Elderly man, grandfather

The wrong one was attacked

Ivan Mikhailovich, a major official from the city administration, was on the phone with his mother. Everything was noisy in the receiver, the man pressed it to his ear with all his might to distinguish the words.

– Yes, Mom, I can’t hear you very well. Everything is fine with us, the main thing is not to worry. Dad lives in the village now. How are you feeling, what do the doctors say? The main thing is not to lose heart and get well. I transferred the money to you. Masha left with her father, you know how much she loves him. Together they will cope with everything. I love you, bye.

Ivan Mikhailovich went to the table and took a frame with a family photo from the table, carefully brushed the dust off it and put it back in place. His gaze settled on the folder with the documents. The man straightened his tie and sighed. It was time to go to work.

Ivan Mikhailovich’s mother, Claudia Sergeevna, fell ill in May. Eighty-eight years old is a solid age, so sores started popping up in their old age. Ivan sent his mother to an expensive clinic in Israel for treatment.

Claudia’s husband, Igor Stepanovich became sad, he became bored in the city, so Ivan Mikhailovich sent him to rest in the village with his granddaughter.

The country house was equipped with everything necessary for living. There was a river nearby, you could go fishing. Ivan Mikhailovich was pleased. His father’s peers lived on the neighboring plots, so he won’t have to be bored.

I persuaded my granddaughter Masha to keep the old man company, and fresh air wouldn’t hurt her either. The girl turned seven years old, this year she will go to the first grade. Before studying, you need to have a good rest.

Masha was Ivan Mikhailovich’s favorite granddaughter from his youngest daughter Katya. The girl was delighted to learn that she would go to the dacha with her great-grandfather. She has long wanted to relax and enjoy her freedom. And in the country you can do anything, great-grandfather never forbids anything. You can lie on the couch, watch TV or run to the river, fish with the neighbor’s Vanka. Of the duties only to go to the grocery store. And great-grandfather always gives money for ice cream and sweets.
And the grandfather cooks, how…one delicious. And an omelet with sausage, and stew with potatoes. This is not oatmeal porridge, which is stuffed with rodaki in the morning.
There are also a lot of ready-made “vitamins” in the country, they grow right on the trees. That’s just to keep an eye on them, water them, weed the beds. And Masha, as a mother, loved to take care of plants. At home we have a lot of flowers on the windowsill. Masha waters them every day, corrects the leaves.

It has been more than a week since Igor Stepanovich (great-grandfather) and Masha live in the country. The weather this summer was wonderful. The sun was shining, the birds were singing. Masha sunbathes, runs swimming every day. And in the evening, he and his grandfather go to visit the Bogomolov neighbors. They sit on the veranda, play cards, lotto. Sometimes shish kebab is fried, and songs are sung. Stepan Bogomolov loved to play the guitar, and Masha sings along to him.

Igor Stepanovich loves to sleep on the veranda. He will pull out a chaise longue, lie down and doze all day. He has already become quite old, he always tends to sleep, and health problems have already gone. The great—grandfather of Machines believes that sleep is a medicine. You sleep more, you’ll get sick less.

There was no sign of trouble that day. Grandfather also settled down in a chaise longue and dozed off under the rays of the sun. Masha was playing in the house. None of them could have imagined that a suspicious company was heading to the house.

In the neighboring village lived three local hooligans, with strange nicknames (Bald, Goose and Mustache). They haunted the locals, often breaking into houses when the owners left for the city. They preferred rich dachas, they had something to profit from. So this time, the bratva heard rumors that an old grandfather and a little granddaughter live at the official’s dacha.

The hooligans were delighted, the house was not equipped with CCTV cameras and an alarm system, which means you can easily get into it and find a lot of valuable things. And even better, a safe with money. Goose was a master at cracking safes, for him it was like spitting.

The boys armed themselves with bats and knives and went to rob the cottage. The official’s fence was low, so the hooligans calmly overcame the obstacle and in a minute were already on the veranda. Grandfather was quietly dozing in a chaise longue and did not hear anything.

The punks crept up to the sleeper and began to slow him down.

– Hey, old bastard, tell me, where do you have your money hidden here? – the Bald Man rudely addressed his grandfather, slightly poking him with a bat.

The old man opened his eyes a little. In his sleep, he could not understand anything.

– And who are you? How did you end up here?
The hooligans exchanged glances.

– Grandfather, are you blind, can’t you see who’s in front of you? I’m telling you to drive the money in a good way.

The old man was smart and instantly saw through what was going on. He pretended to be blind.

– Oh guys, I don’t see anything. 10 years as a blind man.

The mustache grabbed the grandfather’s lounger and shook it together with him.

