Grandpa in the garden

All ages are submissive to love

That day, after work, I decided to finally stop by to visit my grandfather. I remembered that I hadn’t been to see him for more than a month. It became so embarrassing. I popped into the store, bought a bottle of vodka, salted sprats — after all, my grandfather likes to have a snack under 100 grams. But I didn’t have time to go into the yard, as my grandfather’s neighbor stopped me.

— Hello, Katenka! You know, your grandfather has been acting very strangely lately. I would even say defiantly. — she gave out with a malicious smile.

Heck! Why is the old mymra always watching me? I can’t stand her!

— Varvara Vitoldovna (her parents gave her a name, you can break your tongue), what happened? Tell me calmly.

— You’re a rare guest here, so you don’t notice anything. But I’m close by and I know everything. Oh, if the deceased Lyudka had seen this, she would have turned over in the next world!

— Varvara Vitoldovna, don’t involve my grandmother here. Give her peace at least in the next world. And explain, finally, what exactly is the matter?

— Your grandfather organized it here… dating club!

She’s gone crazy. My grandfather is already well over 70. He has been widowed for 5 years, lives quietly, sometimes meets with his friends, the same pensioners as himself. Sure. my grandfather has his own oddities and quirks, but to open a dating club!

— You’ve got something mixed up, — I looked at my neighbor with pity.

— My dear child, you are too young and do not know life. I read these ads pasted on poles near our house. Supposedly cultured middle-aged men organize evenings for single people. They invite elderly ladies to visit, offer them, so to speak, their company. And Ivan Ivanovich’s address and phone number are clearly indicated there. And he’s not the only one. There’s a whole bunch of them there! Sergey Petrovich from the second floor, Peter Ivanovich from apartment 10. And this one, what’s his name… I don’t remember what to call the grandfather from the next entrance… — the neighbor listed. — The old farts, you see, wanted women at the end of their lives!

Varvara Vitoldovna was simply seething with righteous indignation. I was shocked by her angry speech, but I decided to find out all the details before telling everything to the harmful old woman.

— So what? Do the ladies come to them?

“The doors don’t close,” the old woman’s face twisted with obvious disgust or disguised envy. — Shame! They made a fool of themselves.

— And why, in fact, do you care so much about it? Maybe you also wanted to take part in their evenings, but they won’t take you? So. Varvara Vitoldovna? I wasn’t going to give Grandpa to this disgusting grandmother to eat!

— I will ask you not to insult me! — the neighbor got angry. — You can see right away: what a grandfather, such a granddaughter! — the old lady turned around and — only she was seen.

“Nasty gossip girl,” I muttered to myself and ran upstairs. But already at the door of my grandfather’s apartment I ran into an elegant lady. Surprised, I looked after her and went in.

— Grandfather, it’s me. I met Varvara Vitoldovna, she told me that you organized a dating club here. I shouted from the hallway. — What a liar!

“I didn’t lie this time,” Grandfather replied.

– what? But why do you need it?

— I am alone all the time, you come only on holidays. Granddaughter, this is not a reproach, you have your own life. But it’s too early for me to die, I want to live more. So the guys and I decided to find the ladies of the heart. The experiment was a success!

— And then what?

“And finally I’m getting married,” Grandpa sang cheerfully in a hoarse voice, to the tune of an old romance.

— Well, Grandfather, you give! I’m proud of you.

— You just don’t tell your parents yet. And then they will come to lecture. And I still haven’t really decided which of the three I like the most!


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