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Introduced to my own harm

– Well, that’s done, – Polina said, finishing painting her friend. Kira looked in the mirror.

Golden eye shadow, light eyeliner and red lipstick on the lips.

– Paul, erase it. Too defiant.

– You sound like an old granny. Red is the color of passion.

– Yes, before whom should I show off there? If I had gone with someone else, otherwise I would have been completely alone…

– I’m sorry, but you know that I have a family and everything. Otherwise, I would love to go to the theater with you. Well, what are we leaving?

Kira nodded, and Polina was delighted with her friend’s choice. Kira put on a long red dress, straightened her hair and ordered a taxi. The friend left, leaving Kira alone with her thoughts.

The fact is that Kira received two tickets to the theater for the performance “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” as a reward from her boss for her good work. Only she had no one to go with. All her friends refused, and she had no luck with men.

Any of her relationships didn’t last long. The men left Kira as quickly as they came. So her last relationship did not end in the best way.

She met a guy through an app. He offered to meet her, and she agreed. Tolik called her to the restaurant. They ordered the main dishes, had a good time talking, and when it was time to pay, Tolik stunned Kira, saying that he would only pay for himself.

“But I don’t have any money with me.

“It’s not my problem, honey. Of course, you’re a great conversationalist, but did you really think that I would still pay for you? Tolik just laughed. – Well, so what are we going to do?

Kira felt bitter at heart. She wanted to sink into the ground and forget the whole day. She called Polina and asked her to transfer money to Tolik’s card so that he could pay for part of Kira’s order. After that incident, Kira cried for a long time at a friend’s house, telling about the most terrible date.

Kira put her things in the wardrobe and went up to the buffet. She bought herself a glass of champagne and stood near the wall.

– Why don’t you sit down at a table? I think your young man will be pleased to look at you. Kira looked at the man in surprise and said:

– You made a mistake. I came alone. Therefore, it makes no sense to occupy a table. Let some couple sit there better.

– Then I suggest we move to a table, because I also came alone.

Kira agreed. They took a table near the window. They introduced themselves to each other. The man’s name was Vadim. He told me about himself. Vadim was a businessman. He has his own large company, which is now actively developing throughout Russia.

His wife left him two years ago, riding off to his former employee. The couple had no children because everyone was busy with work. Vadim created a business from scratch, and his ex-wife worked as a secretary, helped with documentation, and with finances for the first time.

Then Vadim took everything into his own hands and gave his wife a ticket to fashion week in Italy as a gift for a good job. He settled her in the most expensive hotel and gave her an unlimited card so that his wife would not deny herself anything. Yes, that’s just the gifts did not keep his wife from cheating, and later from leaving and eventually from divorce.

– That’s my sad story. And what about you, Kirochka?

And the girl shared her unsuccessful relationship. To which Vadim told her that she came across solid goats, not men.

– You’re still a sweetheart, Kirochka. So never mind.

The bell rang, announcing the beginning of the performance. Vadim gallantly offered his hand, and so they reached the hall.

And then Kira came up with an idea. In order not to part with Vadim, she offered to sit next to her. She had two tickets anyway. Vadim agreed, and so they watched the play together.

At the end, Vadim asked for Kira’s phone number, promising to call her. But, knowing her luck, Kira did not hope for a second call. Especially from such a man.

The next day, Kira talked about her acquaintance with Vadim and the evening spent. Friends praised Kira and said how fabulously lucky she was and that she was on the right track. But Kira didn’t believe in her success. But in vain.

Towards the end of the working day, Vadim called her and invited her to a restaurant. He explained this by saying that after the performance he urgently needed to leave on business, so he could not invite Kira earlier. The girl was so happy that her friends let her go early so that she could put herself in order. That’s how Kira’s new relationship began.

Vadim invited her on dates to expensive restaurants, showed her beautiful places, but he did not invite her to his apartment, because he was doing major repairs in the apartment, and he temporarily settled with a friend. But this did not bother Kira at all, she was happy to invite him to her.

Of course, she didn’t have the most luxurious apartment. A small one-bedroom apartment with a small kitchen and a bathroom. But it is quite a spacious apartment for one person.

“Don’t worry, Kirochka,” Vadim told her. – I will finish the renovation of the apartment soon, and we will move to a more spacious mansion. And one day, at work, Kira’s friends said:

– Listen, well, we see your happy face every day. When are you going to introduce us to your boyfriend?

– And why do you need to get acquainted with him?

– What for? We’re friends after all. Besides, it seems to me that you will soon get to the wedding.

Kira was embarrassed, but still asked Vadim if he would mind such a meeting. On the contrary, the man was delighted and asked when it would be necessary to drive up.

