Provincial girl

Payback for sins

I’ve finally been promoted! I’ve been waiting for this for so long. I worked hard and hard. And now – victory! Such things don’t happen very often, so my best friend and roommate Lidka and I decided to celebrate this case in our favorite bar.

Said —done! Dressed up, we went to meet entertainment. The place was blinking with a friendly neon sign, the hall was packed, so Lida and I sat on high chairs at the bar. Bartender quickly delicious cocktails. Beauty! What else is needed for happiness?

We were sitting happily chatting about our girlish affairs, and then my attention was attracted by a guy who just entered the hall. He seemed familiar to me…

— Anya, why are you staring at that cute brunette so much?

— You know, in my opinion, he studied at our university, on a parallel stream. At that moment, the young man looked at me and immediately walked towards us.

– hello! Do we happen to know each other?

— I think we know each other, didn’t you study at the Civil engineering Institute?

– yes! At the Faculty of Water Supply.

— And I’m at the architectural!

— What a meeting!

Alexander sat down with us, and we immediately started reminiscing.

— Listen, girls. My friends invite you to a disco. It’s not far. They’ve already reserved a table. Well, will you come with me?

— Of course! With great pleasure! — Oh, and I’ll pass, — Lida defiantly yawned. — I felt sleepy. And you, please, go have fun,” my friend winked significantly at me. Well done Lidka, quickly realized that I liked Sasha, and decided to give us the opportunity to be alone. There were a lot of people in the club, but Alexander easily found his acquaintances. He introduced us to each other, and then without delay invited me to dance.

— Do you want something to drink?

— Maybe a beer.

Literally 5 minutes later, he brought a couple of misted glasses. I took a sip of the icy drink with pleasure, and… That was the last thing I remembered that night. And then—darkness.

I was woken up by some unpleasant smell. Barely opening my eyes, I tried to figure out where I was. I looked around. It looks like some kind of entrance. That’s why it stinks so much of cats here! Sitting up, I looked at what I was lying on. Dirty, spattered floor. My skirt is lying in the corner, my bag is missing, my underwear is also missing. My head is terribly dizzy, I feel sick and my mouth is dry. “But what happened? I thought numbly, looking at myself from all sides. I saw blood on the inside of my thigh. Putting two and two together, I understood everything. My God, I was raped! But how, how?! I don’t remember anything…”

Leaning against the cold wall, I tried to recall a picture of last night. Lida, Sasha, his friends, me, the club, dancing, a glass of beer, a sip, and… everything! There is nothing else… So, stop sitting, you need to get out of here, suddenly the one who did it will come back. Somehow I cleaned myself up and went outside. It was already getting light. By some miracle, I got home on foot. Fortunately, there were almost no people on the street at that time. But even those who met on my way looked back. And no wonder—I looked terrible…

— Anya, what happened?! — she screamed. Lidka, when I appeared on the threshold.

— I think I was raped… But I don’t remember anything! — having burst into tears, I answered my friend. – Absolutely nothing!

— Oh, my God… You poor thing… How so… Who could have done this? Why didn’t your friend look after you?

— Sasha and I drank beer, and then… It’s like the movie was interrupted…

— Is it really him?!

— I don’t know…

— Okay, you need to go to the hospital now. You never know what they did to you there. After the examination, the doctor confirmed my worst premonitions.

— During the last twenty-four hours you had sexual contacts with about three men. There is evidence that you did not do it on your own: numerous vaginal tears, abrasions on the hips… And judging by your state of health, nausea, weakness and dry mouth, you were drugged with something. If you want, I can give you a referral for tests.

— No, Doctor, thank you, it’s not worth it.

— But you will need my opinion when you go to the police…

— I’m not going to do that.

— As you say. I understand you perfectly. I’m not sure I would have done it myself… Here is the recipe, here are the pills that must be taken so that pregnancy does not occur.

— Thank you very much!

— And in a month it is better to take repeated tests. To exclude sexually transmitted diseases.

— Yes, yes, of course…

— And don’t keep it to yourself. Be sure to consult a psychologist. Good luck to you!

Lida and I went home. A friend carefully supported me by the arm. She generally felt guilty.

— Anya, I’m sorry…

— For what?

“If I’d known, I wouldn’t have left you alone.”..

— Stop it! You have nothing to do with it…

— Have you decided not to report to the police?

— Yes, it will be of little use. Humiliate once again. They will say that she asked for it. Do you remember a year ago, all the newspapers wrote about one rape? So everyone accused the poor girl: they say it was her own fault, there was nothing to walk the streets in a short skirt. No, I don’t want that…

— And what are you going to do?

— I don’t know, I haven’t decided yet. We need to find out who did it. The doctor said there were three of them. And there are two of Sasha’s friends, plus him — we just get the right figure. But how do you know for sure?

— We can follow them…

— That’s right, it’s not difficult to find out Sasha’s address. And I’ll make him talk!

— How? Will you torture me?

— If necessary, yes…

— Anya, you’re scaring me.

— Don’t worry, I’m just kidding. ..

After 3 days, I decided to go to a nightclub, where Sasha took me that evening (his address had been in my pocket for a long time). I hoped that I would find him in a ruckus with friends. Incredibly, they were sitting in the same company at the same table. They drank, laughed, and looked at the girls. The guys felt very free and unpunished. So, let’s act!

I quietly sat down at the next table. That evening I was wearing a dark turtleneck and black trousers, plus sunglasses with tinted glasses, my hair pulled back in a ponytail. I was sure they wouldn’t recognize me like this. And for sure — the guys behaved as if nothing had happened. Having ordered a bottle of mineral water for myself, I began to listen carefully to their conversation. Not at all shy, they loudly discussed all the girls in the hall. And then one of them suddenly said.

— Sasha, look, there’s a chick who looks like your friend. — he nodded at a young lady passing by. — I wonder if this one is the same as that one: she will give it to all three and won’t even remember about it? The guys laughed out loud in response to his remark. And it was like being doused with ice water. So, I guessed it — it’s them!

I don’t know what it cost me to sit out the rest of the evening. I decided to follow two of Alexander’s friends. Judging by their conversation, they rented an apartment together. Finally, the trio went outside, fortunately, today without a girl: apparently, the hunt for fools failed. Sasha caught a taxi, they all got into it and drove away. I immediately waved my hand, stopping the car. Jumping into the front seat, she told the driver:

— Go for the black Volga!

— What, are you following your husband?

— You guessed it. Let’s hurry up, let’s miss it!

— They won’t get away from me, — the excitement of the racer suddenly woke up in the driver.

Within an hour, I knew where my rapists lived. I’ll visit in the afternoon. There are a lot of benches on which very talkative old ladies are always “grazing”. I’ll find out everything I can, and then I’ll act on the circumstances. No one will be left without punishment. I remember in the movie “Voroshilov shooter” grandfather avenged his granddaughter… Well, I’m not timid either…


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