Beautiful girl in the forest in winter

On a frosty night in the forest, I found a freezing woman

Sergey was on his way for the third day, he was returning from the wedding of his best friend. Because of the frost and snow, the road turned into a solid skating rink. He slowed down so as not to take any chances.

Suddenly, near the forest, he noticed a lonely figure. I wonder who it brought to such a wilderness, Sergei thought, because the nearest settlement was forty kilometers away.

Sergey stopped the car and hurried to the forest. A young woman was standing under a tree, all blue from the cold.

– How did you get here? Sergei asked.

But she did not answer anything, and only muttered something with trembling lips.

“Come on, I’ll take you home,” Sergei said.

The girl obediently got up and followed him. The man poured her hot tea and wrapped her in a blanket.

– Where do you live? Sergei asked.

“Nowhere anymore,” the woman replied.

As it turned out, her husband was very rude and cruel. They had a big fight and he took her to the forest and told her not to see her again.

– Have you tried contacting the police? the man asked.

-It’s useless, he’s got everything there, he communicates in criminal circles and everyone knows him, – the woman replied.

“I’m not going home,” the girl said.

– Okay, let’s go to my place, and then we’ll think about what to do, – said Sergey.

Sergei felt very sorry for this girl and he did not understand how to do this. The man lived alone in a one-room apartment. He did not plan to start a family, he believed that he needed to build a career first. He will never forget how he used to live in hunger with his mother.

Sergey put a cot in the kitchen, and gave the girl the bed. That evening they talked for a long time and the girl told about her difficult fate.

In the morning Sergey got ready for work. Tatiana woke up.

-Make yourself at home, the food is in the fridge, don’t be shy. I’ll go to work, and in the evening we’ll think about what to do with you,” Sergei said.

All day Sergey thought about Tatiana, what to do with her and what to do.

And then he remembered about a classmate who worked in the police, maybe he can help. Perhaps Tatiana exaggerates the imperiousness of her spouse.

Approaching the house, he saw three police cars at the entrance. What happened, who they came to, Sergei thought, and saw Tatiana being taken out in handcuffs.

– What happened? Did your husband arrange all this? the man asked.

– There is no husband! Tatiana shouted.

A policeman approached Sergei, showed his ID and informed the man:

– You are suspected of embezzlement of a large sum and if you cooperate with us, you will go not as a suspect, but as a witness, – said the policeman. The man obediently got into the UAZ.

At the branch, the man found out that Tatiana had robbed the bank where she worked.They searched for her all over the city until she called her parents and they easily found her out.

– Tell me, did you bring her to reason for such an act? Where you hide the money, we searched the whole apartment,” the policeman said.

– I don’t have any money, I found her in the woods yesterday and she didn’t have any money with her. The recording from the DVR will confirm my words,” Sergei said.

A few hours later, the man was released, on his own recognizance not to leave. Sergei arrived in a state of shock.

Cleaning the apartment after the search, the guy did not believe that Tatiana could steal money. And what if her husband had arranged it, Sergei thought and dialed the number of his friend, a policeman.

Fortunately, the friend did not refuse to help and an hour later, they were sitting in the kitchen, drinking tea and discussing what had happened.

“I didn’t think you’d be involved in this.” It’s a well-known case, the whole police were on their ears. Tatiana has a five-year-old son, she is a single mother and recently he was diagnosed with a disappointing diagnosis, he needed expensive treatment. Tatiana spent a long time running around different funds, but she didn’t get any results. Then she decided to contact the bank’s management to take out a loan, but they refused her there too. But recently her son became very ill and she decided on this theft. Having stolen the money, she gave the money to the hospital, the boy had the necessary operation, – said Nikolai.

– Yeah, really. And what was she doing in the woods? Sergei asked.

“She says she was in a state of passion,” Nikolai replied.

– How can I help her? After all, she has a small child. Sergei asked.

– Well, first you need to hire a good lawyer and ideally, it would be to return the stolen amount, maybe the bank will go to a meeting and withdraw the application.

– I’ll hire a lawyer, but here’s where to get the money, – Sergey thought.

All night Sergei did not close his eyes, all the time thinking about Tatiana. After all, she was in a desperate situation, it was about the life of a child. He understood her very much and she didn’t belong there.

Sergei had a certain amount of money that he was saving for the construction of a house. He decided to borrow the rest of the amount from the boss. They communicated well and they had a trusting relationship.

Thanks to the lawyer and the money returned, a month later Tatiana was free, the bank went to meet the girl.

Sergey met Tatiana.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you the whole truth. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done. I am forever in debt to you. How is my son? – the girl said and began to cry.

– He is on the mend, I visited him yesterday. Stop it, you don’t owe me anything, the child’s life was at stake,” Sergei replied.

A year and a half has passed, today Tatiana married the most beloved and reliable person.

– Mom, Uncle Seryozha arrived there in a limousine, – Kirill shouted joyfully.

Tatiana could not believe that then freezing in the forest, she would meet her life partner there.


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