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A child as a gift

Anya did not like to celebrate her birthday and today, when she turned 28, she still decided to celebrate it at work.

Difficult teenage life, poverty did not go away from memories, and parents who were drunk all the time, for them the birthday of their daughter was always another reason to get drunk.

Anya was looking at her reflection in the mirror. She was not a pretty girl, and in the reflection she saw herself of short stature with the most ordinary appearance and a sad smile.

– I want to congratulate you! – Anya said to herself, – I wish you to stop living alone, and become such that the whole world looks at me in a special way.

After some time, she decided to go to work, went outside, but when she turned the corner, she ran into a tearful boy of about four years old.

– Hello, why are you crying? Anya asked, sitting down next to him.

– My grandmother is there… she is… – the child started crying again, and Anya took him in her arms and went with him to where he directed her.

In an untidy, unkempt apartment, an elderly woman was lying on the floor.

Anya immediately took the phone and called an ambulance, leaned over to the woman – she was still conscious, but breathing heavily.

– The ambulance is on its way, don’t worry, you will definitely get better, I’m sure, – she said, addressing the elderly woman, Anya took the boy in her arms and hugged him tightly. – Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Listen, but we don’t know you: I’m Aunt Anya, and your name?

– I’m Sasha.

– Well, all right, Sashenka, a doctor will come now, he will examine your grandmother, and try to cure her, and in the meantime we will go with you, talk to the neighbors.

Anya went out and rang the bell next door:

– Good afternoon, can I ask you to call your precinct officer? – she said when she was opened by a statuesque woman of slim build. – The woman from the apartment opposite became ill, I called an ambulance.

– Grandma Lida? Wow! It is necessary to call Dmitry Arkadyevich.

The district police officer arrived a little later than the ambulance, the doctors were already going to take the woman away, and Dmitry turned to Anna and asked:

– Anya, will you be able to take the child to yourself while his grandmother is in the hospital? I’ll come by your place later in the evening and we’ll discuss everything. Please…

– Okay, but I have to go to work.… I’m already late, I don’t want to get a reprimand from my superiors…

– I will inform your director that you will not be able to attend work for a while. Please help me out.

Anya, confused, came home with Sasha, fed him a delicious lunch, bathed him. The tired child began to fall asleep, and Anya quickly put him to bed. Sasha fell asleep very quickly, she sat and looked at him, for her today was not that unusual, so to speak ended with an unexpected turn of events.

While the child was sleeping, she washed and ironed his things, then cooked a delicious dinner and waited for him to wake up.

The doorbell rang, Anya was a little scared, she went to open the doors, and saw a precinct officer, Dmitry Arkadievich, on the threshold of her house, he came with flowers and a cake, and at the same time brought things for Sasha.

– Anya, I’m sorry that today didn’t start well for you, – the district police officer began, – I brought some things for Sasha and documents, but first let me congratulate you on your birthday, – and presented a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a cake.

Anya was a little shy, but she was very pleased, she accepted the gift and invited Dmitry into the house. They checked how Sasha was, he was still asleep, Anya decided that while the child was sleeping, she could have tea and invited him into the kitchen.

– I have prepared something to eat, maybe you are hungry?

– Oh, not Anya, don’t worry about it, I’m happy to eat something bv, I’m very hungry! They had dinner together, talked about different topics, as if they had known each other all their lives.

– And how did you know that it’s my birthday today?

– I found out somewhere. I should have known who I entrusted the little child to. By the way, your boss praised you, says that you love your job, are responsible and take your responsibilities seriously.

– Really? And I thought he didn’t even suspect that I was working for him,” laughed Anya.– Listen, well, what are we going to do with Sasha?

– Everything is very complicated there. We believe that Sasha’s grandmother is not his own, most likely, she may be a nanny. Every month a man came to her, brought food and money. But we can’t find out who he is, and the neighbors don’t know. Besides, I’ve only recently started working. I have been working on this site for only 3 weeks. I don’t know everyone. But I will definitely find out everything, I give you my word.

