Ara parrot

Parrot revealed her husband’s infidelity

My husband and I lived for 15 years, until one day I found out about his infidelities. And the parrot that my husband bought himself told me about it.

5 years ago, my husband brought home a parrot. I wasn’t thrilled, I don’t like pets at all and wanted to send him back with the bird, but my daughter liked him so much that it was decided to keep him. They called it Kesha. My husband assured me that a parrot should be able to speak, so they often sat down with their daughter in the evenings near the cage and taught Kesha standard words. The bird looked at them with a dull look and was silent. After a couple of months, my household got tired of it, and they left Kesha alone.

I didn’t like this parrot, there was no sense from him, and there was a lot of garbage, I had to clean up. I even wanted to let him out for a walk on the street by accident, when suddenly he helped me a lot -he revealed my husband’s infidelity.
I often went on weekends with my daughter to my mother. The husband did not like his mother-in-law, so he always stayed at home. So this time we left together, and our dad stayed at home. On Sunday evening we returned, sat down for dinner, and I began to ask my husband how he spent the weekend. He replied that he was at home, resting, sleeping, watching TV, not going anywhere.

And then our silent Kesha suddenly spoke, so loudly! He shouted: “Good as I feel good Lyuba!” We were stunned, and while we were in shock, the parrot repeated this phrase several more times. The daughter was glad that Kesha spoke, but, fortunately, she did not understand the meaning of the phrase. And we understood, but pretended that everything was fine. In the evening, my husband and I had a serious conversation. He tried to deny it, but still cracked and confessed to treason. Now it’s clear why he didn’t go to his mother-in-law, he was having a great time at home. The mistress turned out to be Lyuba’s neighbor, I noticed long ago that she had her eye on my husband, but did not attach any importance to this. And in vain.

Now we are temporarily living with my mom, preparing for a divorce, thinking about how to inform our daughter. Parents have been told so far that they have temporarily moved due to repairs. I hope that it will disperse without scandals. I’ll keep Kesha for myself, he turned out to be a good parrot, I’ll buy him a bigger cage.


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