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My husband said he wanted me to go to bed with his friend

Good evening, dear audience!

I have never written such messages and would not have done it in the future if not for the situation in which I found myself. When you read my story, you will understand how hard it is for me.

My name is Diana. I read somewhere that this is the name of some warrior, I don’t remember exactly, but I turned out to be completely different – soft and shy. When my parents gave me this name, they couldn’t imagine what kind of hell their daughter would end up in. I will tell you about what happened to me a little later. First we need to tell you the background.

I was a modest and shy girl. I studied well, almost didn’t go anywhere, after studying I immediately went home. All the girls around met, went on dates, but not me. It seemed to me that it was shameful and ugly to get acquainted first, as many of my peers did. I didn’t sit on social networks and on a dating site. Where else could I find a date?

We met my future husband by accident. I was sitting in a cafe, waiting for a friend. He came up, asked about something and sat down at my table. That’s how our relationship started. We didn’t meet for a long time, he made an offer, I agreed.

We lived well with him. It seemed to me that I was in a fairy tale and pulled out a lucky ticket. We went to the cinema, the theater, and on weekends he invited me to a restaurant. From the very beginning, my husband set a condition for me not to work. He will work, provide for me, and I will bring up the children at home. I basically didn’t mind. This model of family suited me perfectly. Who doesn’t dream of such a man.

A year later I got pregnant. My husband carried me in his arms, blew away dust particles. My every wish was immediately fulfilled. And then our son was born, they called him Gleb. He is such a talented boy, he draws and sings. She’s going to school soon.

I’m sitting at home with my child, not working. But me, not some lady in a bathrobe or a stretched sweater. I always look after myself. I definitely go to the barber shop, do my hair and makeup. Our houses are always cleaned, things are washed and ironed. I really like to cook and bake, so it’s always cooked. Coming home from work, my husband gets into the realm of comfort and the smell of muffins.

I consider myself an ideal hostess, wife and mother. I’m not going to brag, but it is. I thought the same about my husband until yesterday. But yesterday opened my eyes, and I saw my spouse in all its glory. I had no idea what kind of monster I was living with. Well, so I got to the place from which my acquaintance with the true features of my faithful began.

My husband and I regularly go to our mutual friends’ dacha, fry kebabs and drink beer. Yesterday was such a day. If I had known how it would end, I would have stayed at home with my son better. In general, we left our son with my husband’s parents, and we ourselves went to rest. There were never any problems, Gleb got along well with my mother-in-law.

We had fun, danced and grilled kebabs. Everything was going fine until one of those present offered to play cards. At first they played the fool in pairs, and then the men decided to play on desires. Everyone agreed. At first I was wary of this, because I play very poorly. And then I decided to keep silent, since everything is in favor.

The game started… At first, it was mostly girls who lost, and the desires were funny: to dance with someone or drink an extra glass. When it came to my faithful, that is, he won, he said that he wanted me to go to bed with his friend. I thought I’d misheard, but he repeated it again. And then he said that it would be very interesting and fun. Everyone fell silent, and I threw the cards in his face, turned around and drove home.

How I was able to survive this day, I don’t even know. I could have expected anything, but this. How could he say such a thing to his wife, the mother of his child. It’s good that I found out what his darling is capable of. I decided to file for divorce because I can’t and don’t want to live with such scum.

What would you do in my place?


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