Then Sasha woke up, and the three of them had a wonderful evening. From that moment on, Dima began to visit Anya more often. She was sincerely glad when he came to visit her, and spent time with her and Sasha.

They spent every evening together, walked, and you would think that a real family.

They visited Sasha’s grandmother, but her health did not get better, she stopped recognizing Sasha, and a few months later the woman died.

And then Anya began to worry:

– Dima, it turns out that Sasha will be taken away from me forever? But I don’t want to, I’m so used to him, I can’t do without him, I love him very much, and he loved me.

– Anya darling, don’t worry, we will definitely find a way out. I promise, everything will get better!

– Promise?

– yes. I want to marry you and adopt Sasha. He will be our son. Will you marry me?

– Dima, oh, my God, – Anya was surprised, smiling, – do you want me to become your wife?

– Yes. I fell in love with you at first sight, I wanted to confess my feelings for a long time, but I couldn’t say right away, I was afraid of being rejected.

– Dimochka, darling, I will be the best wife, I love you too!

That evening, Dima did not go to his home and decided to stay the night with Anya, and for the first time in her life she woke up next to someone who loves her, appreciates and really takes care of her. Dima was asleep, and she looked at him and could not believe that she had finally found her happiness. Of course, she had fallen in love before, and there was even one guy with whom, alas, she did not meet for long, but to wake up like this in the arms of a man who loves her, this has never happened to her.

Anya was so, so happy that she didn’t even believe that maybe it was just a dream that would pass quickly, and she would quickly forget it… She quietly got out of bed, went into Sasha’s room, looked at how he was sleeping sweetly, and went to the kitchen to cook breakfast.

After a while, someone rang the doorbell. Anya opened the door and saw a young girl who was looking at her with condemnation:

“So this is what you look like,” she said without even saying hello, “well, everything is clear. I’ll wait a long time, call Dima!?

– Excuse me, who are you?

– I’m Katya, his fiancee. Anya was in shock, she could not understand what was going on, did everything that she considered her happiness at the moment collapse. And then Dima suddenly came out:

– Why did you come here?

– For you. I don’t want to live without you, finally understand. My father agreed to our wedding.

– We discussed everything with you, and decided. I don’t want to be with you!

– No, we haven’t decided. I’ll be waiting in the car, come down.

Katya left, and Dima sat down next to Anya:

– Anya, honey, I’ll explain everything now. Listen to me! We dated Katya for three years, and her parents were against us being together. We hid from everyone for a long time, and eventually we got tired of it. Her parents found another man for her, and I moved away, and here I met you. You are completely different – you are very kind and responsive, you are not like her, and I love you, I really sincerely love you Anya! Do you hear me? I am happy with you, my dear! Do you understand? Anya abruptly stood up, turned her back to him, and only said:

– Go away, please. The bride is waiting for you. Go away and don’t come back…

Only Sasha helped Anya to get out of severe depression. The whole day she was next to him, they walked in the park, took him to the zoo, but at night, when the child fell asleep, she could not restrain herself and burst into tears, clinging to the pillow on which Dima was sleeping.

A few weeks later, Anya was sitting on a bench in front of the yard, watching Sasha walking on the playground, and suddenly a tall, handsome man of 35 years old approaches her.

– Excuse me, I understand that you probably know everyone here, can you tell me where I can find Maximova Anna?

– It’s me, – Anya said in surprise, looking at the man with a steady gaze, – and who are you, excuse me, and why do you need me?

– I, – the man was a little confused, – Igor Vasilyevich Egorov, Sasha’s dad

Anya slowly got up from the bench, but she could not resist, and sat down again.

– How is it, are you Sasha’s father?

– I will explain everything in detail, but can I go to my son first. Please,… Don’t worry, I have documents with me, and a birth certificate. When I left, I left Sasha with the nanny, and took the document with me.

