Smart Crow

Recently, my husband and I were walking along our quiet river, which is called the Sejm. We went out onto the bridge, stood for a minute, leaning on the railing. Cars whizzed by, wheels rustling.

We moved on, it was time to go home, when suddenly a crow standing at a distance on the sidewalk attracted our attention with strange manipulations. She held something in her beak, then rose above the roadway, threw her load down, and then, while there were no cars, ran up there and picked it up from the asphalt with a tenacious beak.

– Does he throw pebbles down? I was surprised. “But why would she do that?”

We came closer. Yes, these are nuts, hazelnuts! Apparently, someone from the same strollers as us treated the crow with a handful of nuts. And she realized – she dumped them under cars and picked up round kernels free of the shell.


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