Everything should be perfect

Diana has always believed that men love with their eyes. You need to be successful, beautiful, attractive so that your husband doesn’t even look at other women.

Diana went to the gym every day, walked at least ten thousand steps a day, used the services of a cosmetologist, massage therapist and masters in the beauty industry.

At thirty, she looked at most in her twenties. A slim, toned body, a face without a single wrinkle. She dressed fashionably, and even at home she couldn’t afford to wear a stretched T-shirt and old pants. She had several sets of clothes for the house, always perfectly ironed and spotless. If even a tiny hole appeared on the thing or it parted at the seam, Diana shamelessly sent it to the trash.

She bought herself a set of underwear every month, and also threw out the old one every month.

Her house was crystal clear. Diana was not shy about using the cleaning services, but she also maintained order.

It wasn’t difficult either. She and her husband had no children, the woman could not stand animals and never dreamed of them, and she and her husband were at home infrequently. Plus, she had all modern appliances to help her: a washing machine and dryer, a washing robot vacuum cleaner, a dishwasher.

Diana’s husband earned well, however, she was quite successful herself.

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Their family could be used as an example. Both are working hard, both are in great shape. However, when friends came to visit them, they were even afraid to touch something in their house, because everything sparkled there. And Diana always met guests at the parade, so there was no question of any comfortable gatherings in tracksuits.

Diana condemned women who do not take care of themselves and do not keep the house perfectly clean. If she came to visit a friend, and she had children’s toys scattered around or, for example, dishes in the sink, Diana winced, not forgetting to add that it would be worth tidying up.

If any of her friends gained weight, Diana immediately told them about it. She wasn’t shy about it, because she was doing it for their own good. Who, if not a friend, will tell you the truth.

– Honey, you’ve obviously gained five kilograms in the couple of months that we haven’t seen each other. I can give you the number of my trainer and nutritionist,” she said with a smile.

– Yes, I feel good as it is, – my friend shrugged her shoulders in embarrassment, – I don’t feel these kilograms, and I’m comfortable in this weight. And, to be honest, there is simply no extra money for a nutritionist and a trainer.

– Are there any rolls? You are deceiving yourself first of all. Remember, men love with their eyes. And your husband clearly doesn’t like looking at the folds on his stomach.

Gradually, all Diana’s friends began to distance themselves from her. They did not like to listen to criticism in their direction, and also constant moralizing.

– Alcohol is the easiest and most harmful way to get pleasure. I’ll send you a video where everything is told in detail. If you give up alcohol and start spending more time outdoors and exercising, you will realize how much better it is.

Diana’s friends were not drunkards, but when meeting each other they could have a glass of wine or some kind of cocktail. But at the same time, they had to listen to a whole lecture on how they live incorrectly.

Sasha, Diana’s husband, occasionally allowed himself to drink or eat something harmful. Diana was indignant and reminded him that such habits would not lead to good.

Sometimes Sasha just wanted to lie on the couch in front of the TV on his day off. He was very tired at work, and sometimes he dreamed of doing nothing all day.

But Diana claimed that this way he would not be able to rest properly.

– The best way to reboot is to change the type of activity. We can ride bicycles or go to the pool. Physical activity plus fresh air is a great rest.

But not only her husband and girlfriends were bullied by a woman. She didn’t let herself relax either. I got up at six in the morning every day, did yoga or exercise for an hour, then took a shower and a morning cosmetic ritual, and then a healthy breakfast. Even on weekends. She knew that if you gave yourself at least one indulgence, you could forget about discipline.

Everything has to be perfect. It was under this slogan that Diana lived. She had built her life right down to the smallest detail, and she was sure that she had everything under control.

But at one point, everything didn’t go according to plan.

One day, her husband called Diana for a serious conversation. The woman thought that he wanted to discuss the rest, so she gladly agreed to talk.

“I’m leaving,” he said without preamble.

– Where are you going? Diana asked, not understanding what her husband was talking about.

– I’m leaving you for another woman. Sorry.

Diana took a deep breath, and then looked at her husband again.

– why? Is something wrong? “What is it?” she asked, trying to remain calm.

Sasha was silent. Either he was searching for words, or he just didn’t have the words to answer.

– Who is she? Diana asked another question. – And what attracts you more than me? Is she younger? Is her figure better? Or what?

– No, she’s your age. She’s fuller than you…

Diana didn’t understand anything. She worked so hard to look perfect and to make her house look perfect. What’s wrong?

– Then why? “What is it?” she asked, losing control of herself. – What are you missing? There is eternal order in the house, I am always beautiful and well-groomed!

– That’s the point! My husband jumped up from his seat.

He began to circle around the kitchen, not knowing how to convey to his wife the reason for his departure.

– You see, you’re obsessed with the fact that everything has to be perfect! Healthy food, daily exercise, crazy walks in the woods! Sometimes I just want a human vacation!

– What the hell is that? The woman was angry. – In front of the TV with a bottle of beer, or what?!

– yes! My husband shouted. – Including! We have such an order at home that the army will envy you! My God, you make the bed practically according to the ruler! God forbid, the bedspread does not hang more on one side than on the other! You get up like a soldier at the first alarm clock, even on weekends! And sometimes I want to lie in bed and even, oh my God! – eat in it!

– What kind of nonsense are you talking about? Diana was indignant. – You’re saying terrible things! You can’t live like this at all!

– No, Diana, you can’t live the way you live. Sometimes you need to relax, sometimes you need to sleep until lunch, sometimes you need to turn on the TV and watch a dumb comedy. I’m tired of being perfect.

With these words, the husband left the kitchen, leaving his wife perplexed.

He’s really gone. I left her her apartment, which was clean to a shine, taking only my own things with me.

Diana thought it was a midlife crisis that had overtaken him. And when he does not live in the conditions that his wife created, he will immediately come to his senses. He will also beg for forgiveness on his knees.

And it certainly came as a surprise to her when he actually filed for divorce.

Some time after their official separation, Diana found on social networks the one to whom her husband had gone. And immediately fell into a stupor.

That woman looked her age. Her clothing size was at least forty-eight, and possibly more. She obviously didn’t visit the cosmetologist too often, and dyed her hair at home, or a friend helped with it.

Diana found her photos at home, and was immediately horrified. That woman didn’t hesitate to take a photo against the background of the mess. Of course, it was a mess in Diana’s opinion. For example, in one of the photos she was sitting on the couch, and a sweater was lying carelessly next to her. And in another photo, taken already in the kitchen, there were dishes on the table that had not been cleaned.

“What a nightmare,” Diana whispered.

She even had the idea that the woman had bewitched her husband. Because there was nothing else she could explain why he left her for this terrible slut.

One day, when Diana was walking down the street, she saw Sasha in a cafe with her new lady. They were eating a greasy steak, laughing, and didn’t even notice how intently Diana was looking at them. Then, after paying, they left the establishment, and the woman decided to follow them. And, to her surprise, they went to the cinema. Diana had not been to the cinema for a hundred years, because she considered watching modern films a waste of time. There is nothing instructive about them. It is better to spend these two hours usefully.

Diana returned to her perfectly clean apartment, cooked a low-calorie dinner and sat down to eat alone. She kept trying to figure out what was wrong with her perfect life. And what did this completely imperfect woman give her husband that he left her? But finding no answer, she went to bed. After all, in the morning, as usual, get up early. And you need to be cheerful in order to live another day productively and consciously.


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