Lonely woman sitting outdoors in winter at night

Son kicked mom out of the house

It was winter, late at night. It was already 23:30 on the clock. Dasha was calmly dreaming in bed, and I was sitting in the kitchen and drinking hot tea. Finally, everything was done, and I enjoyed the silence.

Thoughts were swarming in my head. I was going over the events that have happened in my life in recent years.

It seemed like quite recently I had a full family. We were happy. Daughter Dashenka, a loving husband and a husky dog, named Dick. But an event happened that changed our whole way of life once and for all.

One evening Yuri called and said that he would not come home to spend the night. His words sounded strange, this had never happened before.

— Why is that? I was surprised. – Are there problems at work?

– Vera, I’m not coming tomorrow either. I’ll never come back at all. I’m leaving you. I have another one, I should have told you earlier. “I’m sorry,” the husband said into the phone.

I stood for a long time with the phone in my hand, long beeps sounded in the receiver.

Of course, I had suspicions that my husband had a mistress.

Lately, he has become detached and withdrawn, constantly leaving to talk to someone on the phone, in another room. But I never gave him scenes of jealousy. And for some reason my soul was calm.

No tears, no tantrums. Some kind of peace. I probably never loved Yura. I married him not for love, but because I got pregnant with Dasha. The child must have had a father, I thought.

“Well, figs with you. We’ll live without you, we need you painfully,” I decided.

Of course, the situation that has arisen is not easy. I was on maternity leave, my husband earned all the money. What should we do now, how should we live now. Dasha is a sickly girl, I have a strict boss at work who does not like when employees miss working days, and even hates sick leave in general. But I was distracted from sad thoughts.

At this time, the puppy came to the front door and whined plaintively. He wanted to go for a walk, earlier in the evening his husband walked him, returning from work. It was very cold outside, but what to do, I had to get dressed and go out with him into the yard. The wind howled and almost knocked the dog and me off our feet. I could hardly distinguish anything because of the snowfall.
Dick and I were passing by the playground, suddenly I saw a lonely sad woman on a bench. She sat wrapped in a woolen shawl and shivered.

“It’s strange, there’s such a blizzard outside, and she’s sitting, something’s wrong here. She’s going to freeze and get sick to death,” I thought.

I decided to come over and find out what happened.

– Hello, what happened? Why are you sitting here alone in this weather? I asked the old lady.

Coming closer, I saw that she was crying bitterly. Tears flowed down her eyes, curling into small icicles from the cold. I felt very bad in the shower. My grandmother reminded me of mine, who died many years ago. The woman had the same kind eyes, she breathed kindness.

– Yes, I have nowhere to go, daughter. I won’t distract you with my problems. Now I’ll sit, rest and go on. You go, don’t worry about me,” the old woman whispered faintly.

– How is there nowhere to go? Should I call the police? I will not leave you alone in the middle of the night on the street to freeze-I said firmly and sat down next to the old lady on the bench.

Dick whined and began to squeeze his paws.

– Poor puppy, probably frozen too. Yes, you go, everything is fine. I’m just a little cold, I’m going to go now. The more you move, the warmer it will be,” said grandma, rubbing her face red from frost with mittens.

– So, let’s go to my place now, I’ll give you hot tea and figure out what to do next, – I said firmly, picking up the old lady’s suitcase.

She obeyed, got up from the bench and, like a child, hobbled after me and Dick.

The old woman’s name was Tatiana Ilyinichna. First of all, I put the kettle on and gave her hot tea so that the woman wouldn’t catch a cold. I gave her a warm blanket to wrap up. Slowly the old lady began to come to her senses. We sat in the kitchen and talked for a long time. I learned a lot about her hard life.

Tatiana Ilyinichna’s husband died early, she had to raise her son to her feet herself. She loved him very much and spoiled him. As a child, my son did not need anything. The boy had the best toys at school. That’s probably why the kid grew up to be a complete egoist. I started drinking early, daring my mother. He brought friends home and drank alcohol with them.

The woman shed so many tears, begged her son to stop drinking, but he did not obey her, only snapped. Once he almost attacked his mother with his fists. The old lady was even sometimes afraid of him when he came home drunk. She locked herself in a room and quietly prayed that Maxim would stop drinking and become a normal person, get a job. And yesterday there was a terrible incident. The son brought home a painted girl. Naturally, they came staggering, even from afar Tatiana Ilyinichna smelled alcohol.

– You told me you live alone. And who is this?- the girl made a displeased face.

– Yes, bunny, I live alone. This is my aunt, now she will leave – the “beloved” son said angrily.

Tatiana Ilyinichna quickly got up and went to her room. A couple of minutes later, her son burst into her bedroom and began demanding that she get out of the house this minute. You see, he wants to be alone with the “lady of the heart”, and mom will interfere with them.

– But, where will I go. I have nowhere to live. This is my only home- the old lady was taken aback by such impudence.

– You have a summer cottage. Go there. You’re nothing but trouble, you’ve fucked up my whole life. I hate you,” his son hissed angrily. There was such hatred in his eyes that the old lady was scared.

Tatiana quickly began to pack her things (thank God at least she was allowed to do this), got dressed and wandered through the cold wherever her eyes looked. I came across a playground and decided to sit. That’s where I found her.
After the story, I was horrified. How can he treat his own mother like that. I laid the woman on the sofa and went to my room. I couldn’t sleep for a long time, I had a lot of ideas in my head how to help the poor thing. Finally I came up with a plan and fell asleep with a smile. Meanwhile, it was already getting light outside the window.

Morning came, we had breakfast, and Tatiana Ilyinichna began to thank me for my help and say goodbye.

