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Why do I have to cook my husband’s food?

My problem is somewhat atypical for a woman. I just hate cooking. There is nothing worse for me than this. I realized a long time ago that this is not mine, and I still adhere to this attitude.

I am almost thirty years old, I have lived in Moscow all my life since birth. A couple of years ago, my beloved finally proposed to me, and apart from the cooking problem, I am completely happy.

My husband turned out to be an understanding person, he gives me care, he taught me many things. And everything would be fine if this damned question with cooking didn’t constantly arise. My faithful sincerely believes that any woman should simply have a love for this process.

I must say right away, he does not starve, it’s just extremely important for him that his wife cooks something for him, for him this is an undoubted attribute of family life and home. And he just refuses to accept that I don’t like this business. He perceives it as something personal, akin to some kind of disrespect.

The most interesting thing is that I can cook, thanks to my beloved grandmother and mother, who at one time spent a lot of time to try to cultivate in me a love for the cooking process. I don’t just know how to cook basic dishes, I do it pretty well. But since my youth, I discovered that no matter how hard you try, I will never wake up to this love.

All the time that my husband and I have known each other, I honestly tried to make the process go, I tried to educate myself. It is very important for me to be able to please my man not only in terms of intimacy and attention, but also in terms of care. After all, when you cook food for your beloved husband, this is a manifestation of the maximum care that a woman is capable of.

At first I tried so hard that he didn’t even suspect anything. And when the truth came out, he didn’t even try to understand me. Or rather, maybe deep down he was thinking about it, but it turned out to be beyond his strength. I try occasionally to cook at least something with my own hands, but in most cases I get by with food delivery services. And the husband does not think that this is right. And it’s clearly not about money, our finances allow us to eat the way we both want it.

But the kitchen has now and forever become exactly the place where I just don’t want to be, I can’t stand all this newfangled technology that he gives me to arouse interest in this occupation. My friends don’t understand me, especially considering that they don’t have all the gadgets that my husband gave me to make my life easier.

I am quite hardworking, I have a favorite job, which I give myself to the fullest. And only my mother-in-law understands me. Not even my mom, but my husband’s mom. I found understanding from an unexpected side. She supports me morally, but you won’t get support from her son.

I tried to act on his opinion from my mother-in-law, because after me she is the only person to whom he listens. But it turned out to be useless. And I do not know how else to convince him to change his mind to another, more loyal side.


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