The girls chose a time when Gennady Stepanovich, the boss, was not at work. It was usually Wednesday. Because on this day of the week he always went to the children.

Vadim arrived on time. He brought with him a huge bag containing fruit and three cakes: chocolate, sponge cake and fruit.

– Oh, Vadim, where did you buy so many sweets? We can’t eat everything,” Sveta said.

– Girls, I honestly didn’t know which cake you would like the most. So I decided to hedge my bets.

Vadim showed care and gallantry. He courted the girls, poured them tea, told them about himself and about meeting Kira. Kira’s friends really liked Vadim, and they were glad that she finally found her man.

However, after this meeting, Vadim seemed to have been replaced. He suddenly had a lot of work to do. Meetings with Kira became less and less frequent.

– Listen, – Polina once asked, – why are you so sour lately? What happened? Had a fight with Vadim?

– Yes, no. He’s got a lot of work to do. There’s something wrong with the business. All the time at work, and I really missed him. So I want to see you.

– Oh, these businessmen. Well, you get used to it. It will be so often after the wedding. Listen, why are you so happy, huh? – She turned to another employee, Yulia.

– Did you also meet the groom?

– Oh, girls, I met you. What the hell!

– Hey! And you were silent? Come on, introduce us too,” Polina commanded.

– I’m sorry, I can’t. He’s very shy with me. Oh, the bunny wrote. Girls, will you cover for me? – Friends understood everything and released Yulia early.

One day, when Julia left work early once again, she forgot her phone. Kira, noticing this, decided to take him to a friend. She drove up to Julia’s house and was about to get out of the car when her whole body was shackled. She saw her Vadim walking arm in arm with Yulia. Her heart ached so much from the pain. Kira dropped the phone, started the car and drove away.

The next morning Yulia, as usual, came in a good mood.

– Oh, Kirochka, you’re the last one to come today. Usually you get to work before everyone else,” Sveta remarked.

Kira silently walked up to Julia’s desk and threw her phone at her.

– Hey, what’s wrong with you? It costs money. Is she a fool?

– And I see you are not a fool, to take away other people’s men. Everyone had surprised faces. And then Kira told me everything. How I found Yulia with Vadim.

– Well, you know, he’s much better with me. He told me so himself. And he promised to break up with you. However, I think it’s not necessary now, since you already know everything.

Kira left a fierce slap on Julia’s face, and all tearful ran out of the building. The girl took a couple of days off for herself. She couldn’t show up at work anymore. Polina and Sveta came to her house and comforted her. And they stopped communicating with Yulia at all. But the weekend was over, and Kira had to go to work.

It was an important day. A new boss was supposed to come to their office, since Gennady Stepanovich is retiring.

– Hey! Did you persuade everyone not to communicate with me? Julia shouted.

– The girls are already adults and decide for themselves with whom to communicate and with whom not.

– Really? And I don’t think so, bitch,” Yulia said and poured coffee over Kira’s white blouse.

– Are you crazy? We have a meeting any minute now!

– You’re the only fool here, – Julia chuckled and went to her workplace.

– Girls, cover me! I’ll get to the store quickly!

It was good that there was a shopping center nearby. Kira chose a blouse and wanted to pay for it, but realized that she had forgotten her wallet at work.

– Let me pay for her purchase. Kira turned around and saw a well-dressed man.

– Thank you very much! I work next door. So don’t worry, I will return everything.

As it turned out, they were in one direction. And this young man turned out to be the new boss. Kira felt doubly embarrassed. But Dmitry Sergeyevich did not pay attention to this. On the contrary, he invited Kira on a date. He liked her too much. This time Kira was waiting for a long and lasting relationship.

But Yulia was unlucky. Somehow Kira caught her crying at work. Her soft heart contracted and she asked what happened.

As it turned out, Vadim was a conman. He said he was building a new house.

– Here, look what your house will be like, – he said, showing the photos.

– Wow! Cool, bunny!

Only Vadim had one condition. Yulia’s apartment had to be sold. He persuaded me to rewrite the apartment to him in order to turn everything around faster.

– And where will we live? The house is still being built.

– Honey, I’m going to send you on a tour of Europe. Do you want to go to Italy? You are welcome. Germany, France…

These names made Yulia dizzy. She already imagined herself vacationing in all these countries. And I saw envy in the eyes of my friends. But there was nothing to envy.

While Julia was at work, Vadim quickly sold the apartment and whistled with money. What was it like for Yulia when she came to her own apartment, and they told her that it was sold and showed her all the certified documents.

Yulia went to the police, but they didn’t help her there much, since she transferred the apartment to Vadim. Here is such an evil gift of fate received Julia…


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