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My mistress

I don’t believe that there are absolutely faithful men in the world. We all cheat on our chosen ones. Not because we don’t like them, but because it’s normal for us. Well, it’s impossible to love and want one woman for ten years without looking at young beauties. Moreover, now is the time when young girls themselves rush at men almost twice their age. I was still young and hot at that moment, as they say.

Just turned forty, my wife was thirty-two. I loved Vika very much in my youth, I married a woman whom I idolized. Time goes by, feelings gradually cool down. But I still had a deep respect and affection for her. He started cheating on her two years after marriage. We got married ten years ago. At first they were her peers, then younger and younger. I was surprised myself how quickly girls are led to my stories. But I wasn’t lying, I immediately said that this is a relationship without obligations, nothing serious can be. Morally, I remained faithful to my wife and was not going to get a divorce. She’s the mother of my three children, you can’t do that. I was sure that I would stay with my wife under any circumstances.

But then Inga appeared in my life. I was crazy about her, I’ve never experienced anything like this. She was very beautiful, a little in the body. Brunette, brown eyes, almost black. You look at her and everything inside lights up with the desire to possess. It all started with magic, but gradually grew into something more. I felt that I was filled with indifference to my spouse, I wanted to return to Inga’s small apartment again. He carried her huge bouquets of flowers, jewelry. I rented her a big apartment in the center, if only she would be happy. When I met with past girls, I knew that they had other relationships on the side. In the same case, Inga was faithful to me. She easily gave me passwords from her social networks, gave me access to the cloud without any problems. At any time, I could call and find out that she was sitting at home or spending time in the gym, swimming pool. I wanted her to love me. I understood that certain difficulties would follow. But this is a part of life that I wanted to fully integrate into.

Inga has become closer to me than my spouse, closer than Vika. I couldn’t look at her enough, I was insanely jealous. And when he came, he was ready to forgive anything. She met me in underwear or fishnets, always in stockings. She did not neglect toys and generally felt very relaxed in magic.
But there was something special about her. She created comfort by her mere presence. After work, I flew to her, and immediately after the magic, I put my head on her plump hips and wanted to die like this, in bliss. She stroked my head, spoke endearments, whispered. How I adored such moments. Inga never demanded or asked for anything, did not want me to leave the family. But by that time I wanted it myself.

I stopped feeling anything for Vika. For all her beauty and wisdom, I would prefer nineteen-year-old Inga. It’s not just about age, it’s about feelings. I fell in love with a mistress, which had never happened before. My legs became wobbly when Inga appeared next to me. My beauty, my angel. She’s more than a lover to me, more than a girl. I’m shaking from the very thought that someone will take her away, take her as a wife, that she will give birth to someone, even just hug someone. Jealousy raged over the edge, as if I was twenty years old again. Now I am consulting with a lawyer about the divorce, I will not say anything to Inge, let it remain a surprise. I’ll leave the apartment to my wife and children, I can’t put them out on the street. But alimony somehow will have to be regulated, otherwise you can go broke for three children.


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