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My wife will bring me to divorce with her tantrums and nagging

I have known my wife for quite a long time. At first we just met, then we started living together, only then we got married.

After a while, our daughter was born, whom I love very much. For the sake of my girl, I am ready to do anything.

I got married for great love, I do everything for my wife. I work in a good place, I get pretty good. I bring everything home, every single penny. One thing overshadows my carefree life – my wife. No, I love her very much, but her eternal nagging and discontent turn life into a living hell.

Every day she has a bad mood, and for any reason. If it rains, it’s bad, the sun is shining, it’s even worse. Then the heat, then the cold, then the wind, then the rain. I don’t even know when she turned from a cute girl into a real vixen.

She doesn’t want anything to do with my parents. You see, my mother looks at her askance. Due to the fact that I protect my half all the time, justify her bad mood, my relationship with my own parents began to deteriorate. And I’m torn between two fires. Okay, I would have understood that at least somehow.

She is offended not only by my relatives, but also by her own. She constantly whines that her mother gives her little time. According to my faithful, her parents do not help her much. When I begin to justify her family, I say that we have enough of everything, it gets even worse.

She also has constant conversations with me about the lack of money. Although I honestly don’t understand what she lacks. We used to live with my parents, who never meddled in our affairs. The wife was unhappy. I had to take part-time jobs all the time so that in the shortest time I could build a small but cozy house for her. I carried out all communications into the house, bought furniture, made repairs. I was thinking of making a gift for my beloved wife. But it was not there. Even this day she managed to ruin.

She started yelling at me: why didn’t I tell her anything. She said she didn’t need such surprises. You see, I didn’t buy such a stove. What’s the difference.

I sometimes talk to my colleagues, no one has such a house. I thought she had it all from postpartum experiences. I tried to constantly get into her position, but it was not there. So much time has passed, my daughter is healthy and cheerful, and my wife is dissatisfied again. I’m already getting depressed from constant remorse.

After getting married, I lost all my friends. I never stayed with them, but my wife was still unhappy, so I stopped communicating with them at all. Sometimes during a break at work I’ll talk and that’s it. She also quarreled with her friends. No one comes to us, we live like bears in a den.
I want to say about myself that I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t walk. I’ve lost a lot in recent years. I haven’t even changed my third decade yet, and I feel like an old wreck. I tried several times to discuss this situation with my wife. She doesn’t tell me anything specific. It turns out that I’m the kind of trash that drives her. I do not know how much longer I can put up with all this. It seems to me that another year or two, and then my nerves will not stand up, and I will end up in a mental hospital.

The only joy I have is my daughter. This is a real light in the window. I suffer all these humiliations only for her sake. After all, my wife breaks down on her too. Imagine, on such a baby. When my daughter cries, I’m ready to get the moon out of the sky, if only she would smile. I put up with it all for her. But soon nothing will be able to stop me, I’ll just leave. I feel sorry for my daughter, but I can’t live like this anymore.


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