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She cheated on her husband to feel care and love

I love your column and periodically read it. I recently read a story about cheating, so I decided to tell you about mine. Maybe someone will look at female infidelity from the outside, and will not throw stones at each of us. I just want people to understand that betrayal sometimes throws despair. So it happened to me.

I’ve been married for a long time, almost two decades. Everything in our life has happened. I can’t say that everything was bad or smooth. The only thing that has darkened my life all these years is my spouse’s countless infidelities. We have two children, so life seems to have worked out. I have never even thought about cheating in my whole life, although I have encountered it almost constantly.

However, a few years ago everything changed radically. When my husband cheated, but he did it unnoticed, I could still somehow forgive it. And then he got so brazen that he was already doing it brazenly. One day he told me that he had been sent on a business trip. I was packing his suitcase, and when I opened one of his pants pockets, I saw that he had two tickets there. What for? As it turned out, he was going to fly to another city with his mistress. I didn’t even know he could do that. It was very painful and insulting.

Many men believe that cheating on their wife is the worst thing that can happen. But, none of them can understand how a woman feels when her husband is cheating on her. And I will answer you. She feels pain, humiliation and disappointment. Every woman who loves her husband very much experiences this. Such pain comes that there is no strength, even to breathe! And the men think that they are experiencing the betrayal of their wife. No woman intentionally makes her husband find out about her infidelity. Unless, of course, she has certain reasons for it. In this case, on the contrary, you need to tell him, let him survive all that he made his wife go through.

The husband returned from a trip, as if nothing had happened, showed up home. I told him everything I was thinking right from the doorstep. He told me that there was nothing between them, that I had screwed myself up. It was very painful for me, because I understood that he was lying to me. But our son was very young, so I gritted my teeth and pretended to believe him. I knew perfectly well that my husband had not broken up with his mistress. Everything began to die in my heart, I no longer felt any feelings for him.

This has been going on for more than seven years, my husband, in fact, lives in two families. For all these years, I have been completely disappointed in my husband, there is not a drop of love and tenderness for this man in my soul. To be honest, even before my husband treated me with great indifference, in recent years everything has worsened significantly. I work, I live for the sake of the children. Of course, my husband had the main income, but I have a house and children. So my husband was so arrogant that he told me that he provides for his family, and in his free time he has the right to be with whomever he wants. Can you imagine the audacity?

I couldn’t take it anymore, the kids were already grown up, I decided to leave him. And then I accidentally met a man from my past life. He was with his wife. I stood and watched him take care of her. I have never been able to see such an attitude from my husband. I was so offended. This is how a real man should behave towards the woman he loves. And then we met by chance, I complained to him about my life. He started feeling sorry for me, and then we had sex.

I just wanted to feel wanted. This went on for several months until my husband found out about this connection. He gave me a real showdown, talked about leaving me and going to his mistress. I got to the hospital, I was on the verge of life and death. But it was worth it, because I heard that my husband loves me. These words were so pleasant to me. I do not know what will happen next in my life, but now I am happy.

I realize that I committed a great sin when I cheated on my husband. If I had to take it all back, I wouldn’t have done it. I am also very ashamed in front of his wife, although I do not know if he knows about this connection or not.

Let everything take its course, and then, come what may. Please do not judge strictly!


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