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– What is going on?! – Looking out of the window, the pensioner was stunned, because the girl with the child stood all night in the rain

It was quiet and quite chilly on one of the streets on the very outskirts of a large regional center.

Autumn has just come into its own, but has already managed to generously give the townspeople a portion of fine rain and cold. In such weather, people preferred to sit in warm houses with a cup of fragrant scalding tea or how to sleep off after a long day of work at this late time.

The old grandfather clock in the hallway struck midnight when 75-year-old pensioner Maya Gavrilovna suddenly woke up from a vague premonition of something bad. The old lady’s heart was pounding furiously, getting out of bed, she padded barefoot to her small cozy kitchen, where she dripped heart drops into a glass of water. After taking the medicine, the old woman turned out the light and sat down at the table and began to think about what made her heart ache so much. Usually, premonition never deceived an elderly woman, so now she only prayed to the Lord for one thing, so that he would protect her son, because Alexey worked in the police. Just this evening he called her to ask her about business and at the same time told her that he had some important business at work today. But despite the fact that she was terribly worried, she did not dare to call her son, because he asked not to distract him from the service without urgent need. His boss was too strict, he did not like it when subordinates were engaged in business that did not concern their direct duties.

Maya Gavrilovna lived a long and happy life with her husband, raised a wonderful caring son, but unfortunately she gave birth to him when she herself was under forty, there were reasons for that, a young woman was treated for a long time in the female part, and finally God rewarded the family for their efforts, giving the couple Alyosha. But only he didn’t seem to be in a hurry to please his mother with grandchildren. He devoted all his free time to the service. Unfortunately, his father never waited for a replenishment in the family, and so dreamed of taking his grandchildren in his arms. Last year, Maya Gavrilovna buried her husband.


The old woman sighed heavily, wanted to get up and go to her bedroom to try to fall asleep again, but when she looked out the window, she was taken aback. There, in the light of a lantern swinging in the light of a gazebo near the playground, she saw a young woman with a baby in her arms, a stroller was standing next to her, and a young mother was lulling her child.

“That’s what modern mothers have come to with these new-fangled recommendations, they read all sorts of nonsense about sleeping in the fresh air, that they don’t put children in beds at night, but drag them outside,” the old woman thought with bewilderment, finally going to rest.

Outside the window, a fine drizzle had just begun again. The leaky roof did not really protect a woman with a child from the weather, but Sofia only wrapped her old short and obviously unseasonable jacket tighter around herself and, clutching the baby to her chest, sat on a bench staring with a glass unblinking gaze at the moon, the light from which was trying to break through from behind heavy clouds.

And it wasn’t thanks to the newfangled recommendations that she turned out to be a daughter on the street. Today she was kicked out of her own apartment by her husband and her Alinka’s father. There were no tears left in the eyes of the young woman, because they had been put out for a long time. Scandals in her house in recent months have become daily and now she was shivering from the cold, remembering her whole life.

Sonya was born quite well-off and once in a happy family. Her father Rudolf Konstantinovich was an average businessman, and her mother Anna Vasilyevna, being a housewife, kept the fire burning in the family hearth, because there was no need for a woman to work. All the care of the family well-being was taken over by her dad. She also had a loving grandmother Valentina Igorevna, who doted on her granddaughter. But all their family well-being lasted only as long as her father was doing well. However, when the girl was five years old, Rudolf Konstantinovich went bankrupt, the man had to sell the remains of his once thriving business and go with his family to live in a small skewed hut located in a God-forsaken village. There her father got a job as a state farm engineer, her mother had to go to work, and Sonya went to school there for the first time. Apparently, her parents could not stand such dramatic changes in their lives, because it is much more painful to fall from the prince into the mud than to rise sharply from the bottom, so they began to drink more and more often to the bottle. At first, my father became addicted to drinking, and then my mother joined him. Along with the green snake, the need also came to the house, because all their low-fat rubles were safely drunk by their parents. Their daughter had to grow up early, becoming virtually the mistress of the house. By the age of 10, there was no such housework that a girl could not cope with. Her grandmother was very sorry for her, she tried to take everything to herself, but she was already old. But the most important thing was that her parents did not let her go. After all, by that time, once prosperous people had turned into blue drunks, whose inflamed brain was occupied only by one thought about where to get a drink. The care of the house rested on the fragile shoulders of her daughter. That’s just how long it couldn’t last, sooner or later the addiction does its dirty work.

