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Do you want a beer?

In October, I went on vacation to Adler. There I met two guys – Sasha and Maxim. They lived in a sanatorium in the same room. It so happened that they, each in their own way, told me about the first night spent here.

First I listened to Sasha’s story.

– I woke up because Max was shaking me by the shoulders and asking, “Do you want a beer?”

I say: – What kind of beer at one o’clock in the morning? I’m tired, I want to sleep.

Just fell asleep, Max shakes me again and asks: – Do you want a beer?

I say: – No, I don’t want to!

And so five times in a row! I decided that the guy definitely had something wrong with his head. I was afraid that I would fall asleep, and he would strangle me in my sleep. I couldn’t sleep from fear, I was worried that I would have to live in the same room with a madman.

And the next day Maxim told me about the same night.

Says: – Sasha lay down and snored so much that the walls shook. And it’s inconvenient for me to wake him up. I think, okay, I’ll go to the convenience store for a beer – while I’m drinking, he’ll stop snoring. I’m coming back. One o’clock in the morning, and Sasha snores even harder. I want to sleep, I woke him up, I ask: – Do you want a beer?

He was indignant that I woke him up and said he didn’t want a beer. While the room is quiet, I quickly lay down. But Sasha snored again after 5 minutes.

I went up to him again, woke him up, and asked: – Do you want a beer?

He says: – No!

So I woke him up five times, because every time he fell asleep and immediately started snoring. And then I woke up and didn’t sleep for a long time, so I finally fell asleep normally in silence.


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