– Don’t be silly, get up and show us where the money is hidden. We’re not going to wait,” he shouted impatiently.

A look of bewilderment appeared on the old man’s face. He began to feel the walls, looking for a cane that his wife had given him. His hands and feet were shaking.

Somehow he managed to get up, his grandfather walked slowly, constantly bumping into all corners. His eyes were frozen, the pupils did not react to the light.

– Oh, look, he’s Bald, and grandfather must be really blind – the goose snapped his finger in front of the old man’s nose. Who else is in the house? Did you hear some little girl?

Grandfather smiled, nodded and shouted loudly:

– Hey, Masha, come out, come on. The doctors have come here, now they will give injections. Masha loves doctors with me, her mother works in the hospital,” the old man said.
The hooligans exchanged glances, and the mustache hissed at the grandfather.

– Hey, old man, don’t yell. Right now, I’ll hit you with a bat and you’ll lie down here with a broken head.

The grandfather turned to the voice and said:

– So you told me to call. They asked who else is at home. And I don’t like to lie.

The robbers pondered a little, and the Bald Man said:

– Guys, drag the girl here. And you keep in mind, old man, if there’s no money, you’re finished. We’re not going to babysit you. There’s nothing to lead us by the nose.

Then Igor Stepanovich realized that the situation was beginning to heat up. He shook all over and said in a trembling voice:

– Guys, honestly, I have no idea where the money can be. You see I’m completely blind, how can I know? Let me call my son, maybe he’ll tell me,” the old man said, wiping tears from his eyes. – please go to the kitchen, bring me the phone, dial my son.

The goose laughed.

– We’ll bring a mobile right now. Perhaps, dear, we’ll take it for ourselves.
Meanwhile, the Mustache and the Bald Man were searching for Masha, but there was no trace of her. The hooligans returned to the room with nothing.

– Damn, the girl is missing, she is nowhere, everyone has already been searched – wiping sweat from his forehead, said the Mustache.

– Oh, she probably ran to the store, I sent her for bread, – said Igor Stepanovich.

Then the Goose came back with the phone.

– Hey guys, look what a fierce phone. I thought the iPhone was the latest model, but they won’t even give 200 rubles for this one,” he said regretfully, twirling the mobile in his hand.

The old man took the phone, pressed one of the buttons (she automatically dialed her son’s number) and lowered the volume with barely audible movements.

– Hello, dear. Can you help me out? I urgently need fifty thousand rubles. No, it’s fine, don’t worry. Just a friend came, he had a problem, asks for a loan. Yeah, I get it, thanks son, be healthy.

Grandfather turned to the hooligans.

– It’s okay guys. I found out where the money is hidden. There is a three-liter jar in the shed, there is a lot of money in it.

The bandits were delighted and perked up. They grabbed their grandfather and ordered him to take them to the barn.

The old man didn’t even resist. The bandits grabbed him in their arms and dragged him to the barn. The plot was large, so they had to wander for a long time to find a shed that stood in the depths.

Mustache knocked out the flimsy door with his shoulder and went into the room. There were tools, boards, and various pieces of iron in the shed, but there were no cans of money in sight.

The bald man turned purple with anger, his hands were shaking. The guy grabbed a knife and put it to the old man’s throat.

– Oh, you nit, decided to deceive us? Come on, tell the truth, where’s the money or I’ll stab you right now,” he hissed.

Igor Stepanovich was very scared, but he didn’t show it.

– Yes, guys, it’s not just a barn. Look at the cellar door at the bottom, I’m storing pickles there for the winter. You open it, go down and find a jar with money there,” he said calmly.

Opening the trapdoor in the floor was not easy. Tools from the shed were used, but the lock was too strong. The bandits were tired and wiping their sweat, sat down on the floor.

– So grandfather, if in two minutes we don’t open this damned door, we’ll lock you here and set you on fire – the leader threatened.

– And I remembered. There is a key to the basement, but I have no idea where it is,” the grandfather said, fumbling in his pockets.- I dropped it somewhere, but how to look for it, I don’t see anything. Boys, can you walk around the site and find it? I will be grateful to you.

An hour passed. The bandits climbed around the site, turned everything upside down, but they could not find the key.
At this time, they tied the old man with ropes and threw him on the floor.

Igor Stepanovich knew that they would be back soon. With one hand, he was able to loosen the knot a little and pulled the key to the cellar out of his pocket. He quickly ran up, opened the lock and returned to his former place.

Soon voices were heard, it was the hooligans returning to the barn. Grandfather was seriously scared – “Probably really the end has come to me, they didn’t find the key.”

The bald man immediately jumped up to his grandfather and kicked him with his foot.

– Why do you take us for fools?? We’ve searched the whole damn precinct, there’s no key here,” he raged.