On that terrible winter day, Sonya went to school as usual in the morning, because no matter what, the girl adored studying, realizing that this was her only chance to escape from the house that had become a trap for her. As soon as the daughter stepped over the threshold, her father, coming from the store with another bottle, decided to throw firewood into the stove, as he was cold while running for more. My wife was still sleeping after another stormy night. After drinking the contents of the bottle in one gulp, Rudolf Konstantinovich began to snore like a dead man, not noticing a coal that had fallen out of the oven and was hiding on an old rug. Half an hour later, their hut was already on fire. While the firefighters arrived, only a single chimney remained from the building. So ingloriously ended the life of a once rich and happy couple.

Since then, a new life has begun for Sonya again, and life with drinking parents is even more bitter than it was before, you can’t call it sweet, but compared to the orphanage, it was still flowers. After all, no matter how it was, but her father and mother, although they sang, were still family people for her. Now the girl had to plunge into the harsh life of the state house. Her unhappy, old grandmother just tore her hair out of despair, because she could not help her granddaughter in any way, she was not the right age to take custody of her. The only thing that Valentina Igorevna could do for her was to visit the girl in the orphanage more often, which she did every day until she died two years later.


So Sofia was left all alone in the world, terrible grief did not break her then, only she began to study even harder and by the age of 18 she left the orphanage with a gold medal after graduating from school.

And only fate decreed that it would have been better if she had been the last two, then the girl would not have been able to go to university to fulfill her long-standing dream and become a doctor. There, at one of the student parties, she met just a wonderful guy. At first sight, an orphan fell in love with him, her young heart trembled. It had been so long since she had known what love and affection were.

Ivan came from a distant and equally abandoned village in which she herself lived before the orphanage. That’s just the guy was expelled from the second year of the agrarian university for lack of progress and absenteeism, since then he has been interrupted by casual earnings. He lived where God would send him, but mostly in very dubious places where the same walking personalities as him lived. To get acquainted with this very beautiful, but at the same time incredibly modest and shy girl, Vanya was advised by his bosom friend, who had not yet been expelled, so he knew perfectly well that the classmate had a beautiful 3-room apartment, even if not in the center, but not in a bad area. And the most important thing was that she was alone, like a finger in the whole world. This was used by a clever scoundrel who pretended to be an incredibly kind and courteous gentleman, who instantly turned the girl’s head.

That wonderful evening the young people spent together, and after the party ended, Ivan of course offered to take the girl home, because there was no way to miss such a chance, apartments with shepherdesses living in them do not lie on the road. However, they got to her only in the morning after spending the rest of the night walking along the river embankment. The moon illuminated their path, and the lights of the city reflected in the dark water looked incredibly romantic. Whatever it was, but the village rascal, who felt the sweet taste of city life, managed to seduce the orphan. After all, in him she saw the prince she had dreamed of perhaps all her adult life. Behind him, she saw herself as behind a stone wall. After all, even a young man once saved her from a bully, deftly setting up an attack scene with a friend. After this, probably any girl would have responded to a marriage proposal with consent, Sonya was no exception.

The fact that her betrothed did not work anywhere and did not study, he was interrupted by casual earnings in his youth and naivety did not bother her. A few months later, the young people got married, it was difficult to call this event a wedding, rather Sofia and Ivan simply signed, after which they arranged modest gatherings with close friends in the girl’s apartment. So for Sonya, family life began, which she was able to see in all its glory very soon.

To begin with, the girl had to get a job, because the poor man’s wife, whose outstanding dignity had not yet been assessed in essence, had to be fed, so after studying, while her husband was lying at home watching TV, she got a job as an office cleaner. Egor Viktorovich, the director of the company, a very unpleasant and mawkish man, received the student very warmly and was very touched when he found out how hard it is for a young family. But Ivan didn’t even think about looking for a job.

Less than a couple of weeks later, the young man cooled down to his wife and decided that it was time to find a more developed and liberated girl, which he immediately began studying dating sites with interest. And I must say I soon succeeded in this difficult task, finding for myself just a volcano of passion. True, the woman was a few years older than the guy, but does it really matter. In love, then all ages are submissive.

Sonya was simply amazed at the dramatic changes that happened to her husband, once he registered in her apartment. From an affectionate and kind guy, he turned into a real tyrant, constantly accused his wife that she was doing everything wrong, that there was no sense in her, she was not even able to warm up the soup to the right temperature for him, and how ashamed he was in front of friends that his wife, a future doctor, worked as a cleaner, so simply words could not transfer.

Of course, he did not give out any money for the household, but at the same time he demanded only high-quality food for himself, while in huge portions. But the worst was yet to come.

