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Depraved mother of the future bride

I’ve been dating a girl for four years now. Irina is an attractive, smart, slender blonde who I like very much and we have been in love with each other for a long time. One day, I came home to my beloved, her mother opened the door. To the question: – Where is Ira? Valentina Sergeevna calmly replied that she would be coming soon and kindly offered to wait for her daughter in the room.

I agreed and waited. Aunt Valya offered to drink tea and we sat down at the table. Over tea, we talked about our relationship with Ira, but to be precise, Valentina Sergeevna asked, and I only had to answer. The next question turned out to be slightly overwhelming. Valentina asked if I had sex with her daughter or with other girls. Aunt Valya wanted to know how experienced I am in this topic.

I was confused for a while and didn’t even know what to answer. Then the future mother-in-law asked me to undress, motivating her request with the need to examine me. I knew that Aunt Valya works as a nurse and probably simply does not want Irina to meet with a sick guy.

I resisted and objected for a long time, but Valentina Sergeyevna insisted so strongly that I had to agree. The main argument was that if she failed to conduct an examination, she would forbid her daughter to meet me. The argument was convincing, I had to put up with it and strip down to my underpants.

Aunt Valya came up and carefully examined from the feet to the head. Then she began to touch her hands, neck, stomach. At one point, I was stunned by an electric shock when I felt my aunt’s hand in my underpants.

Immediately, looking into my eyes, without a shadow of embarrassment, she said:
– Wow, it’s huge. I need to examine him, too, in case you’re contagious.

I didn’t even have time to come to my senses, as I felt a dick in Aunt Valya’s mouth. Then everything happened as in a dream. We had rough sex for about three hours and from everything that was happening, I was completely blown away.

Having had enough of sex and finally calmed down, we started talking. As it turned out during the conversation, Irina was not supposed to come. She went to the village for two days to visit her grandmother. And Aunt Valya decided to take advantage of the situation and deceived me.

Now I continue to meet with Irina and secretly from my beloved girl, I do not stop our sexual meetings with her mother. Valentina Sergeevna is temperamental and experienced, I feel good and comfortable with her.

At the same time, I continue to love Ira and I’m going to marry her. It’s hard for me to imagine how our family life will proceed. After all, Ira’s mom will always continue to want me, and I’m not going to object, because I’m so comfortable with her.


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