– Where are you going? I was amazed

– Yes, I’m going to look for an apartment for myself. I may go to the dacha, although there is no heating there, but where to go. I’ll ask the social service, maybe they’ll come up with something

— You know, I have a good offer for you. My husband left me, we have no money now. I’d like to go to work. And you will live with me, look after my daughter. She is often sick, and who needs such employees to sit on sick leave all the time. And I don’t have time to walk with the dog. Stay. You will help me a lot,” I said with a smile.

The old lady looked at me and burst into tears of happiness.

– Thank you, daughter, God grant you health, how warm it will be, Dashenka and I will go to my dacha. There is nature, fruits, there will be less pain. And you will come to us on weekends.

– Oh, Tatiana Ilyinichna, thank you very much. Of course, I will come.
That’s how we all began to live together. I have never regretted that I left the old lady with me. She helped me a lot, and Dashenka loved her like her own grandmother. In a short time we became very attached to each other.

In the spring we went to the dacha. Tatiana had a beautiful garden with apple trees and a large house with two floors. There was a forest and a lake behind the house. A wonderful place, nothing to say.

I fell in love with this place and spent my vacation with my daughter and Tatiana. After all, it’s wonderful to be close to people close to you.

Spring has passed, summer time has come. One day a neighbor came to see us. A handsome man with a kind smile.

– Good afternoon. “I see you have guests?” he said, giving Dashenka a basket full of ripe cherries.

— These are not guests, Mishenka. This is my beloved daughter and granddaughter. I have a new family now – the old lady smiled.

– Come into the kitchen, I’ll put the kettle on.

– I’d love to. In general, I did not just come, but on an important matter. We are going to conduct gas. Come on, you too, have been wanting for a long time,” said the neighbor.

– Oh, Mishenka, this is a good thing. But now I have financial problems. Probably won’t work. Next time, Tatiana Ilyinichna sighed.

– Don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of the expenses. Anyway, the workers will come, at the same time I will do a good deed for you. I accept no objections. I want to make a gift to your new family – Mikhail smiled.

– Well, well. Thank you so much, God keep you. But I’ll still give it to you in parts. I don’t like sitting in debt.

Evening came. We had dinner, and I put Dashenka to bed. I went out into the yard, where Tatiana was talking with

Michael. The man turned to me and said:
– Have you seen what a beautiful sunset across the lake?

– Unfortunately, there was no time yet. But I’ve been told how fascinating he is.

– So go, Dashenka is sleeping anyway. I’m tired too, I’m going to take a nap. And you don’t waste time in vain, go watch the sunset, you won’t regret it. Tatyana Ilyinichna exclaimed.

“Yes, Vera, let’s go,” Mikhail began to persuade me.

The old lady stood behind him and made me understand with all sorts of gestures that I should agree. I couldn’t help but smile, it looked funny.

– Well, well. Let’s go, we’ve been persuaded – I smiled.

To be honest, Misha immediately charmed me with his appearance and kindness. So I agreed, it was a little exciting.

We went to the lake and walked for a long time, admiring the sunset. Mikhail shared his story with me. His wife died early, he suffered a hard separation and began to devote a lot of time to work. With her help, sad thoughts went out of my head.
And I told Misha about myself and how I met Tatiana. I immediately realized that he was the person I had been waiting for all my life. For some reason, I completely trusted him.
The morning began with screams in the yard. I got scared, jumped out of bed and ran outside. Tatiana was having a furious row with some drunk guy.

– We’re going to the notary right now, do you understand? You will register the cottage for me. Do you think this girl needs you? She wants to take the cottage for herself after your death. You’re a naive fool -the man screamed, staggering.

“Ah, here comes this girl. Do you want to take the house from your mother? It won’t work. Pack your bags and get out of here. This is my dacha. Is that clear to you? Maxim shouted angrily.

– No, don’t drive Vera away, she’s like my own daughter -the woman began to cry.

– Oh, how’s your daughter, you say??? Have you completely forgotten your own son? Well, let’s get out of here – Maxim grabbed me by the shoulder.

It is not known how it would have ended if Misha had not unexpectedly appeared.

– What’s going on here?

– And what you need here is none of your business. Also get out-the drunkard spat viciously.

– You’re not my son anymore, leave me alone. It’s not enough for you that you kicked my mother out of the apartment? He also came here now -Tatyana Ilyinichna lost her temper.

Apparently, her son drove her very much. I’ve never seen an old lady so angry before.

– Mishenka, please help me. This is my alcoholic son. I’m afraid of him,” she cried.

Misha was absolutely calm, he looked with disgust at the staggering Maxim, took him by the arm and led him to the backyard.

They talked for a very long time. Tatiana was nervous, afraid that Misha would beat the guy. After all, after all, my own son, though a vile person.

We just sat and waited. The gate creaked, they ran out into the yard. Misha stood and smiled.

“What did you tell him?” Is he gone?- we bombarded the man with questions.

– Yes, calm down. I won’t let anyone offend you. I had a quiet conversation with the guy. I told him that this is our house with you, Vera. Tatiana Ilyinichna sold it to us. And you’re my wife.
I was stunned by these words.

“Why did you say I was a wife?”- my voice trembled, and I was covered with red spots.

“It just came out, I don’t know how,” Mikhail replied.

– Oh, how cute – Tatiana Ilyinichna broke into a smile.

– So, my dears. Tomorrow we will go to the notary, I will register the house for you and Dashenka. And don’t mind. I never thought that in my old age I would have such a wonderful daughter and granddaughter. I love you-with tears of happiness in her eyes, the woman hugged us.

I was over the moon with happiness. I missed my mother’s love and support so much. Thanks to Tatiana Ilyinichna, I got it. She became like my own mother. I lost my mother early and grew up practically an orphan.

Now everything in my life will get better, because I have a wonderful daughter, a beloved man and a mother. That’s the story that happened to me. I wish you, dear readers, to be loved.


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