Girl on the bridge in winter

Meeting on the bridge

– Yes, don’t worry so much, Mom – everything will be fine, that I’m a little something, like an adult man already, able to take responsibility for my actions and even protect myself, – a man dressed in a hiking outfit laughed at an elderly woman.

– Don’t you need to go alone into this thicket, son, and why did you give up these hares with wild boars? Don’t you have enough money, can’t you buy all this? So in this case I will add to you from retirement if anything! – she couldn’t get away in any way, worrying about her son, who was going to hunt wild animals on a snowmobile.

The lack of money in this situation certainly looked particularly ridiculous, because this conversation took place in a huge cottage of a man, to which his mother came to celebrate the new year with him, because they could only make each other company in this family event.

A few years ago, Ekaterina Danilovna’s husband died suddenly, and since then the woman lived alone in a good village house, well, her son, despite the fact that he was already well over 30, still did not dare to offer his hand and heart to a suitable woman. The man was painfully picky in his choice and his mother was already beginning to worry a little about this. But in another field, her offspring did not waste time, starting his career a few years ago with an individual entrepreneur in the market, and after a while turned into a successful owner of several construction supermarkets.

– You don’t understand anything about hunting, Mom, because the main thing here is the process itself. It’s like fishermen, do you think that they sit on a lake from morning to night, in which only a roach with a little finger is found for the catch? That’s the same thing! Okay, Mom, I’ll go, the sooner I get out, the sooner I’ll be back,” Alexander said finally, closing the door behind him.

And soon the rumble of his snowmobile came from the yard, a minute later it disappeared into the white silence.

At the same time, the old woman had a bad feeling, her heart felt that her son would definitely get involved in some kind of trouble…

Sasha was squeezing the maximum speed out of his iron horse, hoping in a couple of hours to get to the hunter’s small house, lost in the dense forest, from there he would go hunting tomorrow morning. In the meantime, his path lay along a busy highway leading from a neighboring town to the regional center.

After a couple of kilometers, at the bridge over a narrow but very stormy river, which does not freeze even in the most severe frosts, he had to go to the right, but suddenly a man braked sharply, not believing his eyes, because behind the fence of an engineering structure he saw a woman who froze, looked down into the dark abyss as if deciding on something, apparently her car was also standing nearby. It was as if the lady knew when to choose a time convenient for her venture, because in the last few minutes, as if the highway had died out, no one drove along it, no one tried to prevent the unfortunate from doing the irreparable. Sasha couldn’t just drive by, watching someone about to commit a terrible sin, so leaving the snowmobile aside, he ran headlong to the bridge, on which the woman already seemed ready to unclench her fingers convulsively clutching the iron handrail…

Tears flowed like a stream from Anastasia’s blue eyes, immediately freezing on her cheeks, because the frost was not a joke at all. In such a cold weather, a kind owner will not even drive a dog out into the street. However, what prompted a young woman to go to the wilderness to try to leave there the most valuable thing she had – her life?

This Alexander had yet to find out, but in the meantime it was necessary to rescue a person from trouble, until he did something that he might regret even in the next world, presenting himself before the Lord in sin. Nastya was about to step into the abyss when she suddenly heard a voice behind her:

– I would still not recommend you to jump, after all, the water is icy there, and I’m afraid that there are a lot of pitfalls in this place, and hitting them will not be the best pleasure!

Turning around, Nastya saw next to her a good-natured bearded man with incredibly penetrating blue eyes. Perhaps it was his gaze that finally made the woman turn away from her dreams and return to reality, which from now on, it is not at all clear from what, but it did not seem to her so useless and unpromising anymore, she even smiled in response to a stranger, answering:

– What are the stones really down there?

– Oh, yes! And a lot! Believe me, the place for swimming is not the best, even if you are a walrus,” Alexander laughed.

– Well, then I probably won’t jump, otherwise I’m afraid that my manicure will crumble, although in the place where I will soon find myself, I definitely won’t need it, – the woman replied with some sentimentality, finally moving to a safe place with the help of Alexander, after which, under the influx of feelings, she suddenly burst into tears, rushing into the embrace of a stranger.

