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How to be, the husband is constantly beating? But I can’t leave him, because I have children…

Hello! I decided to write because I just don’t have the strength to keep it all to myself. I’ve been married for several years. I have three children, the eldest is 8 years old. It so happened that our family does not have its own corner. I work alone, I get little. There is no way to save up even to rent a decent apartment. We were sheltered by my own aunt. She felt sorry for my children, so she allowed me to live as long as necessary.

Don’t think about it, my husband also works, but all the money goes to buy building materials. We bought a small piece of land and are building a house. So I want to have my own corner. Let it be tiny, but its own. It’s still good that the builders don’t have to pay, he knows how to do everything himself.

The years of marriage flew by very quickly. There were different periods in our life: both good and bad. Everything would be fine, but my husband sometimes raises his hand at me. He is a very good father, so the children love him. They are always so happy when he comes home. The husband grew up without a father, he left them with his mother. The mother probably did not explain to her son that a woman should not be beaten. From his blows, my whole body is bruised or bruised, which do not heal for a very long time.

I met my husband when I was still at school, and he is a few years older than me. We didn’t even meet for a long time, it seemed to me that this was a prince on a white horse. Before the wedding, he was very attentive, gave me gifts. I would never have thought he was such a tyrant. At first, everything was quiet with us. It all started when the eldest child was born.

I was at home alone all the time, no one helped me. I was very tired and asked him to sit with the baby for a while, and I would go with a friend for coffee. He got so angry and punched me right in the ear for the first time. I was so hurt and hurt that I can’t put it into words. Naturally I didn’t go anywhere.

His aggression is getting stronger every year. Previously, he very rarely allowed himself, and now, well, he’s gone crazy. Recently, he hit me hard just because I said that you don’t need to give your daughter a salad straight from the refrigerator, she might get sick. So he hit me so hard that I flew across the kitchen. After this incident, I even had to take a sick leave. I try to please him all the time, but he is always unhappy.

There was a very terrible case recently. Our children go swimming, I took them to another class after work. When I returned, he was going to feed our baby cold porridge. I just told him that we have many different ways to warm up porridge. And then she took the plate and started heating it herself. The child started acting up a little. He got so mad and hit me so hard that my head almost flew off. For what?

On any occasion, he arranges scenes with physical abuse for me. If I wash his things in silence, he will definitely start yelling that I was going into his pockets. If I ask, he yells why I can’t see that things are dirty. My bruises don’t have time to go away, as new ones appear. I don’t even have anyone to complain to. My parents live far away, and they won’t support me. They believe that there can be anything in the family and the spouses should figure it out for themselves.

I can’t tell any of my friends either, because none of them are left. My husband won’t let me see anyone. That’s how my life goes. How to live on with this man, I do not know. But I can’t leave him either, because I have children, and even such small ones. Who will need them? They love their father very much, and he loves them too.

And my life is ruined forever. I don’t feel happy, desirable at all. There are moments when I want to give up everything and go wherever my eyes look. I think it doesn’t do children any good to see their father beating their mother either. And the youngest child is already with a spoiled psyche.

I recently came out of the hospital where I was lying with a child. The fact is that he left the baby unattended while I was at work. She rolled over and fell headfirst onto the floor. The result is a hematoma and numerous bruises. Of course, he did not beat the child, but he is still to blame for this.

I understand that I’m not going anywhere and I’m going to live with him. It should be done for the sake of my kids. Sometimes I want to give him change. Tell his mother-in-law about his behavior? What if it gets even worse? Tell me!


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