad and said, “Mom, I’m not going to school, I have a sore throat,” she replied, “So you won’t go to training,” After these words, I immediately recovered, because I couldn’t miss training.

At school, my relationship with my classmates did not go well. The girls and guys didn’t understand my hobby, and I didn’t understand how they could sit on the bench all evening, drink beer and nibble seeds. I was communicating in a completely different circle, I had other interests.

After graduating from high school, I entered a sports college. I planned to become a dance teacher. But everything turned out differently. On acquaintance, I got a job in a bar. She began to combine night work as a barmaid with study and training. There I also met a group of guys who were brought up by the street. I don’t know what happened to me, but my interests have changed radically. I quit dancing, to which I devoted ten years of my life, and began to skip college. Soon I became a candidate for expulsion and even managed to visit the police station for hooliganism. I still got my diploma, but with what difficulty… But I visited almost all the nightclubs of the city, attended a lot of different parties!

It was during this period of my life that a friend called my mother. She complained about the lack of a personal life and asked to go with her to a fortune teller – for company, as support. Mom agreed. And then she asked me to tell her fortune.
I must say that she was very worried about me at that moment. After showing the fortune teller my photo, she asked what she could say about me. The following was verbatim:

– The girl was doing some kind of sports, I see pain in my knee (I really got a knee injury in training, which still reminds me of myself), got involved with a bad company, keep her away from there. There will be two marriages: the first unsuccessful, the second happy.

No matter how my mother tried to guide me on the right path, explaining that I was communicating with the wrong company, I didn’t want to listen to her. I was drawn to the guys from the bar like a magnet, And at the age of 22 I told her the “joyful” news that I was getting married to Sergei, a guy from that party… Everyone tried to dissuade me – my mother, friends, asked me to come to my senses, convinced me that this was not the person with whom it was worth tying fate, but I considered myself the smartest of all. We had a wedding – a white dress, a restaurant, congratulations… I will not tell you about my first marriage in detail, I will say one thing: they did not dissuade me in vain. The first marriage lasted two years, and we divorced.

Even before we parted, I somehow looked in to my friend to talk about the sore, to cry in her vest. She told me about a fortune teller. Lilia from Tver, who makes predictions remotely. The essence is as follows: you call her on the phone, tell her name, age, ask a question of interest. And she sets the date and time when she will call herself – already with an answer. According to the results of divination, she needs to put 500 rubles on her cell phone number. If you are not satisfied with the result, you don’t have to pay. And I felt so bad then that I immediately called this woman. I was interested in quite standard questions: what will happen to my family when the children appear, what to expect in the future? After listening to me, she set a date for a callback.

On the appointed day, Lilia called. That’s what she said:
– I see changes in your life in a year and a half. There will be a car, I see you driving, there will be two children: a boy and a girl, but later, not now,

I thanked her, paid for the consultation, as it should be, although, to be honest, I did not believe her at all. Well, what kind of car? Which steering wheel? There is no money, solid debts. What could have changed in my life?

In May 14th I filed for divorce. And a day later I went to celebrate this business at the club with the very friend who gave the fortune-teller’s phone. I have to say right away, I did not plan any dating, I had previously sworn that if any man approached me, especially by the name of Sergey, I would send him to hell.

Here we are sitting in the club… And then they turn on some music. We’re going to the dance floor. A man comes up to me, we have a casual conversation, and then he says that his name is Sergey. I almost felt sick. Sergey turned out to be a military man, he celebrated Victory Day with friends. When I found out that I was celebrating a divorce, I wasn’t surprised at all. He said that he himself was married and also went through all this.
In the morning he announced that I would be his wife, and even wanted to buy me a ring, but at five in the morning the shops were closed. We had a great walk! I didn’t take him seriously, but we still exchanged phone numbers. A week later, he resigned from the service and left for Vladivostok. He said he would come back for me soon, but I didn’t really believe it.

Do you think a prince on a white horse only happens in a fairy tale? Nothing like that! Sergei arrived two weeks later, however, not on a horse, but in a white car, and took me to a fairy tale. We went to rest by the sea in Gelendzhik. And in the New Year Sergey made me an offer. Not so long ago we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. I wish everyone to find a person with whom you are confident in the future, with whom you are not afraid to look into the future!

Well, now about the predictions. My mom really had a girl-me. I got married twice. The second marriage was really successful, and my husband was a military man at the time of acquaintance, he served under a contract. Fortune teller Lilia said she sees me driving a car. I never got my driver’s license, but Sergey came to me in a right-hand drive car. It turns out that I was sitting, in fact, in the driver’s seat. In the meantime, I dream that the rest of her predictions will come true.


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