– Boys, I’m not lying to you. You try again, the lock is flimsy, maybe this time it will give in.
Unexpectedly, the lock opened the first time. The bandits jumped for joy and took turns climbing into the cellar. It was dark. The guys turned on their flashlights and began to shine around, looking for a jar. But there were a lot of cans in the cellar. They had to use bits, they smashed everything around in search of the right thing.

The bald man did not climb down, stood and danced on one leg with impatience.

– Old man, where’s the jar? You said in the cellar why my guys won’t find her in any way

– Son, the son said that it should be at the end of the cellar, in the farthest corner. Let your bulls look better. Really, why would I lie to you.

Two bandits rushed in the right direction, sweeping away everything in their path. Bald grandfather was no longer needed. Money was important to him.

Meanwhile, grandfather quietly freed his hands from the rope and approached the hatch. The leader did not have time to understand anything, only felt a push and a fall down. Once and the Bald One is already lying at the bottom of the cellar.

Grandfather abruptly slammed the hatch, closed the bolt. There was a heavy iron box in the shed. The old man slid it on the door just in case. He did all this very quickly, despite his age.

The bandits started yelling, banging the door and smashing the remaining glass jars. They couldn’t get out.

The hooligans swore with choice obscenities, cursed the grandfather and his family, but could do nothing.

Grandfather stood, listened to the threats, grinned and left the barn, having previously locked it with two bolts. An abandoned mobile phone was lying on the grass. Igor Stepanovich dialed the police number and outlined the situation in the radio station.

After that, I dialed my son’s number.

– Everything is fine, don’t worry, the problem is solved, the object is neutralized.

– Dad, I’m on my way to you. I beg you not to take any more risks. Grab Masha and go to the station, we’ll meet there. Don’t stay there – Ivan Mikhailovich shouted excitedly into the phone.

– All right, Vanya, just don’t worry. The scumbags are well locked up, they won’t get out.

Grandfather threw off the phone conversation and went to the house to look for the hidden Masha.

The girl loved to play hide-and-seek, and the old man knew all the places where she could hide. He immediately started climbing the stairs to the attic. Climbing up, Igor

Stepanovich sneezed from the dust and immediately went to a large chest standing at the end of the attic. Gently knocked on the lid. The door opened a crack and a cunning Machine face looked out.

– Well, Masha, get out, you’ve inhaled a lot of dust. Go to the grocery store and buy ice cream at the same time. By the way, the doctors have already left, you don’t have to be afraid of injections.

– And what kind of ice cream is possible? Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry? – the girl perked up.

– And what you want. Just go to a distant store, there is more choice there. Which is closer to the market, at the same time take a walk.

Masha jumped out of the trunk and flew like a bullet to get ready. Her grandfather used to forbid her to go too far from home, there was a road there. The girl could finally feel like an adult.

The old man specially sent Masha for a long time so that the girl would not be afraid of the arrival of a police patrol. And indeed, just as she left, the sound of sirens was heard in the distance. Grandfather went to meet the police.
After he gave the necessary testimony, the guards went to the cellar to catch criminals. At this time, Grandfather was sitting proudly on a chaise longue, smoking a cigar with pleasure. The scolding of the captured bandits could be heard from afar.

Passing by the old man, the Bald Man spat and said:

– Well, Grandfather, I’ll get you again, I’ll tear you to shreds.

Igor Stepanovich silently got up from the chaise longue, threw a bull under the leader’s feet and said:

— Are you telling me this puppy? I remember the times when I went to Berlin. People like you were dealt with right away. So shut your mouth.

The old man straightened up and glared at the Bald Man. He suddenly wilted and looked away. For some reason, he felt scared, as if he felt like a defenseless kid.

Passing by Masha, who was standing with ice cream, the Bald Man suddenly smiled at the girl and said:

– And your grandfather is well done, he’s still a hero, not everyone could at his age.

Meanwhile, a commotion began in the country house. Ivan and his wife arrived, the district administration. There was a lot of noise and confusion around.
And only Igor Stepanovich and Masha were sitting proudly on the terrace, eating delicious chocolate ice cream bought by the girl.

The bandits got a big one. The court took into account armed robbery and threats. They were given a rather long term. Well, how else?

The judge lived next door to the victims’ dacha, she had two grandchildren staying with her. What if the bandits had descended on her too? Naturally, the woman took into account all the moments and passed a harsh sentence.

The old man went to all the meetings and clearly answered the questions asked. Ivan Mikhailovich asked not to tell his mother about the “summer adventures”. The woman, so, is sick, why bother her once again.

By the way, grandfather refused to leave the dacha, and Masha stayed with him. Who else will take care of Grandpa and buy delicious ice cream?


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