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My mother-in-law didn’t love me or her grandson

For some reason, I didn’t notice the obvious things before, but if we analyze how Yasha’s relatives initially treated me, it turns out this: his mother didn’t love me and didn’t want a grandson, our child with Yasha.

I remember when I was pregnant, she insistently offered to drink wine to me at the dacha, together with all the guests. Although it is a well-known fact that alcohol harms pregnant women. It was a “bell”, and not the first one. Although his parents always made a good-natured appearance, deep down I constantly felt their bad attitude towards me.

But, apparently, too deeply, and preferred to deny everything, not trusting herself. For example, when they said bad things about our wedding. We young people came to visit his parents, set the table and told the joyful news: we are getting married! In response – brick faces and the first question from his mother: “Are you pregnant?” Then the words of his father: “I will not give money for the wedding!”. I was ready to fall under the table! “Yes, we are not asking for money, I am not pregnant, we have everything to organize a wedding.” My God, who did they think I was?

A few years after the wedding, when we had a child, we went with my mother-in-law and husband to visit distant relatives. You know, hatred manifests itself most vividly in a moment of anger.

We were traveling by train, the baby is breastfed, I said that I would sleep on the bottom shelf with the baby, and my husband is opposite to help at night and look after me if I need to move away. In response, the mother-in-law blushed and immediately said in a harsh form that she would sleep downstairs, that I was insolent, and, you see, her legs sometimes cramp at night. Well, well, why be so indignant? The husband will jump over you from above to me and the child.

Then I found out from other people that behind my back she always told nasty things about me, and she also spoke badly about her grandson! She hasn’t spent a day with him in 15 years! I have never gone to the park or to the museum! And when Yakov said that he was divorcing me, she did not send him back to reconcile with his wife and save the marriage, but offered to move in with her. Along the way, asking if I cheated on my husband?

Going back in time, I remember her phrase about me and Yasha’s brother: “Remember, there will be many wives, and one brother for life.” They then had a conflict with my brother, I was on my husband’s side. As a result, his brother, not my husband, got married “on the fly”, divorced because he cheated. And all the daughters-in-law of this mother-in-law were not good enough. When I remember her, I think: why have I been trying to make friends with her for so many years?


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