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She gathered her children and went out of my house

Some people swear at me here because I don’t find a common language with my husband’s parents and with my own mother, too. But for some reason no one can understand that the problem is not always in the children, it is in the attitude of parents to their children. My mom and I have always had a bad relationship, she thinks that I ruined her life. The husband has a bad relationship, because they love their eldest daughter more and do not hide it.

Well, the story is not about me. I have a childhood friend, we always talked very closely with her and her mother always seemed perfect to me. She never insulted her, supported her in everything, even when she and her two children were left alone.

And then her mom’s unfounded claims began recently. Everything started spinning because she wanted to help her middle daughter with money (a younger friend) and offered to buy her house for her mother’s capital. Everything seems to be fine, she agrees with all hands, but the problem is that there is not everything in order with the documents. We tried to explain to her that first we need to prepare everything so that the pensioner will miss, but she does not hear us in any way. Yells at her that she just clamped the mat.capital does not want to help her sister.

Further worse, the other day I came and threw her out of the house with the words — I quickly gathered my children and went out of my house. She’s in shock, tried to talk, explain everything again, said she didn’t mind buying the house, but all in vain. I packed up my things and left with my daughters, the good was where. The house was empty with friends. And so what to do? Her salary is from 15 to 20 in the hospital, she won’t be able to eat. And mom doesn’t care, she doesn’t answer the phone, she refuses to talk when she came to her, and the other day they saw an ad on the Internet that the house is for sale (she threw out the ad herself), while the documents are not ready.

The most insulting thing was that a friend had her own corner, but her mother persuaded her to sell her guest house and make repairs in her parents’ house and promised to unsubscribe her house for this, and now there is no guest house or house. Although her mother provided the two older ones with housing just like that.

And how can I communicate well with my parents after that? If they don’t hear and understand their children. Such an unpleasant situation has occurred, one disappointment in the older generation.


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