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My wife did not appreciate my forgiveness and continued to correspond with her lover

I have already caught my faithful several times that she is corresponding with another.

A little about myself. I’ve been married for several years. Everything seemed to be fine with us. We live in our own apartment, there is a car. We both work, we have enough money. I recently got a good position where my salary has become even higher. Every year we go on vacation, and wherever my wife wants.

We met her quite corny. I called on the phone, and got to her. We talked for several hours and realized that we had been looking for each other all our lives. We met for a very short time, then got married. A year later, we had a wonderful daughter, whom I love very much.

My wife and I agreed that I would bring money to the family. No, you don’t think that I forbade her to work. I just always wanted the house to smell of bread, it was clean and cozy. My wife’s job allows her to spend time at home, only occasionally visiting the office.

So we continued until it was time to send my daughter to kindergarten. Now my wife has become more free, she spent a lot of time on social networks, communicating with friends. I didn’t mind because I always trusted her.

She told me that she corresponded with classmates and friends at the institute. I’m not in the habit of checking her correspondence. Everything was like that until a certain day.
Until that fateful day, I believed her so much. Besides, I haven’t said yet, when we met, she had a son whom I fell in love with. I did not separate my son and daughter at all, treated them equally. I always treated my wife well, too, and carried her in my arms. And in return I received such meanness.

Once I caught her completely by accident. She was sitting in an armchair, buried in the phone, and was writing something. I quietly came up behind her and wanted to cover her eyes with my palms and make a surprise. She was so engrossed that she didn’t hear my footsteps. When I approached, I saw the correspondence of my wife and another man. She had no choice but to confess.

She was begging for forgiveness, just begging. She said she had nothing serious. That she was just texting and had never met him in her life. I loved her very much and believed her. However, not immediately. I went to live with my friend for a few days to weigh everything and think. Then I decided to forgive her for the sake of the children.

Everything went just fine for a whole year. She was so gentle and attentive that I began to forget this case. The New Year holiday has come, which we celebrated together with friends. And then I overheard a conversation between her and a friend, who just killed me. A friend asked my wife about the man, whether she continues to communicate with him. To which my wife replied that yes. Just to avoid problems, he only texts when I’m not at home.
When I heard that, the ground went out from under my feet. I left home and I don’t want to see her anymore. I really miss the children, so I come to see my mother-in-law at home. She’s a very good person. I recently found out who my wife’s lover is. It turned out to be a colleague from my wife’s work.

I found his wife’s phone number and called. She told me that she was not surprised at anything, because he had a lot of mistresses. I decided to tell all this to my wife. I came to her and told her everything. At first she tried to object, and then the tears and hysteria started again. But I didn’t fall for it anymore. I can’t believe her anymore. My heart is on fire, I miss the children very much.

But I can’t live in such a lie. How can I believe a woman who a few months ago begged for forgiveness, and she continued to communicate with another. I lost my peace, became nervous and irritable, I hardly sleep.

I’m going to file for divorce. I will communicate with the children, but I don’t want to see her anymore and I can’t. Can someone tell me how to continue living?


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