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The biological mother of our adopted daughter poisons our lives and turns her against us!

I can’t have children. The realization and acceptance of this fact came 15 years ago. My husband and I were married for 5 years, unsuccessfully tried to get pregnant, but all in vain. My body was unable to bear the baby. Fortunately, my husband was not against the adopted child, so soon there was Hope in our family, a little three-month-old girl.

We adopted a girl from the baby’s house, carefully hiding everything from relatives. They still think that Nadia is our child. We decided that we would tell our daughter everything when she grows up. We love our daughter very much, we have always encouraged her, helped her, supported her. She grew up a kind, sweet, well-mannered girl, bringing only joy to my husband and me. She was our pride, we decided that we would tell her everything on her eighteenth birthday, but we had to do everything earlier.

When my daughter was 14, her biological mother appeared in our life. She wrote to her on a social network, we found out about it after a month of their communication. The daughter took our lies hard, she reproached us for not telling her earlier. We wanted to explain to her that we were waiting for her to come of age, but she wouldn’t listen to us. She has lost her trust in us. In addition to everything, this woman told her some tall tales, like she was deprived of her parental rights for no reason, that she had been trying to get her back all this time, and we did not give her the opportunity to do it. And now that she’s an adult, she can decide who to be with. The daughter has become uncontrollable, she is rude, impudent, skips school, disappears with this woman in the evenings. We wanted to talk to her, but she avoids meetings.

We don’t know how to influence our daughter, how to explain everything, how to return her trust and peace to our family. Nothing helps, she is literally obsessed with this woman, who only adds fuel to the fire. The daughter now calls her mom, and us by name-patronymic. Hands down, I don’t understand the motives of this woman, why did she show up after 14 years? Why does the daughter believe her and not us? And the main question is how to return peace and love to our home?!


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