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I bet on a girl that I would sleep with her, but I fell in love

Andrey was 8 when his father decided to leave their family. Before leaving, he decided to say goodbye in person.

– Son, you’re already big and grown up. Mom and I are too different. I found another person with whom I feel good.

– Now you’re not going to live with us? little Andrey asked perplexedly.

– I won’t. But you can talk to me on the phone. I’ll visit you sometimes.

– Dad. – the boy whimpered, ran up to his father and buried his nose in his knees.

This was the last time Andrey saw his father. Soon he moved to another city. Sometimes he called and sent money. But he never came back. Many years have passed. Andrey has grown up.

– If Dad saw you now, he probably wouldn’t recognize you. – his mother told him.

– I wouldn’t want him to see me. He has someone to look at. the young man quipped.

At that time, he was already 28. He didn’t have a serious relationship. But there was a favorite job and sports. He got so carried away with the latter that he practically lived by it.

– I’m completely crazy with this sport of yours. You’d be busy with your personal life. Otherwise I’ll die and I won’t wait for my grandchildren. – his mother told him.

– Mom, how long can I talk? I don’t want to ruin anyone’s life. I don’t intend to get married. And who will tolerate a husband who disappears in the gym in the evenings? – Andrey interrupted the conversation, packed a gym bag and went to the gym with quick steps.

When he came to the fitness club, he saw his friends sitting on the couch. They were enthusiastically looking at something on the phone.

– What are you looking at there? Andrey asked and threw the bag on the sofa.

– Yes, we admire the grace of our new yoga instructor. Look what he’s doing.

– New girl? Let me take a look. – Andrey stared intently at the phone screen, – Cute.

– Are you kidding? The figurine is just a song. Plastic. Gait. In short, sexy, girl. – one of the jocks gave out.

– Well, hook up with her. What’s stopping you? – Andrey said and was about to leave, but stopped.

The new instructor everyone was talking about passed by.

– Have you seen it? Oh, what. Proud. She didn’t even look at us.

– Like such an unapproachable whole.

– People! And let’s bet. – said one of the athletes, – An annual subscription and a supply of sports nutrition to the one who first seduces this chick.

– Come on. Andryukha, do you feel it?

– I don’t want to. It’s a stupid argument.

“He’s just afraid he’s going to lose. This chick will be mine. One of the men said, and like Tarzan let out a long wail.

– Am I? Afraid? No. It’s just stupid.

– Well, as you know. Who’s with me? the same big man asked.

Andrey turned around once more, grinned and went into the locker room. In the hall he met his coach Igor Viktorovich.

– Great! Andriukha, the competition is coming soon. I wanted to propose your candidacy. But you won’t have time to prepare.

– What do you mean? Igor Viktorovich, I’m in great shape.

– yes. But you’re pumped. Watch the performances of other athletes. You can hardly even walk. You don’t have enough plastic surgery. All your movements are like a robot. You just need to work on your flexibility. He patted him on the shoulder.

– I’m far from that at all. The barbell is my everything. Well, I’m stretching a little. How do I develop flexibility? I don’t know how.

– A wonderful yoga instructor Milana has appeared in our club. Let me introduce you. Very nice and sensible. Don’t be afraid, no one will make a gymnast out of you. – the coach winked at him and made a gesture to the new instructor to come over.

– Milana, this is Andrey. One of the athletes I told you about.

– Very nice.

Milana looked at Andrey and smiled.

– I would like you to work with him and a few other guys. Teach them smooth movements. Make them a little plastic. They are good guys, but they look a little angular against the background of others.

– Yes, of course, Igor Viktorovich. I’ll help you in any way I can. And now, excuse me, I have a class. Milana said and walked lightly into the hall.

Andrey and his coach froze in amazement.

– What a woman.

– Igor Viktorovich, and you are there too. – Andrey sighed sadly.

– I don’t understand.

Andrey just waved his hand at this and went to his favorite simulators. At the end of the training, he changed his clothes and headed for the exit.

– Let me give you a ride. It’s already too late. – said one of Andrey’s acquaintances, addressing Milana standing on the street.

– no. Get in my car. – said the other.

– Guys, thanks, of course. But I’ll get there without you. – the yoga instructor told six obsessive men.

At this time, a car drove up to the fitness club. The head of a handsome young man was looking out of the open window. He got out of the car, kissed Milan on the cheek and helped her into the car.

– E. Well, I don’t play like that. Who was it? the big man said.

– Probably a husband or boyfriend. – suggested the second.

– And now how to win an argument if she is already busy? a third asked.

– No woman has ever been able to refuse me. – said the fourth.

– Well, we’ll see about that. – the big man was indignant.

