Cute beautiful girl fell in love

First love! Fell in love with a teacher

When it all started, Katya was in the tenth grade. She was an average student. She had a cheerful, kind character, and for this everyone loved her, despite the fact that she was a very plump girl from birth. The excess weight did not prevent her from making friends, of which she had a lot at school. She was always a lot of fun. She was called Katyushka the fat girl, but she never took offense at it. Why take offense if it’s true.

At the beginning of the school year, a new young Russian language teacher, Ivan Sergeevich, appeared in their class. Katya fell in love with him at first sight. Each of his looks made the girl worry. She tried to do all the tasks in his subject and became an excellent student in Russian. Katya tried in every way to attract his attention, although she understood that he would not fall in love with such a fat woman.

Love sufferings and experiences did not give her rest, she began to sleep badly and her appetite completely disappeared. Her parents even took her to the doctor, but it turned out that everything was fine with her health.

Once in the supermarket, Katya saw Ivan Sergeevich with a beautiful girl and a small, infant child. He treated them with love and care. It became clear that it was his wife and son. It’s not strange, but he never talked about his family, unlike other teachers, who often cited their families as an example.

Katya saw Ivan Sergeevich’s beautiful wife and completely despaired, but her love did not disappear, but began to torment her even more. She understood that her feelings were unrequited, but there was nothing she could do about them.

She hid her feelings from the teacher as best she could, she was ashamed that she fell in love with a family man.

Throughout the school year, Katya suffered and suffered from her love. She did not notice how she began to lose excess weight because of these experiences.

The holidays have begun.

At first, Katya was not happy about the onset of summer holidays, because three months without her beloved teacher seemed like an eternity to her. She couldn’t stop thinking about him.

During the school year, due to love experiences, Katya lost at least 20 kg.

She became more attractive to guys of her age, guys who had not seen her beauty before, gradually began to take care of her. Katya joked about them, not taking their courtship seriously. She tried her best to hide her love for the Russian language teacher.

One hot July day, Katya and her friends decided to go to the beach, sunbathe and swim.

For the first time, Katya put on her new swimsuit, because before she always swam in a T-shirt so as not to embarrass friends with her curvy figure, but now her weight was not much higher than the norm for her height.

Everyone was having fun, the guys were playing volleyball, and the girls were tan and gossiping. Suddenly one of the girls loudly greeted someone. It turns out that Ivan Sergeyevich passed by with some pretty girl, but not with the one with whom Katya saw him half a year ago in the supermarket. She remembered that girl well, but this one was completely different and there was no child with them. Katya tried to spy on her beloved teacher unnoticed. It was clear that he and this girl have a close relationship. Katya couldn’t believe her eyes. How could a teacher like that, without hiding anything, tan on the beach with his mistress.

Katya never hoped that her teacher would fall in love with her, but she could not even think that he already has two women. Then in the supermarket it seemed to her that Ivan Sergeyevich was very happy with his wife and son.

When leaving the beach, Ivan Sergeyevich approached his students, he introduced the girl as his wife. It was all the more strange. After all, then it turns out that on the contrary, that girl with a child from the supermarket is his mistress. Katya was completely confused in her guesses. One thing was absolutely clear-he couldn’t have two wives.

The more Katya thought about this topic, the more confused she became. Maybe that girl with the baby is an ex-wife. Well, then he was too caring for her and the baby.

As soon as Katya didn’t try to figure out this situation, but she couldn’t and couldn’t tell anyone either. Suddenly something bad will happen if someone finds out about another woman.

Katya’s feelings for the teacher somehow immediately began to disappear, she realized that she did not dream of being the third. And anyway, no matter how you turn it, it still turns out that her favorite teacher is a scoundrel.

As soon as Katya stopped dreaming about a teacher, she noticed how much this unrequited love helped her to change and become more attractive. And how good it is that Katya did nothing to make the teacher fall in love with her.


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