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I remembered that she has a daughter, 10 years later

Natalia Viktorovna, a very nice woman. We met her in the park, near our house, where she walks on weekends with her granddaughter Lika, who is 11 years old.

We have known each other for the second year, our girls love to play together, despite the age difference of almost 6 years.

Natalia Viktorovna told me that she has been raising her granddaughter almost since birth. She does it wonderfully, the girl has grown up, very kind, obedient and affectionate. Natalia Viktorovna’s daughter, Ira, gave birth to Lika when she was 19 years old, and left home almost immediately after giving birth. She did not want to take care of her child, she believed that her life was just beginning, and her daughter was tying her to the house. She wanted freedom and entertainment, for which she traveled to different cities.

For 10 years, Ira came home only three times, for a couple of days. She did not feel love and affection for her daughter.

Lika loves her grandmother very much and always listens to her. There is a huge unbreakable bond between them.

Almost all winter we did not meet with Lika and her grandmother. Two weeks ago we met them again in the park.

Lika has changed a lot. The girl became rude, not obedient and kind of nervous.

Natalia Viktorovna realized that I noticed a difference in the behavior of her granddaughter. After Lika offended my daughter, Natalia Viktorovna decided to explain to me this behavior of her granddaughter.

It turns out that big changes have taken place in her life. Lika’s mother returned. She remembered that she has a daughter and wants to establish a relationship with her. Lika does not feel any love for Ira, she does not believe her mother and does not want to live with her.

The fact is that Ira has nowhere to live now and she has not found a job yet. Natalia Viktorovna can’t expel her daughter, she allowed her to live with them while Ira is looking for a job.

Lika is against it, she does not want to live with her own mother, who refused her. The girl feels that her mother betrayed her at birth, and her grandmother betrays her now when she allows her to stay.

Natalia Viktorovna hopes that the relationship between her granddaughter and daughter will improve. It seems to her that Ira can still become a good mother, but Lika does not believe in it.

Lika absolutely does not communicate with her mother, behaves at home as if she simply does not exist. But now she is also offended by her grandmother.

The girl hopes that her mother will find a job faster and move from them to a rented apartment.

The relationship between Lika and her grandmother also deteriorated.

In this situation, I feel very sorry for Lika, she is afraid to trust her own mother, afraid to be betrayed again. And I feel sorry for my grandmother too, she wants to believe that her daughter has changed, and now she can be entrusted with the upbringing of her granddaughter, but she is also afraid to make a mistake again.


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