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My husband and I don’t want to deal with grandchildren, because we don’t like children

Probably, I will be judged, but I am used to being honest with myself, so I have long admitted to myself that I do not like children.

I don’t like the fact that they are constantly making noise, running around, asking for something to drink, that is, it all discharges me terribly. I wouldn’t have given birth, and my husband didn’t really want children, but when I got pregnant, I told my mother, and my mother began to beg me to leave the child. She promised to help in everything and hoped that I would not regret my decision.

I gave birth to a daughter and really fell in love with her, taking care of her was even a joy to me. But my husband and I were lucky that she was a very calm child by nature, and she had no special health problems. And my mother, of course, helped me a lot. So, I didn’t really strain myself while my daughter was growing up. My husband also sometimes broke away from his work and took care of our child, and I think he fell in love with his daughter. But it was our daughter, so we loved her, but other children still annoyed us.

“Just wait, you will have grandchildren, then you will understand what it means to love children,” my mother rubbed her hands. My husband and I were taken aback: “What other grandchildren? We didn’t agree on that.” But no one asked us, time went on as usual, and our daughter got married, and then gave birth to two cute boys.

The boys turned out to be not like her, but lively and loud guys. They were sometimes brought to visit us, it was interesting to see them, but my husband and I always sighed with relief when they all left.

Then one day, when the grandchildren had already grown up, our daughter decided to go to the sea. Her husband decided that traveling with the children would be too expensive, and they persuaded us to take the children to live with them for ten days. I reluctantly agreed, but then regretted it a hundred times. It would be better if I added money to them for vouchers for children than to live with them for ten days in the same apartment.

From now on and forever, all the talk that “Could you, Mom, take the boys to your place for the night” is stopped immediately and at the root. My husband supports me with both hands. To be honest, sometimes we don’t even open our daughter’s door if she doesn’t warn us about her visit in advance. No, if she comes alone, we let her in with pleasure, but if she comes to us with her grandchildren, we sometimes pretend that we are not at home.


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