Anya, confused, called Sasha and her father, could not restrain himself, and hugged him, began to kiss him. And then he handed Sasha a bag of toys:

“This is for you, my boy.

– Thank you!!! – overjoyed, Sasha ran to his friends to show gifts, and Anya sat there and could not understand anything.

– Anya, – Igor approached her, – I do not know how to thank you for my son. You see, when I met his mom, I was married. I’m not from a rich family myself, but my wife was from a wealthy family. And our marriage was consensual. But all the decisions were made not by us, but by her parents. But whatever it was, we lived long enough, seven years together. That’s just Alena couldn’t get pregnant. Or maybe she didn’t want to. She, always loved only herself, was a spoiled girl. And I wanted a son. All my friends and business partners raised children, told me how they have fun with children, where they go to rest, where they have been.

And then one day I met a pretty waitress in a cafe. I liked her very much, and I began to take care of her. Imagine my joy when I told her that she was pregnant with my child.

My wife and I have been married for seven years and nothing worked out for us, and then just like that. After a couple of meetings, I found out that I was having a baby. It was both happiness and horror at the same time.

– Why horror? Anya asked.

– You don’t know how the business world works, everything is connected to each other there, and the slightest superfluous information can affect the reputation and spoil a person, everything he has been striving for for so long. Of course, many people meet with mistresses, some have families, and maybe children who were born out of wedlock, but this is strenuously hidden from prying eyes and ears.

Otherwise, it’s the end of your career. Trust will be lost, partners will stop cooperating, transactions will be canceled, because no one will want to work with such a person. I was afraid of that, too. Therefore, I asked Sveta to go to another city, where she gave birth to a son, Sasha. But after giving birth, Sveta died, the true cause of death was not named.

Alas, she had no parents, and close relatives, she was an orphan, no one began to look for her. I was the only one around. In the birth certificate, I recorded myself as Sasha’s father. And then I took my son to my old nanny. I helped financially, brought food so that they didn’t need anything, a couple of months ago I divorced my wife, and now I can take my son with me.

– What about your job? Business partners?

– I’m going to another country forever. I will live abroad, especially since all my assets have already been transferred to my account. I came for my son, I want to take him with me. And now tell me, Anya, what can I do to thank you for what you have done for us?

– I don’t need anything, Igor. Make your son happy…

– Anya, Anya, please don’t cry. Do you know, I had a wonderful thought: after all, no one is keeping you here? Come with us, Anya. I will show you the world, make you happy, I will do everything that you would not need anything.

– I do not know, this is quite unexpected news.

– Anya, please agree.

She gave her consent.

Seven days have passed. Sasha lives with her father, and Anya spends time with them quite often. Igor turned out to be a very good person, a caring father for his son, and Anya stopped doubting whether she had done the right thing.

On the day of departure, I put things in order in the apartment, checked everything, she was a little nervous and sat down on a chair, waiting for Igor and Sasha, who should soon pick her up. She saw through the window that a car had pulled up, went to the door and suddenly collided with Dima.

– What are you doing here?

– Anya, I feel bad without you, I want to be with you…

– I’m leaving, I’m sorry…

– How? How long will you be gone?

– I’m leaving forever. Sasha’s father has turned up, and we are flying abroad together. I’m sorry, but I have to leave, I don’t want to be late for my flight. Good luck, Dima! Goodbye.

– Anya…

– All the best to you…

Anya, having said goodbye, left, and Dima stood and looked after her. And then, he rushed after her, wanting to catch up with her and stop her. He got into the car and drove after her, driving so fast to the airport so as not to be late. But he didn’t have time.

The plane flew away. Dima stood there and realized that he would never be able to get her back.

– Anya, I love you … – he said.

– Turn around Dima, I’m here…

He turned around and saw Anya, who was smiling, looking at him with loving eyes:

– I love you too, Dima! I only want to be with you…


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