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The lover left his wife and came to me, but I don’t need him either

I’ve been married before and I don’t want to anymore. I got married for love, but very soon I was disappointed. I heard only reproaches from my husband and suffered humiliation. When they separated, I decided not to get married anymore, but to use men for health.

An interesting situation has happened to me, which I cannot resolve in any way. When you yourself don’t want a stamp in your passport and talk about it to a man, not everyone perceives it adequately. Some do not want such issues to be solved by a woman. For several years I have had many partners, but none of them suited me. Sometimes he’s a weakling in bed, sometimes he doesn’t have enough money, then he’s a bore himself.

Finally, I met my ideal, but it turned out that my chosen one is not free. I found out that he was married not immediately, but after a few months and decided not to change anything. I told him about it too. At first he was glad of it. This went on for several years, everything suited me. We met on my territory several times a month. We didn’t go out together, and I don’t need to. I was completely satisfied with him in bed, and I didn’t want anything else. But apparently it didn’t seem enough to him.

He kept trying to tell me about his wife. He said what a bitch she was. That she is dissatisfied with something all the time. He complained that she wanted children, but he didn’t want them. He thought it was very interesting to me. But I endured and pretended to listen attentively to him. Sometimes she even tried to show sympathy for him. He told me that he never had feelings for his wife. That they got married because her father helped him with his career. I listened to him, and I was dying of boredom.

After some time, I began to notice that my man had become too intrusive. We used to meet several times a month, but now he came to me more often, almost every other day. Yes, he also began to invite me to the cinema and restaurant. At first I didn’t even understand what was going on. I’m not ready for this turn of events. Not only did he come himself, but he also brought flowers and gifts. I am able to buy myself any thing if I want. And then he came to me with suitcases and said that he had come to me. I was stunned!

He said that he had left his wife and nothing would prevent us from being together now. He said that such as I have been waiting for all my life. I suit him on all fronts, he likes my temperament very much. There will be no need to hide anymore, he stays with me.

I did not expect such a turn at all. Big deal, I came, what a joy. And someone asked me. I immediately turned him down. I told him that I’m not going to change anything in my life and I’m not calling him into this life. Let him go back to where he came from. Let him go back to his wife. I ask him about how we agreed with him from the very beginning? That one marriage was enough for me in full.

I told him that I could have found a much better job if I wanted to get married, and not get involved with a married man. I tell him that I’m not going to cook for him, serve and take care of him. She told him everything that was in her heart, and slammed the door. He tried to get to me several more times. He came and called. It was a pity that I would have to look for a partner again. Such relations were good, but he ruined everything.

That’s the story Maria told me. Personally, such a relationship is not suitable for me. I would never be able to date a man for the sake of a bed. I don’t know, maybe I’m just old-fashioned? Or maybe I was lucky with my half? What do you think?


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