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Confessions of a former prostitute

This spring I will be thirty years old. I have my own business, my social circle knows me as a serious person who watches his diet, does sports and self-development and does not differ in frivolous behavior. My appearance is not far from Hollywood beauty, I say this not according to my own assessment, but based on the words of my friends.

Men always pay attention to me, someone wants to be intimate, and someone comes up with serious offers and intentions to meet. And none of them even knows what kind of life I had some five years ago.

At that time I was working as an ordinary prostitute. As soon as I graduated from the institute, I started looking for a job. I couldn’t find anything suitable in my specialty in my city, and even, as luck would have it, another crisis broke out, there were cuts. Even specialists with experience could not find a job, where should I go… As a result, the only place where I was accepted without talking was a strip club. But it wasn’t even dancing that brought the main income there. The girls were supposed to entertain customers on the road.

I wasn’t going to stay at this place for a long time, I just wanted to raise enough money to live on them while I was looking for a normal job. This case lasted almost four years. During this time, I really left the club, went to interviews, but I couldn’t hold out anywhere for a long time. Not only because I’m used to easy money, but the office paid an order of magnitude lower. I had clinical depression for a long time, I didn’t want to communicate with people, sometimes I just didn’t even have the strength to get out of bed.

Many of the girls can’t stand the load. They get drunk and get hooked on drugs, because it gives at least a short-term escape from reality. I didn’t want to get on this slippery slope, because I knew for sure that I would get hooked, and I had enough problems without that.

As I said, the usual job after such money was not for me. It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that you have to get up for work at six in the morning, stay in the office all day, without taking your eyes off the monitor, and get a penny for it. While for a week of work at the club, I received many times more than my monthly salary at a regular job.

I met one person to whom I owe everything I have. He got me out of there, helped me with money, thanks to him I now have my own business. It’s not like I’m awash in money. Still, those sums cannot be compared with anything, but at least now I am not ashamed to look into the eyes of others, and I move around the city not wearing dark glasses, but looking passers-by straight in the face and smiling proudly.

To my husband, if he ever will, I will never tell about what I was doing. I know that there are few people who can put up with such a past of their significant other. I hope that I will meet my love soon, because I really want my family and children. And I’m also trying to work on my self-esteem now, which was specifically shaken by my former job. I hope I will succeed.


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