Alexander was amazed, because nothing like this had ever happened in his life before, it was not for nothing that he got out hunting today, thought to get a hare or a wolf, but instead saved a human life.

And a minute later, they were warming themselves in the car of a woman who told him about what prompted her to do such a terrible thing.

– And you actually saved Zechka, can you imagine! Until quite recently, I was, one might say, the happiest person on earth. Even if I didn’t have everything my heart desired, but the most important thing was present in it. I was in love to the point of unconsciousness with one, as it seemed to me, an amazing person, but he betrayed me, having got into trust and not only robbed me to the skin, but also set me up great, so today I was supposed to be detained until trial, but instead I got into the car, which by the way is also not mine and I came here. It’s funny that I’m also a hijacker now,” Nastya smiled sadly.

– Yes, your fate is not to be envied! But what about all your relatives, how would they feel if you took just one more step? Sasha asked, genuinely perplexed.

– Well, I don’t have anyone who would need me, I only have a sister, and even then, we haven’t talked to her for many years, because she chose her path in life, which doesn’t fit with common sense, because she tried to poison our father in order to to take possession of the inheritance, because dad was a businessman, well, I don’t even remember my mother, because she died when she gave birth to my sister, and I wasn’t even three years old then. How do you like it when your own daughter puts poison in her father’s food every day, which slowly kills him, and all because he did not accept her criminal fiance, on whom there was no living place from tattoos.

– What a horror! – that’s all Alexander could say.

– It’s a good thing that I managed to stop her in time. Now I’m thinking, maybe my father and I shouldn’t have sent Zina to jail then, because as it turned out, the poison she gave dad was fake. And after that, my father only lived for 5 years, leaving all his fortune to me. And I haven’t even come to the colony to see my sister in all this time. Probably God punished me for this, depriving me of everything at once, and even forcing me to be in my sister’s shoes, and in full – a beggar and behind bars.

Probably the young people would have talked for a long time, but their conversation was interrupted by the police who appeared, handcuffed the fugitive, and quickly took her to where such machinators belong. Leaving the dumbfounded Alexander to silently watch the car with flashing lights disappearing into the distance.

Of course, the man did not go hunting that day, turning his snowmobile back, to the indescribable joy of his mother, to whom, of course, he did not tell anything about his little adventure, so as not to bother the old lady in vain. That’s just that Sasha didn’t even suspect what a surprise fate had prepared for him.

It’s been 5 years.

It was very sad and sad in the courtroom. Although it probably could not have been any other way in such a place, because only criminal cases were considered here, while acquittals were extremely rare, and Judge Ivanov, who presided over the next case of major fraud, was reputed to be an extremely unfair person who passed the most cruel sentences.

Of course, Alexander also knew about this circumstance, because he was completely desperate, resigned to the worst outcome. It was an amazing thing, but a businessman whose life seemed to have just begun to kick in, ended up in jail for the same reason as the woman he once saved from a very rash step.

Only when he was in the cell did the man remember that exactly all the circumstances were repeated, and even the one who framed him and whom he loved more than life, oddly enough, but the name was the same as Nastya’s sister.

But of course it was only a coincidence, but thanks to her, he will get a very real term. It’s also a good thing that his mother did not live to see this terrible day, otherwise it would have finished her, and so at least the old lady went to another world happy, believing that her son finally had a bride who deftly fabricated all the documents, exposed him to law enforcement officers as a thief and a fraudster.

The prosecutor has already made a speech to the accusers, believing that Alexander’s guilt has certainly been proven, and then the lawyer tried to insert his word, but he did it very poorly, due to the absence of any mitigating circumstances.

It remained only for the judge, who certainly would not be stingy about the severity of the sentence. So everything would have happened, but at the moment of its announcement, the door to the meeting room suddenly opened and a disheveled woman literally flew in, in whom Alexander immediately recognized the very Nastya with whom fate brought him on the bridge over the river. Then he saved her, but now it seems it’s time to return the favor. Triumphantly waving some kind of thick folder, the woman shouted:

– You can’t put him in jail, he’s not guilty of anything, and here’s the evidence, in this folder are all the documents confirming Alexander’s innocence and mine, by the way, too,” she added, throwing the folder on the judge’s desk, while gazing intently into his eyes, because it was Judge Ivanov at the time, without delving particularly into the case sentenced her to 5 years in a penal colony.

