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I am the mistress of a married man. I got pregnant by him, and he left me

I heard from almost every person close to me that I gave up my hobby, but I was head over heels in love, the object of my passion was a guy named Sasha, and he was married. He and his wife had not lived together for almost two years.

Sasha has a son, whose upbringing is handled by his grandmother. As Sasha told me at the time, his wife forbids him to see the child. Therefore, only through the court will he be able to get meetings with his son. And I believed him, I couldn’t even imagine that it could be otherwise.

According to Sasha, his wife turned out to be a very bad person, and they got married, as he said, only “on the fly.” We’ve been dating for almost a year. I didn’t like that he was married, so from time to time there were scandals because of my demand to divorce.
I constantly heard excuses from him, saying that now is not the time, there will be a division of property, my wife will take away the car, and I will have to pay alimony. But my patience has come to an end.

I left him, setting a condition that until he divorced, he would not come back to me. A month later, I realized that I had a delay, I was no longer small, so I immediately realized that I was pregnant, the test I bought only confirmed my guesses.

The situation was tense. That same evening I called Sasha to me for a serious conversation. Even on the phone, it became immediately clear to me that he had cooled down to me. Plus, he told me that he had a plane to another city early in the morning. An urgent call for work.

In the evening he came, we ate, and I told him about the pregnancy. There was no smile on his face, he just mumbled “clearly” and added that it was time for him to pack his things. Got dressed and left.

I cried all that evening. I didn’t understand what to do next. So the day flew by, he didn’t call me, but we were together for a whole year, and I decided to call first.

I was surprised when I heard a female voice instead of his, the girl thought I was a work colleague. I didn’t want to throw a tantrum, so I just asked her to let Alexander contact me at the first opportunity. And she hung up.

He called me back about an hour later. He didn’t hide anything, he told me that this is his new girlfriend, and they are now resting at the sea. And he told me not to be stupid and get rid of the baby.
Everything inside me turned upside down, and I couldn’t think of anything better than calling my mom. My mom supported me, convinced me to give birth.

A month passed, I partially accepted the fact that I would become a single mother, and one evening I got a call -it was Sasha’s wife. From somewhere she found out about my pregnancy and wanted to talk.
We met in a cafe and she told me the whole truth about her husband. But I loved this man, and now I have seen his true face. It turned out that she had already filed for divorce a long time ago. And he simply didn’t show up that day, he doesn’t pay her alimony, although he has a decent job, and he doesn’t get a penny at all.
She also told me to do a DNA test for the baby immediately after birth and demand alimony, there is no need to let him down this.

As a result, I gave birth to a boy, and, as Sasha did not deny it, he was forced to pay alimony. I talked to his new girlfriend myself, and they soon broke up too. Girls, yes, I was a fool to date a married man. But I don’t think it’s a mistake, because I have a baby that I love with all my heart.

I want a full-fledged family for my child, so I continue to search for a faithful, honest and reliable man in whom I will be sure.


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