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My husband had a heart attack because I caught him with his mistress

My husband and I go to the sea every year in the fall. This year, despite the fact that prices for tours have increased and certificates for covid need to be done, I told my husband:

– We still have to go, not to break our family traditions because of some kind of pandemic.

My husband appreciated my humor, but refused to go. He said that he has an interesting project at work right now, which should bring a lot of money in the future. And, since it is unknown what will happen there with this pandemic in winter, the husband wants to work intensively now, while there is an opportunity.

– Well, you don’t want to go to the sea, as you want, – I said and bought a tour to my favorite Turkey.

I had a wonderful vacation, but somehow it turned out that I told my husband the wrong date of my return. Maybe I didn’t say it at all, it’s just that we usually went on vacation with him for two weeks, and this time I took a trip for only ten days, so my husband counted it wrong.

My phone ran out on the way back, and I didn’t call my husband at the airport to meet me. I called a taxi, drove myself.

I walk into the apartment and don’t understand what’s going on here. The music is playing almost at full volume, and voices can be heard from our bedroom. I quietly went to the bedroom, looked in the door, and there, on our bed, my absolutely naked husband is kissing a completely naked woman I don’t know.

– What are you doing?! What have you done?! I shouted, drowning out the screaming column with my hysterical scream.

The husband jumped up on the bed and blinked, and the woman immediately began to quickly look for her clothes and get dressed, apparently not for the first time this lady is in such a situation. Without thinking at all, I grabbed the first object that came to hand from the table and threw it at my husband. The subject turned out to be a book, it was quite heavy, besides it somehow flew sideways and at an angle and hit her husband right in the head.

This woman was already in the area of the front door, opened the lock and almost left the apartment. The book fell to the floor, hitting my husband on the head, and, to my horror, the husband, turning pale, also fell to the floor near the bed. I ran up to him, he was really unconscious. Then I called an ambulance.

The ambulance arrived, pumped out her husband, but, having stated his pre-infarction condition, took him to the hospital.


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