Having become an unwitting witness to this whole picture, Andrey only smiled silently. Already at home, Andrey turned on the computer and began to search for Milan on social networks. Finding her page, he squealed enthusiastically: – She’s 35, hmm. Looks great. Very flexible and feminine. I wonder who was the man she left with?! – he thought and lay down on the sofa.

– Hello, son. – interrupted his thoughts, his father entered the room. Andrey even jumped up from the sofa.

– What are you doing here?

– Andrew, cool down. My father came to visit. Everything didn’t work out for him there. And he decided to come back. Mom said.

After the divorce, she never got married. Still waiting for him. So I waited.

– Come out of my room. – Andrey boiled up. – Get out of here.

– How dare you? – my father began to lose his temper, but his mother’s loving hand stopped him.

– Don’t push him. He’ll get used to it. Forgive. He’ll understand everything. I’ve forgiven you. Let’s go. Let’s leave him alone.

Andrey fell back on the sofa, closed his eyes and almost immediately fell asleep. The next evening he went to the gym again after work.

– Andriukha, come to the aerobic hall, they are already waiting for you. – said the coach and rubbed his sweaty palms.

– I don’t understand. Well, okay.

Andrey entered the hall. Six of his acquaintances were already sitting on the mats. All of them were grimacing, as they had to sit in an unusual position.

– Andrey, come in. Try not to be late next time. We’ve already started without you. Milana said and pointed to the rug spread out on the floor.

– Andriukha is a notable super-yogi. – said the big man and everyone laughed.

– I would ask you to behave less noisily, – Milana made a remark to them, – Yoga needs silence. Is it possible to relax and tune in when you make so much noise?!

Andrey did not answer this remark, but only shook his fist at the big man.

The lesson began. Milana gracefully performed various exercises. She often stopped and approached the men, adjusting their arms and legs, putting them in the right position.

– Oh, oh. – shouted the big man.

– I can’t spin like that. I’m going to fall now – When will there be a snoring man’s pose? I’m tired.

And again there was collective laughter. It became even funnier when the big guy swayed on one leg and fell to the floor. Milana immediately ran up to him.

– Nikolai, are you all right? The big man stretched out his arms to her and stretched out his lips, preparing for a kiss.

– I urgently need artificial respiration.

– Well, what kind of circus have you arranged here? Nikolai, I ask you to leave the hall. Come and learn how to behave. With these words, Milana pointed to the door for him.

The rest of the athletes stood up, bursting into laughter.

– Stop it, – Milana was indignant, – Nikolai and everyone who is having too much fun here, I ask you to leave the hall.

Nikolai went out offended. Two more smiling athletes followed him.

– Well, sir. Now we can continue our practice. Milana said, looking at everyone with a wandering gaze.

– Strict. – thought Andrey, – But fair.

At the end of the practice, Andrey decided to stay late. He asked Milan to stay and show him some simple moves. She happily agreed.

– You contact and ask if something is not clear to you. Milana said and began to pack her bag.

– Yes, of course. Thank you.

Andrey came out of the locker room and again saw Milan at the exit surrounded by familiar athletes. The big guy Nikolai was standing closest to her. He literally showered her with red roses. It turned out that in this way he was asking for forgiveness for the disrupted lesson. Touched to the depths of her soul, the woman stood silently fiddling with flowers in her hands and looking confusedly at her suitors.

– I wonder if Nikolai will be able to get her into the car?! – Andrey thought and decided to stay to take a good look at everything.

But it turned out to be much simpler. Milana again refused to help, and when they got into their cars disappointed and left, she quietly wandered down the street alone. Andrey followed her.

– Have you turned everyone down and are you going home alone? – he asked and smiled.

– Rude, but yes. Milana continued to walk, and Andrei rode quietly next to her.

– Why didn’t your boyfriend or husband arrive today?

– Are you talking about Valera? No. He’s not my husband. It’s a brother. He was at some party today and forgot to pick me up.Transport no longer drives. Just a taxi. Yes, in principle, I’m not far from here. I’ll take a walk.

– Maybe I’ll give you a ride after all?

– Nope. – Milana smiled, – But if you’re going to ride next to me like this, I don’t mind.

That’s how they got home. The instructor thanked Andrey for the pleasant company, said goodbye to him and disappeared around the corner of a tall house. Andrey waited a few more minutes and drove home. His father was waiting for him there again.

– I need to talk to you. – he began.

But Andrey made a gesture with his hand and retired to his room. The next evening Andrey came to the gym, where the rest of the athletes were already sitting. Milan wasn’t there yet.

– Guys, let’s take a look at what’s in her drawer. – said the big guy Nikolai and began to take out candles and incense from it.