A couple of months later, sometimes descending to the fulfillment of marital duties and very shocked Ivan learned from his wife that she was pregnant. Vanya almost nailed her after learning this news. Sonya was no less shocked, because the girl believed that the news that she was expecting a baby would make her husband very happy and he would immediately change his attitude towards her, but instead she heard a wild scream.

– Are you out of your mind?! We’re barely making ends meet, and you decided to have a baby behind my back on purpose taking advantage of my lack of understanding of what is happening! I’m a simple, rustic guy, and you’re a future doctor and you know perfectly well how everything happens! Since you have deceived me, then go and get rid of this little backbiter! You would have asked me earlier, I would have told you that I can’t stand children!

From this statement, the unfortunate woman still sank to the floor, she did not dream of such a prince. Then for the first time Sonya tried to kick her wayward husband out of the house, but instead of packing up and leaving like a man, he gave his wife a ringing slap in the face for the first time, threatening that if she did something like that again, they would not live with the baby and he was the owner of the apartment now. He is registered here and is not going to go anywhere, and if something does not suit her, then please he can send her to his village to her mother, who cares for a paralyzed grandfather.

Since then, it was as if the unfortunate woman had been enslaved. The poor girl was so bad that she had to take a sabbatical at the university, somehow she only coped with the duties of a cleaner, and after all, without this earnings, she would simply die of hunger.

She was taken from work to the maternity hospital, where Sofia gave birth to a healthy girl, and when it was time to check out, she wrapped the baby in a blanket and returned home by public transport. Fortunately, before giving birth, a friend gave her a baby carriage, a crib, clothes and many other things that belonged to her sister and were just gathering dust at the dacha as unnecessary. Looking at his daughter, as usual, Ivan, who was lying at the TV, only wrinkled his nose in disgust when he heard the girl crying and made the sound louder.

Meanwhile, the guy had been dating his mistress for a long time and thought only about how to survive his spouse from his own home. Even the fact that she had his baby daughter in her arms did not stop the scoundrel, the only thing he feared was that if he kicked them out of the house, which, however, he could easily do using his wife’s weakness, then the guardianship authorities might become interested in this case and then he would have to explain himself somehow. Therefore, he decided to leave everything as it is for now. But closer to night, he still couldn’t stand it, because the child dared to wake him up as soon as he fell asleep with a sweet dream after talking enough with his sweetheart on the phone. Ivan was just furious when he heard the baby’s squeak. Bursting into his wife’s bedroom, he ordered them, despite the late time, to get out to sleep on the street and not dare to return until morning. To make it more convincing, the brave man gave Sonya a savory slap in the face.

Trembling with fear, the girl, fearing for the life of the child, quickly gathered and went out into the night.

Closer to morning, from fatigue and cold, Sofia could barely stand on her feet and almost fell asleep. Fortunately, her baby was wrapped up warmly and did not seem to be frozen at all.

Meanwhile, Maya Gavrilovna could not sleep anymore. For the rest of the night, the old woman turned over on her bed, and as soon as it began to get light, she went to the kitchen to cook a simple breakfast for herself. Looking out of the window, the pensioner was simply stunned, because she saw that the girl she saw at midnight was still sitting on a bench, wrapped in her jacket. Apparently, there was no talk about the quirks of the new-fangled here, clearly something had happened to the poor thing.

Without thinking twice, grandma went out into the hallway, pulled her raincoat over her shoulders and heavily leaning on a cane left the apartment. Quietly approaching the girl, she noticed that she was literally shivering from the cold.

– What happened to you, my child? Why are you sitting here all night?

Sofia suddenly heard a voice above her, raising her head, the girl saw a small smiling old woman. Sonya couldn’t stand it here and told everything that happened to her. Maya Gavrilovna could not believe her own ears that there are such monsters in our time. Immediately she invited the poor thing with the baby in her arms to her warm apartment, because she had no teeth in her teeth, so she was chilled while the baby was sleeping.

The old lady fed sonya hot chicken broth and asked for details from her life. Having learned everything, Maya Gavrilovna decided to help the unfortunate woman return to her own home. On such an occasion, it was possible to disturb the son, because this was the very exceptional case when he was allowed to call.

Upon learning that there were guests in the mother’s apartment who needed his help, a police major immediately arrived. After talking with Sonya and leaving her daughter under the supervision of her mother, the policeman went with her to her apartment.

Entering the bedroom, the girl almost lost her senses when she saw her husband sleeping peacefully on the bed in an embrace with some woman. She saw her when she entered the entrance an hour after her husband kicked her out, but she could not even think that this was her husband’s mistress. Ivan was so impudent that he decided to take a mistress while his wife was huddled on a wet bench.