Everyone in the courtroom was just stunned, especially Alexander, because it was enough for the judge to look at only the first few leaves, as he curtailed the sentencing process, sending the case for further investigation.

And the prosecutor immediately issued a decree for the arrest of Zinaida and Mikhail, who were very surprised when uninvited guests came to them, who snapped handcuffs on them, just at the very moment when the sweet couple was packing their suitcases, hoping to escape abroad, because at home the couple had already done all their dark deeds here it was already dangerous for them to stay. And in a foreign land, there were still enough stupid and rich men and women whom the scoundrels could bring under the monastery, deftly substituting. It’s not for nothing that Mikhail graduated from the University of Economics with honors at the time, and even waited for his betrothed from the colony.

Soon Alexander was released from jail with apologies and monetary compensation, which of course could not replace the days he spent behind bars, as well as Anastasia, who, thanks to her sister, spent 5 long years in captivity, and all because of stupid and unfair revenge, because she was not to blame for anything and come to her Zina is in peace, honestly she would have given her sister half of the inheritance, but she wanted to have everything at once, and a couple paid for their greed.

Fortunately, Nastya was a grateful person, so the first thing after she was released from the colony, the woman went to thank the hunter who saved her on the bridge, because she knew his address. What was her surprise when, instead of Alexander at his house, she saw her ex-fiance, and even in an embrace with her sister. At this moment, the woman began to understand the essence of what was happening. Of course, she did not indicate her presence in any way, and after dressing up in some dirty rags and a warm down shawl, every day, as she went to work to the house, listening to every conversation that she managed to catch and that’s what she learned.

As it turned out, 5 years ago, her sister came to the city with her lawful husband, the same criminal as she, having married him immediately after her release, with only one purpose to take revenge on Nastya. For this, she even sacrificed her own spouse, whom she rented to her sister.

Misha was a real professional, he managed to so cloud Nastya’s head that she forgot about everything in the world at the same time, completely trusting the scoundrel, who seemed to her at first to be perfection itself – a man ready to come to the rescue at any moment. After all, they even met quite by chance in the parking lot, where she found her car with a flat tire, which Misha punched, but then kindly offered his help, at the same time asking for a phone number, like a real gentleman, without forcing the lady to wait a long time for a call, because she liked him very much.

That’s just less than six months later, she found herself in the role of zechka, and Misha and her sister, who patiently waited for the outcome of the case, received all her money and business. The couple deftly turned everything around, but they wanted to repeat the story again, earning even more money, after which they left for warmer countries.

Alexander accidentally fell under the distribution. I saw a report about him on TV, Mikhail, and found out that the businessman is completely alone. So I decided to multiply their fortune with my wife, and at the same time get even by sending the faithful to rent to a peasant, just like she did him at the time, and after that, in this story, he also acted as a rich investor.

After a while, they also easily fooled Sasha, because it was extremely convenient to send their victims to jail, because there a person becomes an absolutely disenfranchised being who no one will help.

Everything would have worked out for the scoundrels and now they would probably be warming their bones in the southern countries, but simple human gratitude intervened. According to excerpts of the scoundrels’ conversations, Anastasia restored the whole picture, although many times the woman was tempted to tear both apart without trial, but she understood that in this way she would make it worse not only for herself, but also for Sasha, therefore, bit by bit, Nastya collected information for several months, until she heard one day about a folder with evidence of all the atrocities a couple stored in the garage. From there, she stole it, using the skills of a burglar, in the colony, after all, you will not learn this yet.

Anastasia and Alexander didn’t know how to thank each other. They became real friends when they returned to their business, because fortunately the scammers did not have time to screw everything up, of course they had to restore a lot from scratch, but it’s always easier for friends together, and there, as you know, from friendship to love is just one step.

They gratefully took advantage of such a gift of fate, soon having played a wedding. Fortunately, the ardent hearts of the scoundrels, whom it is difficult to call people, were not destroyed.

From now on and forever, the couple was connected by real, sincere and bright feelings. Together and forever they were destined to be, the more the addition to the family made her wait for herself, which only added happiness and joy to those who truly deserved it.


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