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My friend gave birth so as not to die of cancer

One day a friend calls me, asks:

– Are you at home now?

– At home, – I answer in perplexity.

“I’ll be right there,” the friend says without explanation, but I can already hear from her voice that something serious has happened.

He comes, immediately breaks into sobs from the threshold, cries so bitterly that I’m lost, I don’t know what to do.

“I’m going to die soon, probably,” says a friend, sobbing, after drinking a glass of water that I bring her from the kitchen so that she can rest a little. – Do you have cognac or anything else alcohol? I want to get drunk,” she says.

I take out a bottle of cognac, cut sausage, cheese. A friend tells me.

– Think about it, I was at the gynecologist today, they found some kind of infection, not cancer, but some kind of tumor that can’t be removed, but it will definitely grow into something terrible. The only way out is to give birth,” my friend informs me and again bursts into tears.

She already has three children, I understand that she doesn’t really want to give birth to a fourth.

– How will I cope with three children and a pregnancy? How can I cope with four children at once? U-u-u-u-u,” the unhappy woman sobs.

“Okay,” I tell her, “first of all, stop crying. You’re just upsetting your nerves. Secondly, you need to consult with Serega (the husband of a friend). Well, and thirdly, I promise to help you in everything. I even swear. Because I don’t want to lose you,” I say and, unable to stand it, I also burst into tears.

So we cry with her, probably fifteen minutes.

Then we start talking about children, how great it is if there is a fourth, and even a boy, because the first three are only girls. Then I, as the most sober, type Serega and say:

– Serega, come and take your wife. We got drunk, but we have reasons for it. You just put her to bed at home, and tomorrow she will tell you everything herself.

Serega is the coolest husband in the world and loves my friend since childhood, he doesn’t need anyone but her. He arrives, picks her up without any questions and takes her home. In the morning, a text message comes from a friend:

– Don’t worry, it’s fine. Thanks. Don’t ask me anything, I’ll tell you myself.

I’m more or less calming down.

Days and weeks pass in the turmoil, suddenly a call from a friend:

“Are you home?”

– At home.

– I’ll be right there.

She came with a box of chocolates, a cake and champagne. Hugged, sat down at the table.

– That’s it. I’m pregnant,” says a friend, “I told my husband then, he answered without hesitation: “Today we will start making a baby.” Well, that’s done.

We talked a little more, then she called her Serega again and went home with him.

Nine months later, they had a healthy son. Serega was happy, and the tumor disappeared with the pregnancy. So another person was born who saved his mother’s life by his appearance.


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