Enlisting the support of a policeman, Sonya acted decisively this time, collected the scoundrel’s belongings, she threw them into the stairwell and ordered them to get out of where he came from. She shouted to catch up that she would file for divorce herself. Vanya, who woke up from a sweet dream in the presence of a policeman, did not dare to say anything, but only silently left with his head downcast. His mistress followed him, who turned out to be not timid and slapped the guy a few slaps in the face. She didn’t know that her boyfriend had a wife and a child.

The girl was very grateful to Alexey, because if it wasn’t for him, then she would have had to wander at night on the street.

After taking her daughter, thanking Maya Gavrilovna for her kindness and saying goodbye to Alexey, Sonya took up household chores, rejoicing that she would no longer have to snatch a piece of bread from her own child from the mouth of such a nonentity as her husband.

However, in the late afternoon, a bell rang at the door of her apartment. Thinking that it was Maya Gavrilovna, the girl recklessly opened the door, but Ivan immediately burst into the hallway.

– Well, what did you hand over your husband to the cops?! You’re no better than me yourself! It’s been a long time since you’ve been fooling around with him! Because of you, by the way, I had to go to bed with this woman, the devil confused me. Like any normal man, I endured for a long time while you were pregnant, but you could have been softer and more affectionate with me all this time! What’s the use of you! As it was an unnecessary, useless gray mouse, it remained so!

He spoke all these hurtful words with the sole purpose of humiliating and insulting his wife, so that she would become downtrodden and compliant again. But for the first time in many years, Sonya felt that she was not alone in this world, so she decided even in private to rebuff Ivan by demanding that he leave immediately. But it was not there, the guy wanted to completely intimidate her and began to destroy furniture in the house, throwing it on the floor with all his might. He was not stopped by the crying of his little daughter coming from the bedroom. Sofia was terribly frightened for her own life. The girl thought that her husband was completely crazy, but she couldn’t even run away, because her defenseless baby remained in the apartment. But this time fate decided to take pity on her, because at that moment Alexey entered the apartment.

After sleeping off the shift, the policeman decided to check if everything was all right with the unfortunate woman who was brought home by his mother in the morning. As soon as he entered the entrance, the man heard a terrible roar from the apartment on the second floor, he flew up faster than lightning and did it in time, because Ivan, who did not want to lose the apartment, grabbed a knife, brought it over his own daughter, and his wife was kneeling beside him begging to spare the child. Alexey immediately twisted the rowdy, after which he called the task force.

Vanya was seriously scared, because in addition to the attempt on a minor, there was also a whole package of prohibited substances in his pockets. After all, it was these dark deeds that Ivan was engaged in in his spare time, distributing the drug in entertainment establishments. The guy went to jail for a long time.

Now Sonya and her daughter had nothing to fear, but still Alexey had visited his ward more than once. Maya Gavrilovna also offered her help, because little Alinka became like a granddaughter for the old woman, she did not hope for her son, but in vain.

The sullen policeman felt for the first time in his life what true love is. Sonya melted his heart. They did not even imagine that they could ever fall in love, the girl’s heart seemed to have been broken for a century, but the policeman was not interested in anything except work. However, it was the work that helped the man to find happiness.

Sometimes there is no need to hurry in love, do not rush to make a choice and do not confuse love with passion. You should never rush into matters of the heart, because if it is love, then over time it only grows stronger, and does not dissolve. Hurry up, you’ll make people laugh – Sofia remembered this proverb for the rest of her life, but only it wasn’t funny at all. Without appreciating human qualities, do not rush to connect your life with someone you do not know, because plunging into the pool with your head, you can not come up.

Fortunately, this story ended well and everyone got what they deserved. And this story will be a science for all young beauties when choosing a second half. After all, not all that glitters is gold.

Finally, for many years, Sofia was truly happy. Alexey was very sensitive to his chosen one. It was not difficult for a young woman to divorce her husband from a criminal and forget this life episode with a scoundrel like a terrible dream. After all, next to her and her daughter was a real man who would not offend and would not betray.

A little while later, Maya Gavrilovna was over the moon with happiness, her Leshka said that he would soon marry a beautiful woman. When an elderly woman saw that Sofia became the chosen one of her son, she was very happy and accepted her daughter-in-law as her own daughter, and after a little while, in addition to Alinka, another baby will soon appear in their house.

Happiness comes when you don’t expect it at all. And this wonderful family is proof of that.


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