He found a red lipstick and used it to draw a dot on his forehead. Then, he pulled out a beautiful blanket with an image of an elephant and put it on his head.

– I am a mean and strict yoga instructor in Milan. Nice to meet you. – he said, making a face.

Nikolai was standing with his back to the door and did not see Milana enter the hall. When the laughter rang out, he turned around.

– The harmful and strict instructor Milan asks you to leave the hall. Good luck.

At the same moment, Nikolai turned to her, took off the veil and wrapped her in his strong embrace.

– Stop breaking down, baby, I know you have a crush on me.

Milana tried to free herself, but she couldn’t do anything. Andrey decided to help her and forcibly released the big man’s hands. The instructor broke away and poured a glass of water in her hand into the face of an impudent man.

– Well, it doesn’t go through any gates at all. – Nikolai said resentfully, wiped his wet face and added, – People, we’re leaving.

And all the athletes, as if on command, got up and left the hall after Nikolai. At parting, he shook his fist at Andrey and promised him to remember his behavior.

– Are you okay?

Milana and Andrey were left alone.

– yes. Thank you.

– Take my water. I have an extra bottle of water. Andrey said and handed it to Milana.

Milana took the water and smiled sweetly. At the end of the lesson, Valera came for her and took her home. Andrey looked after them for a long time. The next day he went to yoga with pleasure. This time everything went without incident. Immediately after the lesson, Andrey literally ran to the car in the hope that he would be able to give Milan a ride home.

But instead, he saw this picture: a big guy and two other big men grabbed the instructor and dragged her into the car by force.

– But what are you doing? – Andrey ran up to them, – Let her go immediately.

The big man and two other men gritted their teeth in anger, but obediently let the instructor go.

– What is going on? Do I need to go with security? Milana was angry.

“Can I be your bodyguard for a while?” Andrey asked and smiled.

– You’re just like a superhero. Always on the side of the needy. Milana laughed.

– Thank you.

– Is your brother late again today?

– Yes, I wanted to go somewhere else, and he decided to leave me alone today.

“Then I can walk you out if you want, of course. In response to this suggestion, Milana nodded.

– Just let’s take a walk, otherwise my head is spinning from all this.

Milana took Andrey under his powerful muscular arm, and they walked down the street. As it turned out, Milana is a great conversationalist. She traveled a lot, spoke three languages and sang well.

– Well, here we are. – Milana stopped at a high-rise building, around the corner of which she snuck last time, – Thank you for another rescue, for a pleasant evening. – with these words, she looked attentively at Andrey, and they kissed.

Andrey spent the next week caring for Milan. He spent time with this fragile woman who turned his head. And I felt like the happiest person on the planet. Once she even stayed the night with him. That evening they arrived at the club together and went to different halls. All these were watched from the side by Nikolai. When the lovers left the club, they were met by a crowd of athletes led by a big guy.

– Did you fool our touchy instructor? “What is it?” he asked.

– What is he talking about? Milana asked in bewilderment.

– Here, the annual subscription and the card for the purchase of sports nutrition are yours. You won the bet. And then the big guy in colors told about the dispute and the win.

And when Milana slapped Andrey and left, he added new details to the story. As it turned out, the instructor was the daughter of a famous tycoon, because of whom his second wife left Andrey’s father at one time.

– So it was all my father’s idea? – Andrey grabbed his head, – Did he decide to take revenge on the offender by breaking his daughter’s heart?

– yes. It’s done. Your lady of the heart will not forgive you. And, by the way, we were paid handsomely for it.

– Out of the way. – Andrey got into the car, hit the gas and drove home to Milan.

– A. Appeared?! – the instructor’s father said, – Only she’s not at home. Sent her to London. Let it dissipate. You broke her heart. Come on, get out of here.

Andrey went to his car and covered his face with his hands in despair. Brakes screeched.

– Hop in, son. We’ll still have time. Andrey’s father was driving the car.

When he found out that his plan worked, but at the same time he managed to hurt his son’s feelings, he decided to fix the situation. Without thinking twice, Andrey jumped into his car, and they left for the airport. His thoughts were confused. He was torn between hatred and gratitude to his father. And meanwhile he dreamed of explaining everything and making peace with his beloved. Upon arrival, he ran as fast as he could, but he was too late.

Milan’s plane has already left. Frustrated, Andrey trudged slowly to the exit.

– Not fate. – he heard a familiar voice. I looked up and saw Milan.

She missed the plane, too. Overjoyed, he ran up to her and took her in his arms. After a brief resistance, she went limp and melted like ice cream in his hands. No one was flying anywhere anymore…


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